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Posted By Topic: Imaam San'aanee on the Six exceptions to backbiting

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abu shu'ayb Omar Ibn Ahmed Dableh (London UK)
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Imaam San'aanee on the six situations in which backbiting is permissible

Narrated Abu Hurairah Allah's messenger asked :((Do you know what backbiting is?))
they replied Allah and his Messenger know best, he said ((It is saying about your brother which he dislikes))
someone asked, What if what I said is true? he replied ((If what you said about him is true you have backbitten him,
and if it is not true  you have slandered him)) [Muslim]

The Imaam Muhammad ibn Ismaa'eel As-San'aanee mentioned in the commentary of this hadeeth :

Know that verily the scholars have made an exception to backbiting in six affairs :

1-Complaint (due to having been oppressed), so its permissible for the oppressed one to say: 'so and so oppressed me and took my wealth, or that he is a oppressor', but this is when it is mentioned to someone who has the ability to remove this (the oppression) or to relieve it, and the proof of this is Hind saying when she complained to the Prophet about Abu Sufyaan:He is a stingy man.

2-Seeking aid in changing a Munkar(evil) by mentioning it to he who is thought to have ability to remove this evil, so he says:So and so did this, and this is in regards to the one who doesnt come out publicly with their dis-obedience.

3-Requesting a Legal Ruling, that it is said to the Muftee(one who the ruling is being sought from):'So and so oppressed me, how can I rid myself of this, and its proof is that he doesnt know how to rid himself of this except by mentioning what he did.

4-Warning the Muslims from being decieved, like the refutation of the narrators and witnesses and he who is in the position of teaching or giving religious rulings while not being from the people of this, and the proof of this is the prophets saying ((How bad a kinsfolk(he is).)) and his saying ((As for Mu'aawiyah then he is poor)) and this was when Faatimah Bint Qays sought permission and councel in the Prophet and she mentioned to him that Mu'aawiyah and Abu Jahm sought so he said ((As for Mu'aawiyah then he is poor has no wealth, and as for Abu Jahm then his cane doesnt come down from his shoulder)) then he said ((Marry Usaamah))

5-Mentioning of the one who goes public with immorality or innovation so its permissible to mention that thing which they have come out publicly with, and the proof has preceeded the hadeeth:((Mention the Faajir))

6-Identifying someone with a shortcoming they have like the one who is one-eyed or crippled or blear-eyed, and that the person doesnt intend by this defame-ment.

Subul As-Salaam 4 Volume page 553-554 Maktabatu Ma'aarif

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