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Abu Rachid Ibn Boujemaa (Leiden)
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Joined: Sep 2008
Salaam 'Aleikoem warhmattoellahi Wa Barakatoeh,

I have question concerning about the obligated prayers while working.


Fajr is an moment while i on the way to work sometime when i leave early i can pray it at work. These days I cant pray the fajr at home because its too early and when arrive at work. I might be too late. Its not possible to pray it while I on the way because i travel with public transport.I travel daily 23 miles from my house to the place where i work. Its not for possible to wake earlier because I already wake up at 5' o clock in the morning. Fajr pray is between 7.00-7.30 in that time im traveling.


I do my prayers at work only thing is there are schedule breaks sometime i pray asr too late. Or i combine the two prayers in one break. Im having some doubts what im doing so is there any one who can help me with this issue?TextText

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