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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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قال الإمام الشوكاني -رحمه الله تعالى- في أدب الطلب ( ص116 ):

وقد جرت قاعدة أهل البدع في سابق الدهر ولاحقه بأنهم يفرحون بصدور الكلمة
الواحدة من عالم من العلماء ويبالغون في إشهارها وإذاعتها فيما بينهم
ويجعلونها حجة لبدعتهم ويضربون بها وجه من أنكر عليهم اهـ

Imam Ash Shawkaani said in his book Adab At Talab page 116:

" And the continuing principle of the people of Bid'ah (innovation) in
the past and present is that the become elated when a scholar says one
word that goes according to their innovation. And they maximize their
efforts in making it known and spreading it between themselves.
Furthermore, they use it as an evidence for their innovations and use
it as a slap in the faces of those who speak out against them."

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