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Umm Medyen Ameenah Mik'aeel (Kuwait)
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Taken from the audio tape from Troid titled - Reflections on Life in Riyadh - By Aboo Tasneem Dawood Adeeb hafidhahullah ta'aala

One day Ash Shaikh, Al Faqeeh, Al Usoolee, Al Allaamah Muhammad bin Saalih Al ?Uthaymeen, rahimahullaah was asked in one of his classes in ramadhaan:

Dear Noble Shaykh:

?Is it permissible for me (as a male) to stay at home and perform my (obligatory prayers) whilst following the Imaam of the Haram on TV??

The Shaikh: ?Yes!?

?When the TV begins to make rukoo? and sujood (then you may stay at home and follow him) until then go to the masjid (where it is obligatory for the men to perform their daily prayers)!? lololol masha?allaah

May Allaah have mercy on the Shaikh, Aameen!

And the humor of Shaykh Ubayd hafidhahullah  , Our brother Aboo Tasneem was with the Shaykh hafidhahullah and a companion walking one day where upon they said: Yaa Shaykh its Aboo Tasneem ?Dawood? where upon the shaykh said: ?aaah Dawood? where is Sulimaan?? lol
So Aboo Tasneems companions said: ?Ya Shaykh its me, its me Jibreel? where upon the Shaykh said: ?aah Jibreel?. where?s Mika?eel??? lol masha?allaah the brothers where trying to get the shaykh to remember them as he is blind, he knew the brothers but masha?allaah he was just playing with them..

Masha?allaah the humour of our mashaykh hafidhahullah ta aala

And finally the humor of our habeeb Shaykh ud-deen al Albanee rahimahullaah ta aala

There was a young brother riding/sitting in the car with Shaykh al-Albanee rahimahullaah, and for those that knew the Shaykh he was a FAST driving masha?allaah he used to liiikkke to drive real fast and people had warned him about it ?lol?  So the young guy turned to the Shaykh and said: ?Yaa Shaykh you no Shaykh bin Baz rahimahullaah has said that its haram to drive like this? so the Shaykh replied: ?the one who made that fatawa is a man that has never driven before? !! lol so the young brother said: ?im gunna go back and tell Shaykh what you said?!!
So when he got back to Shaykh bin Baz rahimahullaah he said: ?I was ridding with Shaykh al-Albanee and he was driving REAL FAST and I told him that you said it was haram to drive like this and you no what he said?: ?? The man who made that fatwa is a man that has never driven before, lolol, So Shaykh bin Baz said: ?and the man who said that is a man who has never paid the blood money before? lol.. allaahu?akbar the humor of our habeebs masha?allaah  

Alhamduillaah the Mashyakh are the inheritors of the Prophet salla allaahu alayhe wa sallaam, and we know that the prophet was known for his humor masha'allaah la haula wa la quwwata illa billaah.. We should try and act upon every sunnah as there is a great ajr alhamduilaah but insha'allaah with in the guidelines as narrated by rasool salla allahu alayhe wa sallaam who said: ?Woe to the one who speaks and lies in order to make people laugh; woe to him, woe to him.? Narrated by Abu Dawood, al-Tirmidhi and al-Nasaa?i

May allaah subhanaahu wa ta'aala have mercy upon there souls ameen

Subhaanak Allaahumma Wa Bihamdika Ash-Hadu Anna Laa Ilaaha Illaa Anta Astagfiruka Wa Atoobu Ilayk

Wa'alaykum As'salaam Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu

Fi amanAllaah

Umm Medyen Ameenah Mik'aeel

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