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Posted By Topic: Who is Ahmad Lawh?

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Abu Abdul Awwal Najeeb ibn Yusuf Al Angelesi (Los Angeles, California)
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Joined: Jul 2005
As salaamu alaykum!

Does anyone know who Ahmad Lawh is? I was told his name was Ahmad Lawh than told his name was Muhammad Lawh. He's senegalis and from what has reached me he's salafi and has established a university in senegal in which the curriculum is in accordance with the salafi minhaaj. If anyone has any info about this individual than please share it insha'llah, wa billahit tawfeeq.

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As-Senegalee Oumar bin Ibrahim (Buffalo,NY)
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Joined: May 2006
AS salam aleikum wa rahmatullah akhee,

Dr. Muhamed Lo, is a Senegalese brother who obtained his PhD at the University of Medina with a specialization in Aqidah wal hamdoulillah. You have correctly stated that he has opened a university in Dakar, Senegal, the first of it's kind. As you know (of maybe not), Senegal is stigmatized by sufi sects such as "tijaania" or "mouridism" (the two big ones in the country).

I will try to post his bio, or if you want more info please pm me.

Wa salam aleikum

Oumar as-Seneghalee

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