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Posted By Topic: Clinging to the Jamaa'ah in the West

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Abu 'Abdirrahmaan Adnaan ibn Salman (Birmingham, UK.)
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From Sh Saalih Al-Fawzaan:



We know the obligation of clinging to the Jamaażah, and I an from one of the lands in which the laws are not in accordance with the Shareeżah of Allaah, so what is the Jamaażah in truth which it is obligatory for me to ascribe to?


Those who are upon the madhhab of the truth, in żaqeedah and worship and free from  shirk and free from bidżah, and they are eager in holding onto the evidence. So those people, they are the Jamaażah.

Do these characteristics apply to Jam'iyyah Ahl-e-Hadeeth UK? Why are people still clinging to them?!

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