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Posted By Topic: Are the 72 groups Kaafir.....?

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More tadlees.

What's so difficult in merely quoting and pasting verbatim from the translation of Salman Hassan al-Ani and Shadia Ahmad Tel, referencing the actual page numbers (which in this case is pp.225-226), referencing the actual book that you are using (and which you never seem to reference) and giving credit to the original translators instead of slightly altering the translation, while the bulk of it is actually from this book in the first place. What is the purpose behind that? I ask the admin to delete these and similar posts as they are becoming annoying.

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As salaamu alaykum

The contents of the above post are a very good  translation taken from the introduction of the principles of Tafseer by Shaykh ul Islaam ibn Taymiyyah(rahimahullah).

If I could also take this opportunity remind all the brothers on this forum to mention WHERE and WHOM they are quoting from, as not doing so is a form of (subtle)'Tadlees', as has been mentioned by Al Allaamah Muqbil Ibn Haadi al waadi'ee(rahimahullah) and other Ulamaah before him(of course I do not intend by this naseehah to infer that any of the users of this forum actually intended 'tadlees'...!).

The Ulaamah have also mentioned that, by NOT mentioning where or from WHOM we are quoting in our speech, it is as if we are "claiming" this knowledge to be from ourselves.

Also, the Ulaamah have mentioned, that the mathhab of the salaf us saalih was to say for example "I heard the Messenger(sallallahu alayhi was salaam)say, or "I heard Abu Bakr as Sadeeq(radi Allahu anhu) say, or "Imaam Maalik(Rahimahullah) said..", etc.etc thus freeing themselves from Tadlees and blame on the Day of Judgement as they were NOT making the claim(of their speech)themselves, rather they were saying on the Authority of a third party, that third party said such and such.

I hope this point is clear, if not we can expand and clarify it insha'Allah.

Jazaakallahu Khairan for the beneficial post ya Abaa Shaahir.!

Also refer to:

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