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» divorced or not, some say not? plz help.
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Posted By Topic: divorced or not, some say not? plz help.

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06-01-2006 @ 7:32 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Umm Zara Samereen bint Siddiq (London, UK.)
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Insha'Allah u r khayr, plz help, i need fatwa for a sister, her situation is below, plz ask a shaykh insha'Allah.

1. In year 2003, the sister's husband in extreme anger said:
"if that is what u think, then let this be 1 official talaaq."

2. few months later he said to to her" i want to give u my
1st divorce now".

3. year 2004. In extreme anger husband said " I DIVORCE
DIVORCE YOU." then he left, later that day he came

4. year 2005. The sister's baby was about 3 weeks old and she was still bleeding on and off little bit (postnatel or menses or don't know). Sister's husband got angry and said "it's over, i am leaving, i am not ur husband, u r not my wife, it's over", then he left, but came back later that day.

5. march 2005 the sister's husband again in extreme anger said" IT'S OVER THIS MARRIAGE IS OVER, WE ARE FINISHED, IT'S HARAAM FOR U TO COME TO ME NOW. IT'S SUNNAH FOR U TO TELL EVERYONE NOW, IT'S OVER". but next day he came back, now and then said he wants to go, doesn't want marriage..

6. Few months later 2005 the sister's husband said i have made my final decision, i am leaving and won't change my mind now, it's too late we r divorced , i am never coming back tell ur parents it's finished. I want to go and i am going far away, tell children their abu is dead, then later he said i am happy to be unmarried, i need to see my kids once a week.

now he has left, does the sister have to go thru iddah again? he didn't give another talaaq before leaving this time. Is sister fully divorced? Can she marry another brother any day?

PS. plz note after nikah the sister's husband said he can't take the responsibilities of marriage he wants to leave! then Next day he said jokingly i will go to ur father and say 'mr (name of father) i am divorcing ur daughter'. Then few days later (after nikah) he packed his bags and said he's leaving and left wife deserted. Later came back, and all through out the 4 YEAR marriage he'd been doing this, threats and leaving, threats and leaving.


sister in islam

O People!

Work righteous deeds, beware of Allah, the Exalted and Most Honored, and neither be betrayed by long hopes norforget the end of life. Do not recline to this life, for it deceives with it's pleasures and anticipated future.

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