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Posted By Topic: Masjid al-Furqan's (Stoke on Trent) Statement concerning At-Tawheed Foundation's Email

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Masjid al-Furqan (Stoke on Trent / Staffordshire)
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Joined: Nov 2008
Bismillaah Ar-Rahmaan Nir-Raheem

All praise is due to Allaah, Lord of all of existence, and may the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon the Noblest of the Messengers

We hope you are all well and in good state of Eemaan.

We would like to bring to everyones attention, an email that has recently been forwarded, in respect of raising funds to purchase a building for At Tawheed Foundation in Stoke on Trent.

Due to a large amount of enquires and questions that have been raised, in respect of this organization and its organizers, we have decided after careful consideration and consultation to make public this information, so that no one is mislead.  

We have already sent a brotherly advice to some of those that have forwarded this email, and likewise to the one who wrote it.

As of yet - At-Tawheed Foundation have still not publicly corrected their statements.

In the email that was forwarded to the public, the following was written:


The dawah of Tawheed and Sunnah does not have a centre in Stoke

We actually already have a fully functional Salafi Masjid (Masjid al-Furqan) in Stoke on Trent, (which has now been established for nearly 1 and half years, (Walhamdulilaah) where we hold regular live Telelinks with the Scholars from Saudi Arabia.

We also have a Salafi Centre (Markaz al-Furqan) as well, (this centre has now been running for 3 years (Walhamdulilaah) - and this is where we initially established the 5 prayers and Jummah)

This Salafi Centre (Markaz al Furqan) is only a 2 minute drive away from the proposed project building.

We have over 50 children (boys & Girls) that we teach from Monday to Friday from this Salafi Centre Markaz al-Furqan (Walhamdulilaah).

We have also recently opened The Olive Tree Advice Centre & Bookshop.  This bookshop and all of its activities and publications are charitable. All proceeds go towards the running of our Masjid and Dawah.

We give free Literature, Audio CDs in Urdu and English on topics such as Tawheed, Salaah, and what is Dawah Salafia and also leaflets and booklets Condemning Terrorism, Suicide Bombing and the methodology of the Qutubees and Soroories..

The following point should only be read in light of correcting the facts that have been written in the email.

As we do not encourage or call people to pray behind the Soofees.  
As per the advice of Our Scholars.

In the email that was forwarded to the public, the following was written:


There is a local Barelawi mosque in the area but it is being closed down

What the writer failed to disclose, or was unaware of at that time, is the fact that, the Barelawi Masjid, is not being closed down rather they are at the moment Building a Purpose built Masjid close by which they will then move to,(as per Multi map it will take 3 minutes to drive from the old building to the new one)

Then they write in the email:


So this masjid will inshaAllaah will be the only one serving the central area of Stoke.

What the writer failed to disclose, or was again unaware of at that time, is the fact, that the Tablighee Masjid,(Makki Masjid) is only a 3 minute car drive away from the proposed project building.  Likewise the Turkish Islamic Centre is only a 2 minute car drive away from the proposed project building. So people should not be under any misconception from this statement:


So this masjid will inshaAllaah will be the only one serving the central area of Stoke.

We are writing this, so that people can be aware of the true picture, as At-Tawheed Foundation have still not publicly corrected their statements, and it has been 5 days since we sent our advice.

We will be posting, information concerning the Organizers of At Tawheed Foundation Shortly Insha Allaah

Masjid al-Furqan
105 Roundwell Street
Stoke on Trent

The Olive Tree Advice Centre & Bookshop
103 Roundwell Street
Stoke on Trent
Tel: 01782 823777

Markaz al-Furqan
2 Cavendish Street
Stoke on Trent


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Masjid al-Furqan (Stoke on Trent / Staffordshire)
Posts: 33
Joined: Nov 2008
The Reality of the Project Organizers.

Those responsible for trying to open this Foundation are fully aware of what we have established in Stoke on Trent and in fact some of them actually pray in our Masjid.

We have tried many times and in many ways to sit with some of these people to advise them, to open a door of help for them, either they just refuse or will say that they are busy or they will say, there is no benefit in talking about these Issues!

Before we enter into some of these issues, we would like to remind our brother & sisters, concerning the invaluable speech of our Ulamaa.

The Rulers

Tameem ad-Daaree radiallaahuu anhu who said:
The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam said
(three times):
The Deen is naseehah (sincerity and sincere advice).
We said:To whom? He said:
To Allaah, His Book, His Messenger and to the leader of the Muslims and the general people.
(Related by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh (no.55)

Imaam an-Nawawee (d.676H)  rahimahullaah  said in Sharh Saheeh Muslim (2/38)

Sincerity to the Leaders:

Sincerity to the Leaders is to help them upon the truth. To obey them in it. To order them with it. To remind and advise them with kindness and gentleness. To remind them of that which they are heedless and neglectful of. To help them fulfill those rights of the Muslims that have not reached them yet. Not to rebel against them. To enamour the hearts of the people with obedience to them. Imam al Khattabi rahimahullah says, From sincerity to them is Prayer behind them, Jihad along with them, to give the zakat (charity) to them, and not to rebel against them with the sword when injustice or bad treatment appears from them. And that they are not praised with false praises, and that dua (supplication) is made for their righteousness. All of this is based upon the fact that what is meant by the leader of the Muslims is the Caliph, and other than him from the administrators who take charge of the affairs of the Muslims. Imam al hattabi also quotes it, then says, And it has also been taken to refer to the Imams who are the scholars of the Religion. And that sincerity to them includes accepting what they report, following them as regards rulings, and to have good thoughts about them.

Imaam Ibn Baz on the Manhaj of Correcting the Rulers

Source: Al-Ma loom min Waajib il-Ilaaqah bain al-Haakim wal-Mahkoom, (pp.22-23)

Shaykh Abdul-Azeez ibn Baaz, was asked, Is it from the manhaj (methodology) of the Salaf to criticise the Rulers from the mimbar (the pulpit)? And what is the manhaj of the Salaf with respect to advising the Rulers? He responded:

It is not from the manhaj of the Salaf to publicize the faults of the Rulers and to mention such things from the pulpit because that leads to confusion, disorder and the absence of hearing and obeying the ruler in what is good. It also results in (the people) becoming engrossed (with these matters, arguing and debating) which causes harm and produces no benefit. The followed path with the Salaf, however is to give naseehah (advice) with respect to the matters which are between themselves and the leader, writing to him or by reaching him through the scholars who keep in touch with him (to advise him) until the ruler is directed towards the good. Repelling the evil occurs without mentioning the doer of the evil. So fornication, drinking of intoxicants and the taking of usury are curbed without mentioning the one who does such things. Warding off the evil and warning and the people against it is sufficient without it being mentioned that such and such a person does it, whether he is a ruler or other than the ruler.

And when the fitnah occurred in the time of Uthmaan, some of the people said to Usaamah ibn Zaid , Will you not speak to Uthmaan? So he replied, You think that I will not talk to him without letting you know about it (also). Indeed, I will certainly talk to him regarding that which concerns me and him without initiating a matter which I do not love to be the first to initiate.

And when they (the Khawaarij) opened up the evil in the time of Uthmaan and rejected Uthmaan openly, the fitnah, the killing and the mischief, which has not ceased to affect the people to this day, was brought about And this caused the fitnah to occur between Alee and Muaawiyyah and Uthmaan was killed for these reasons.

(Furthermore) a large number of Companions and other besides them were killed due to this open rebellion and the open proclamation of the faults (of the ruler), until the people began to hate the one charged with authority over them and killed him. We ask Allaah for success. End of the words of the Shaykh.

The following fatwa was taken from a book called
al-Fatawa Ash-Shar iyyah fi Al-Qaḍaya Al-Aṣriyyah,
a collection of various rulings by Muḥammad Ibn Fahd al-Ḥuṣayn.

Question: What is your reply to one who says that most of the evils present in the land of Tawḥid (referring to Saudi Arabia) come from the government itself, and that the leaders are not Salafi (following the righteous Muslim predecessors)?

Answer: Our reply is that this is just like those people who used to say the prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam ) was insane or a poet.  We reply with the famous Arabic phrase:

No harm will come to the clouds from the barking of the hounds.

There does not exist today a country like ours with regards to Tawhid and ruling by the Islamic legislation. Of course, it is not free of problems just like every other country in the world. Even in Medina during the time of the prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam), there were some people who used to commit crimes such as stealing and adultery.
From the cassette, al Radd ala Aḥmad Salam

And he (Ibn al-Uthaymin) also said:

Some people today have been tested with backbiting and speaking bad about certain groups from the Islamic nation like the leaders of its affairs: the scholars and those working within the governments. They let their tongues loose when they sit, talking about the scholars, the callers, those in authority, and the governments in general which are higher in position than the general authorities. Backbiting these people is an even greater sin and its effects are worse, causing dissension and division within the Muslim nation.

Oh brothers, certainly backbiting those in authority like the leaders and scholars is not only backbiting those individuals, but its also backbiting and destroying what they stand for regarding their responsibilities. So  when people talk badly about the scholars, the overall  status  and  importance  of  scholars  diminishes  in  the  eyes  of  the  people. Furthermore, what the scholars may say and advise with from the legislation of Allaah then loses its weight. This in turn  results in people not acting in accordance with the legislation all caused by that initial backbiting.

In that, there is a weakening of the religion of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta3la among the common people. So people who speak badly of those in authority like the nations leaders and governments, they harm the entire society. They dont harm only the government, but the whole society. This leads to infringement upon the safety and security of the society, its stability, and public order.  When people dishonor their leaders (kings, presidents, etc.) and governments, their status and reputations are lowered among all the common masses. They begin to renounce allegiance to them, stop acting in compliance with what they command, and disregard whatever they may prohibit. At such a time, anarchy becomes acceptable to the society, each individual becoming his own leader. Then the affairs of corruption set in and the people live in chaos and disorder having no direction and leadership. So backbiting is a major sin and not something to be taken lightly.

From the book: Wujub Ṭa ah al-Ṣulṭan fi Ghayri Ma ṣiyah al-Raḥman by Shaykh Muḥammad al-Urayni
(pgs. 51-52).

Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan he said concerning Saudi Arabia

The Saudi state ever since it began has always aided the religion and its adherents. And it was not founded except upon this basis. And whatever it does at the moment in spending material wealth to support Muslims in every place, setting up centres and mosques, sending duat (to other countries), printing books at the forefront of which is the Noble Quran, opening centres of learning and faculties of knowledge, and its judging by the Islamic Shariah, and also setting up a separate body for enjoining the good and forbidding the evil in every city then all of this is a clear and evident proof of its aid to Islam and its adherents. And this is thorn in the throats of the people of hypocrisy and the people of evil and dissension. And Allaah is the Aider of His religion even if the pagans and the biased partisans may detest it.

And we do not say that this state is perfect from every single aspect and that it does not have any mistakes. Mistakes occur by every single person and we ask Allaah that he helps this state in correcting its mistakes.

But if this person (who makes such a claim) was to look at his own self, he would find mistakes that would prevent his tongue from speaking about others and make him feel ashamed of looking at others.

Al Ajwibah al-Mufidah The Beneficial Answers to Questions on Innovated Methodologies
(Eng Trans Page 152)

Now let us see, what one of the organizers said

A member of our Shoorah read the speech of one Kharijee to one of the organizers in the summer of 2008
(concerning a kharijees position on the Saudi Rulers  and how he classes
Saudi as being the Slaves of the Slaves of America) to
which he replied,

There may be an element of truth to that (referring to that which the Kharijee said!)

This statement was made in our Masjid in front of 3 Salafi brothers!

On the 10th January 2009, one of the organizers of this project sent the following email, in reply to the efforts of King Abdullah (from the Kingdom of Sauia Arabia) in helping the people of Ghaza, this individual replied by email stating:


From: ******* <******>
To: ***** <******>
Date: Saturday, 10 January, 2009, 3:47 PM
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Alhumdulillah, they donated something but you make it sound like they have ended the crisis. MONEY is not the only thing they need and the ruler needs to do more than that. I'm not one who always looks for faults in the rulers but its quite clear to anyone who is sincere that they are not doing enough and thats not much out of his pocket. But some people rather than leave it to that, they try to make it look like they are doing so much and over exaggerate things akhi i.e. MILLIONS DONATED. Is there something your trying to hint at. All I ask is, be sincere and do not to jump in one hole after the other. So FEAR ALLAH, if what all you wanted to say is that he has donated some money then ok, Alhumdulillah. But if your trying to say look at 'Ameer ul Mumineen' he is donating so much, then who are trying to fool.

(and we have not yet relayed all of the email !)

And likewise the same individual sent another email on the 16th January 2009 with attached PDF documents.

The documents are titled:

For the Fahdee Lovers out there


In the Darkness of a Saudi Dungeon - Eye Witness Account of Torture in a Saudi Prison

These documents and emails are with us.

This email was sent to many, and from them, are 2 others, who are also organizers of this project!

Bin Laden:

Shaykh Abd al Aziz Ibn Baz (Rahimahu Allaah)

My advice to Al-Massari, Faqih, Bin Laden, and anyone following their way is to give up this destructive path theyve taken, to fear Allah and fear His retribution and anger. They must return to guidance and repent to Allah
for what theyve done.
al-Buḥuth al-Islamiyyah magazine, (No. 50, pgs. 7-17).

Shaykh Ibn Baz also mentioned that Osama Bin Laden is someone spreading corruption on earth, following evil and destructive ways, and has revolted and challenged the leaders and authorities.

These statements were taken from al-Muslimun and al-Sharq al-Awsaṭ newspapers (in the Arabic month of Jamada al-Uwla in 1417 Hijrah which corresponds to 1996 C.E.)

Shaykh Allaamah Saalih Al-Fawzaan (May Allaah Preserve him)

Was asked:

Is Bin Laden and those who follow his views and promote his beliefs considered to be from the (deviant sect known as the) Khawaarij?

He responded:
There is a (well known) principle, and this is that everyone who rebels against those in authority is considered to be from the Khawaarij, whether this is Bin Laden or anyone else. Anyone who rebels against the Muslim leaders is deemed to be from the Khawaarij.

1427/2/5 in the lesson The Explanation of the Creed

To read more statements of the Kibaar Salafi Scholars, please refer to the compilation  
(access link below)

Now let us see how, some of the organizers refuse to reject Bin Laden, and his evil affairs, and they refuse to accept the statements of our Noble Major Scholars such as Sheikh ibn Baz (May Allaah have Mercy upon him) concerning bin Laden.

There response is:

the Scholars of Saudi Arabia are only following what the Media says!

Or they will say:

How can we say that he is a Khaarijee, when we have never met him!

It is apparent from their statements, that they are in clear opposition to the Major Scholars from Saudi Arabia, and they utilize these types of statements to place doubts in to the hearts of the Muslims.

Statements such as these, take people away from Salafiyah and its Scholars, leading them towards the destructive path of the Khawaarij.


When it comes to matters of Politics and Jihad, and important matters of a similar nature, they leave the statements of the Major Scholars  (from Saudi Arabia) and follow the statements of the Politicians and those that have been affected by the Methodology of the Khawarij!

Upon the issues of Jihad in Iraq and in other places of the world, they are yet again in opposition to the Major Scholars from Saudi Arabia, lowering the status of our Noble Salafi Scholars, whilst in their gatherings.

So to which Tawheed and Sunnaah are they calling to!

And what will be the consequences of this call!

Likewise, some of these individuals refuse to denounce a certain organization from Pakistan.

Even though the likes of Sheikh Badee (May Allaah have Mercy Upon Him) as per the Sheikhs own students, and likewise Sheikh Ubayd al-Jaabiree (May Allaah Preserve Him) have all refuted them very strongly.

They often used to take new brothers from Stoke to Birmingham, (to supposedly show them the other side of the coin) so that they could be spoken to, by a staunch supporter of that organisation, (who recently left for Pakistan)

And this individual was known to intimidate those who followed the rulings of Jihad based upon speeches from our Noble Scholars (From Saudi Arabia). He was known for lowering the status of our Noble Scholars, whilst in the presence of some of these organizers during these meetings.

Being responsible brothers, we feel that we had no choice except to relay and clarify to you the reality of these people, and their ways.

These individuals in many matters of Manhaj are very deceptive, and will say one thing and do something else.  (Depending on who is asking, and who they are speaking to)

We hope that this gives the reader a brief insight into the affairs of this organization, even though we have much more than this, but we feel that this will be sufficient
insha Allaah to make the reality apparent to our Brothers and Sisters.

And with Allaah is All Success.

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Abu Mu-aawiyah Abdullah bin AbuBakr Al (UK)
Posts: 379
Joined: Nov 2003

Beware Of Falsehood/Lying

[Imaam Ibnul Qayyim stated in Al-Fawaa-id (page:202-203)]

Beware of falsehood/lying; for indeed it corrupts your portrayal of information with other than what it is.  It corrupts your presentation of it and educating the people with it.  For indeed, the liar portrays that which is non existent as existent and that which is existent as non existent; and he (portrays) truth as falsehood and falsehood as truth, and he (portrays) good as evil and evil as good; so it corrupts his imagination/conception and his knowledge, as a punishment for him.  He then presents that to the soul of the one beguiled by it-the one who has confidence in him; so he corrupts his imagination/conception and knowledge.  The soul of the liar shuns the existent reality, inclines towards that which is non existent and gives preference to falsehood.....[end of quote]

Clarification from Fatwa-online required

Therefore, if it is the case that Fatwa-online is aware of the lies and deceit circulated by the organizers via their email chain, then indeed we hope to see a clarification with regards to that very soon.  

Clarification from the organizers required

As for the organizers, we hope that they have realized the gravity of the circulated false information aimed at concealing the reality in stoke on-trent.  Therefore, it is much better for the believer to accept his error/s and return to the haqq.  It is incumbent upon these organizers to abandon the manhaj they are upon and repent to Allaah, for He (subhaanah) is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.  
'Allaah chooses for Himself whom He wills, and guides unto Himself who turns to Him in repentance and in obedience.'42:13

'The reminder will be received by him who fears (Allaah)'87:10

'And none remembers but those who turn (to Allaah) in obedience and in repentance.'40:13

Abu Mu-aawiyyah Abdullaah Bin AbuBakr Al-Fulaani Al-Gambi

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Masjid al-Furqan (Stoke on Trent / Staffordshire)
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Bismillaah Ar-Rahmaan Nir-Raheem

We yet again find those who support the Tawheed Foundation attempting to cloud the reality of what we have mentioned (in respect of the Foundations organisers).
They have waited 2 days before the end date of collection, and then they have made public that they made 1 mistake, in respect of what they relayed about our dawah.   Even though we had advised them 16 days before!

They have not been able to reply to any of one of the above emails and statements that the organisers have made. (Which we have posted above)


Likewise we are very well aware of the lie that they have relayed to Saudi Arabia, in respect of our dawah!


But this is a character of those who spread fitnah & fasaad upon the earth.

Rather they have tried to divert peoples attentions from this, by attempting to belittle what the Salafis in Stoke on Trent, have already achieved, by the will of Allaah.
Our reply to them is:


ıııııııı ıııی ıııııı ııı ııııØı ıı ı ııııı ııی ııیı ııı ııı ıııیıı  

Alhamdu lillaahil-lathee aafaana mimmab-talaakum bihi wa fadhdhalana alaa katheerin mimman khalaqa tafdheela.

All praise is for Allaah who saved us from that which He tested you with, and Who most certainly favoured us over much of His Creation

For anyone who requires further information about the organisers of this Foundation, you are more than welcome to come to our Masjid and we will introduce you to brothers and the organisers relatives who know the organisers very well, and they will be able to tell you even more about the organisers adventures, plots and plans!

Why does Fatwa online spread this type of mis-information, without checking its sources first?

Why was fatwa online not quick to make public, that they had forwarded an email on 07th February 2009, with misleading statements. (even though we notified them of these misleading statements a few days after they had forwarded the email.)

Why did Fatwa online not ask us for our version of the story, before they again forwarded the Foundations PDF document of misleading statements, on the 28th February 2009?

Why are they aiding this organisation who places Shubohaat (doubts) into the hearts of our youth, so that they turn away from the Major Scholars of Saudi Arabia?

Again we remind everyone:
For anyone who requires further information about the organisers of this Foundation, you are more than welcome to come to our Masjid and we will introduce you to brothers and the organisers relatives who know the organisers very well, and they will be able to tell you even more about the organisers adventures, plots and plans!

And With Allaah is all Success

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unspecified unspecified (Manchester, UK)
Posts: 359
Joined: Dec 2003

A Reminder To The Diseased Unknown Narrators And Illegal Partisans In The Websites Of Gheebah, Nameemah, Hizbiyyah And Tamyi; May Allaah Nullify Your Evil Efforts; For Your Aim Is To Pollute The Manjah And Wage War Against The Salafis At Masjid Al-Furqaan In Stoke On-Trent (May Allaah preserve it and make it a thorn in the throats of the people of false methodologies)

Imaam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullaah) said:

The slave does not embark upon what has been made forbidden for him except through two ways; the first of them is his bad opinion of his Lord; that if he were to obey Allaah and preferred Him, He (subhaanah) will not give him that which is better than it from the lawful.

Secondly,he is aware of that (i.e. that Allaah will give him something better than what he embarks upon of the forbidden) and that whoever leaves something for Allaah's sake, He (subhaanah) will replace it with something better; but his lusts overcomes his patience and his desires (overcomes) his intellect.  

The first affair is with regards to a weakness in his knowledge and the second (affair) is with regards to a weakness in his intellect and insight.[end of quote. source: Al-Fawaa'd. page:78]

You Hide Your Identities As If It Is A Shameful Secret

So ponder O lost souls! Is your method of dawah legislated in the book and the sunnah, and name us a single Aalim in agreement with your way.  Indeed, had you abandoned this evil practice and battle with the whispering of the devil, you would have achieved that which is better by the permission of Allaah.  However, your weak intellects and short sightedness bars you from seeing beyond the filth and sickness that envelops your sick hearts.

If you are people of the Sunnah and salafiyyah, then why do you have to hide your identities?  Are you living in an era similar to the early makkan period when the believers were tortured for proclaiming their Islaam?  Indeed, there is a great price to pay for such behaviour, and that is you will have to lie and poison your souls.  You hide your identities as if it is a shameful secret.  We ask Allaah to protect our hearts from the evil and the disease that has afflicted your sick hearts.

O Turner of the hearts, keep our hearts firm upon your Religion.

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