Topic: Shaykh Rabee's love for Al-Luhaydaan and Al Fawzaan

Az-Zubayr    -- 12-06-2011 @ 10:04 PM

Shaykh Rabee' about Shaykh Al-Luhaydaan and Shaykh Al Fawzaan:

"By Allaah! I wish to die before these two. And by Allaah! If I was given a choice, I would choose death before these two".

And he said:

"...if they pass away, I do not know what will become of this world..."

And he said about the death of Shaykh Al Ghudayyaan:

" if a mountain collapsed..."

In the name of Allaah,The Most-Gracious,The Most-Merciful

May the peace, mercy and blessing of Allaah be upon you.

I would like to benefit you: I was with Shaykh Rabee'today, Saturday, 10/7/32H while on our way back from Salat-ul-Ishaa' in Al Haram Al Makkee, and while speaking to the Shaykh, he asked me about Shaykh Saalih Al Fawzaan - hafidhahullaah - if he had arrived in Makkah? I informed him that he will be arriving on Monday - in shaa' Allaah - as he has a lesson on Tafseer in Al Haram. On this the Shaykh mentioned him [Fawzaan] with good and said, "He is a great scholar, Salafee and truthful".

In accordance to the occasion I informed the Shaykh about me having mention him many times while visiting Shaykh Saalih Al Fawzaan and how he had mentioned him [Rabee'] with good and asked about his health, and said: "Shaykh Rabee" is a great scholar" and says, "Our brother Rabee'" and this was recent.

Then Shaykh Rabee' - hafidhahullaah - said, "By Allaah! I wish to die before him and Shaykh Saalih Al-Luhaydaan. By Allaah! If I was given a choice, I would choose to die before them, because I do not know what will become of this world if they passed away and what will the condition be?" And then the Shaykh burst into tears.

I said to him, "I ask Allaah to preserve you all".

And also from what I  remember about such occasions is when Shaykh 'Abdullaah Al Ghudayyaan - rahimahullaah - passed away on which Shaykh Rabee' became very sad and said to me when I mentioned his death, "With the death of Shaykh Al Ghudayyan it is as if a mountain has collapsed". And he used to mention him of his fighting innovations collectively - rahimahullaah - and he used to entitle him as 'Al Imaam'.

And also from what I recollect now from a few days gone by, I mentioned Shaykh Saalih Al-Luhaydaan in front of the Shaykh on which he said, "Shaykh Al-Luhaydaan is a pillar from the pillars of the Salafee Dawah" and mentioning him a lot and calls his as 'Al Imaam'.

These are quotes from the speech that goes about in the gatherings of these great scholars. And my intention for spreading this was to explain the status of one scholar with the other, and in shaa' Allaah - if the speech of Shaykh Rabee' was read out to both Shaykh Saalih Al Fawzaan and Shaykh Saalih Al-Luhaydaan, this will increase love and affection between them. And piety and love more and more in shaa' Allaah as this is a great goal and that is the quest of spreading the spirit of love and affection among people of Sunnah as much as one's ability and more so among the people of knowledge as reminder and gratitude, so they may become as a unified structure, strengthening one another, leaving no way for the people of desires to enter between them.

So may Allaah protect our scholars, bless them and benefit us from their knowledge.

This is it. May Allaah send his greetings and blessings upon our Prophet Mohammad and his companions.

Az-Zubayr bin Mohammad Bin Husayn Abbaasee

UbaidUrRehman    -- 14-06-2011 @ 2:07 AM
  Assalam O  Alikum wa rahmatul Lahi wa barakatuh

Jazak Allahu khair akhi al faadhil

Very beautifil indeed, such is the love between the salafee scholars.

Sheikh Rabee
"...if they pass away, I do not know what will become of this world..."

Oh Lion of the sunnah, sheikh rabee,This is exactly how we feel about you, We do not know what will become of the world and how will things go without you, May Allah protect you and bring us and the ummah Benefit from you, and may you keep protecting the sunnah and the blessed salafee manhaj.

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