Topic: Muhammad Mansur al-Haq, is he salafi?

abdul-moqueet.murad    -- 16-12-2004 @ 8:54 AM

I have a request to any brother in contact with the Mashaykh of Jarh watTa'deel. In Bangladesh, there is a shaykh (professor) claiming loyalty to Shaykh Madkhali and is a former student of Shaykhs ibn Baz and Uthaymin. His name is Muhammad Mansur al-Haq. Can someone inform me if he is salafi. I saw him give a khutbah in an Ahle-Hadeeth mosque. JazaakAllaahuKhairun.

Murad ibn Muhammad Abdul Moqueet  


abdul-moqueet.murad    -- 06-01-2005 @ 4:12 PM
  A few more details regarding my inquiry. I can say that salafis here face similar obstacles as salafis do in the West in general. Over here we have many callers representing the true Islaam on television. The above mentioned person represents salafiyyah. We also have several other individuals who are clearly in line with Abul hasan the innovator. However this individual is pretty close to what I see on the web (He doesn't represnt a vast manhaj for the entire ummah). Yet I want to be sure if he is really in line with Shaykh Madhkhali, since he deals with the cable media which is highly international. Jazaak AllaahuKhairun  


Abu.Maryam.T    -- 04-03-2005 @ 2:55 PM
  as salaamu alyka,
akh i am a bangali, i like to know some details regarding the da'wah in bangladesh. At present i'm trying to help some brothers set up a Markaz in sylhet. which will be run by the brother who translated shayks rabee's book manhaj ul anbiyah.

abu Tassneem

abdul-moqueet.murad    -- 12-03-2005 @ 10:18 AM
  Please check PM


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