Topic: Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee, al-Mubtadi' defends al-Mubtadi', al-Qardaawee

Khalil.Karoosi    -- 23-11-2005 @ 1:53 PM


Rather, he has started to defend al-Qardaawee while the statements of the 'Ulamaa againt al-Qardaawee are well known.  


He says about al-Qardaawee and Ash-Sha'raawee, "Their knowledge and their stances are not to be forgotten."  He said that in his tapes that he recorded in his journey to Hadramaut about six months ago.

pages 19-20

"The Fallen Ones Attempting to Hold One Another Up"
A Refutation of Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee

Shaykh 'Abdul'Azeez al-Bura'ee

Source:  Takaatuf al-Mutasaaqiteen

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