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Posted By Topic: The stance of Salafi students when the Ulama have differences of opinion on a caller

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Written by Shaykh Hisham Arif who summarised it from a book of Shaykh Abu Abdil 'Ala Khalid Muhammad Uthman Al Misri.

The directions are as follows:

1 The Salafi student should seek correct Shariah knowledge with sincerity.

2 Upon the student is to do research on the biographies of the scholars of Daŭwah As Salafeeyah especially the scholars of Hadeeth and the scholars of Jarh Wa Taŭdeel.

3 Upon the Salafi Student is to look at the books of the refutations from the scholars of the daŭwah as salafeeyah upon the people of deviance and innovation

4 Upon the Salafi student is to have patience with obidience and truthfullness and striving for Allahŭs sake.

5 Upon the Salafi Student is to distant himself from blindfollowing scholars no matter which level they may be at and he goes with the truth wherever it may be.

6 Associating with a scholar in truth or defense of him with knowledge does not mean that one is partisan to him.

7- Upon the Salafi Student who is weak in his knowledge is not to defend on his blindfollowing of one of the Ulama when they both have differences in the ruling on an individual, rather it is upon him not to transmit anything until the matter is made clear, and it is upon him to increase his efforts in taking correct methods in order to gain the help of Allah in order to know the one who is correct amongst them.

8 It is upon the Salafi Student to not participate with anyone, whomsoever it may be in describing anyone of the scholars of the Daŭwah As Salafeeyah with harshness, especially the Imams of Jarh wa Taŭdeel, because this description is rejected from the one who said it because of his weak research in the biographies and stances of the great Imams of Jarh Wa Taŭdeel and their strong defense of the Sunnah and their helping the truth which one would not find in other than them.

9 Upon the Salafi Student is to not reject refutations that comes from any direction it may be because of the ruling of a particular scholar of Jarh Wa Taŭdeel upon others whatever level they may be at if that (other) ruling is correct. And it is unlawful to drag himself behind doubts that he is in no need of like their statements:

- This is done in order to protect the general people or
- this is done looking at the knowledge of the people and their understanding or
- that fitan (trails and tribulations) donŭt befall us or
- we are satisfied with this and not that for example: We say he made a mistake but we do not say he innovated, and we say he misunderstood and we donŭt say deviated.

And other than this from the statements that makes the ruling of the scholar less important and leaves the people confused.

10 The appraisal of an Imam of Jarh Wa Taŭdeel for a particular person then returning on this does not mean that the Imam has a particular evil characteristic or deficiency in his understanding. But rather it is an evidence of his bravery, his sincerity and jealousy for the truth.

11 Whoever says: Upon you are the Ulama of the Daŭwah As Salafeeyah who died and cuts off the living scholars. The head of them being our Shaikh Al Allamah the Imam of Jarh Wa Taŭdeel Rabeeŭ Ibn Hadi Al Madkhali has lied upon Allah and has cursed Daŭwah As Salafeeyah.

Translated by Br. Musa Millington

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