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Yusef Yusef bin Gordon (Toronto, Canada)
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There are many disputing sides concerning whether woman are allowed at burials and to follow the funeral processions. According to a Hadith, women are forbidden to visit the graves and cursed. But in other Hadith we see that Aiyesha (ra) visited the grave of her brother, and when asked by Abd Al Rahman, did not the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) forbid you to visit the graves, and her reply was he forbade us, than ordered us to visit them.  Another Hadith in Sahih Bukhari states that women were forbidden to visit the graves but not stricktly. What is the meaning of not stricktly in this aspect? from another source, it says that all hadiths that forbid women to accompany funeral processions are weak, only doing what is haraam at the procession is forbidden (such as sobbing and doing that from the days of ignorance)... Also, are there situations where woman are able to attend the burials, such as the burial of her child, or husband?  
This subject has played in my mind as no source i have found has been able to provide the Daleel to back up their fatwas.

Please provide Sahih Hadiths to back up your responses.

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