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Posted By Topic: "from the cradle to the grave"

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15-01-2003 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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al-Hamdu-Lillaahi Rabbil-'Aalameen was-Salaatu was-Salaamu 'alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa.e wal-Mursaleen, wa ba'd:
As-Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaah,

Is there a narration stating that one must seek knowledge from the "cradle to the grave"?  

If there is, please inform me of its status and what has led to that status and where the daleel can be found to show others of that status.

was-Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaah

aboo ibraheem abd al kareem

15-01-2003 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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as-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

imaam ahmad (rahimahullaah) said something similar to that in this article:

shahid williams

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