Topic: Need Info´s about this Individuals !

ilyas.abu.ameenah    -- 07-09-2004 @ 6:40 PM
  As selam aleykum.

I´ve seen some names in the Internet and on Books, but I don´t know the Aeedah and/or the Manhaj from this Individuals.

Can somebody who knows this individuals tell me something about them ?

Can I take from them something or not ?

If yes, what can I take from them ?

Barakallahu feekum.

The Individuals that I mean are:

Abu Ammar Yasir Qadhi

Abu Bilal Mustafa al-Kanadi

Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo

Umar S al-Ashqar

Khalid Yassin

As selam aleykum.

ifthikar.saifudeen    -- 15-09-2004 @ 10:28 PM
  Assalaamualaikum brother Ilyas,

I found the following thread about Yasir Qadhi on  It also has some statements regarding Jamaal al-din Zarabozo.

Barakallah feek,

wasim.ahmed    -- 19-09-2004 @ 1:48 AM
  Assalaamu 'alaikum wa ramatullaahi wa barakatuhu ,

The following is the link to information on khaalid Yaseen -

wassalaamu 'alaykum.

Abu 'Abdullaah Waseem Ahmad ibn 'Abd Al Raheem Alhindee

abdul-moqueet.murad    -- 20-09-2004 @ 8:53 PM

Dear brother,

As for Aboo Bilaal Mustafa al-Kanadie, he passed away some time back, and the introduction to this article ("Perennialist Poison in Martin Lings' Biography of the Prophet" at by Aboo Bilaal) suggests he was salafi. As for Zarabozo, here is a good article (GRV130002) from



ekbal.hussain    -- 22-09-2004 @ 12:10 PM
  Wa Alaikumus Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Jamal ud-din Zarabozo is a deviant, you can find detailed information on him at .  Click on 'Groups and Parties' then 'Hizbees (Biased Partisans)', then 'A reply to some statements of Jamal ud-din Zarabozo'.

Umar al-Ashqar is a Ikhwanee.  I remember reading an article, (I think by brother Abdul Ilah al-Lahmamee)  where Shaikh Muhammad al-Banna (hafidhaullah) said something like:  "...he adopted the way of the ikhwanul Muslimeen.."  Maybe someone could direct you to that article.

Khaled Yaseen is an Ikhwanee, sometimes does lectures organised by deviant groups.  Don't know much about him in depth.

I don't know much about Abu Bilal Mustafa al-Kanadi, but I know he has authored some authentic books on different subjects one of his books is called: 'Mysteries of the soul expounded'  and is sold at salafibookstore.

Wallahu alam.

AbooTasneem    -- 22-09-2004 @ 11:40 PM
  For Khaalid Yaseen, then please check 'For Students of Knowledge' on this forum under:

"but he can't hide who he sits with"

To the best of my memory, Aboo Bilaal Mustafaa al-Kanadee was an Italian revert to Islaam from Canada who was accepted to Ummul Quraa University in Makkah, where he received his Bachelors and Masters in hadeeth science in the late seventies and mid to late-eighties. He has a very nice refutation of the Soofee Martin Lings' book on the 'Life of Muhammad'. He also authored some beneficial books on the subject of death, hijaab and music and singing according to the Qur'aan, Sunnah and the Consensus of the Ulamaa of Ahlus Sunnah wa Jamaa'ah. He died about 14 or more years ago.

Dawud Adib the son of David C.White Sr.

وقال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية :" الراد على أهل البدع مجاهد"

shahid393    -- 23-09-2004 @ 4:56 AM
  here is the refutation on the martin lings book:

aboo husaam shaheed ibn george williams
wichita, ks  usa

AbuUkkaasha    -- 23-09-2004 @ 5:38 AM
  As-Salaamu ALaykum wa Rahmatullah, I found some kalam on Umar Al-Ashqar on

From amongst that which was said concerning him is : من كبار رؤوس "الإخوان المسلمون" في الأردن

He was from amongst the major heads of the Ikhwaanul Muslimoon in Jordan.

And: وهو من المناصرين لهم المخالفين لمنهج السلف الصالح

He is from amongst those who gave victory and aid to them and was an opposer to the manhaj of the  salaf.

And: فهو من رؤوس أهل البدع

And he was from the heads of Ahlu Bidah

wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah, wallahul musta'aan

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ekbal.hussain    -- 30-09-2004 @ 11:34 AM
  This link has some info about Khaled Yaseen:

SalafiTalk.Net :