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Posted By Topic: Imam in Sanaa Yemen defends Sheikh Rabee

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Abu Qayla Rasheed bin Estes Barbee (Durham, NC)
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Imam in Sanaa Yemen defends Sheikh Rabee

The following is a summary translation of a portion of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih As Sawmalee?s words, below is the link to the complete audio

Translator?s note:
Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih As Sawmalee ( ) is the well known teacher and khateeb of Masjid Al Khair in Sanaa Yemen and from the students of Sheikh Muqbil.

Question: What is your advice to the one who criticizes Sheikh Rabee and accuses him of irja? May ALLAH bless you.

A: First of all, the one who is criticizing, who is he such that it can be said about him that he is criticizing somebody!! Who is he!! Such that it can be said that he is from the people that have the right to censure or that he is from the people who have a right to criticize and to praise!? Perhaps it?s just an anonymous person on the internet.

But the one who head butts the mountain cracks his head, he doesn?t crack the mountain.

Sheikh Rabee is known to be from the major scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wa Jamah, and he is considered to be an Imam from those who criticize and praise; may ALLAH preserve him. And who was the one that made clear the situation of many of the deviants except for him, may ALLAH reward him.

And we heard from our Sheikh, Sheikh Muqbil, may ALLAH have mercy upon him, during his lifetime that he said, or the meaning of which was, ?Oh my brothers, how many people have we thought were upon Ahlus Sunna until Sheik Rabee, may ALLAH preserve him, exposed their situations.

The Sheikh goes on to say?And the Creator is not safe (from being insulted), the Creator has been spoken ill of, the Creator, the Lord of the heavens and the earth is not safe from His slaves speaking ill of Him, {The Jews say: "Allah's Hand is tied up. Be their hands tied up} (Chapter 5 verse 64) And Allah the Mighty and Majestic said, {Indeed, Allah has heard the statement of those (Jews) who say: "Truly, Allah is poor and we are rich!" We shall record what they have said} (Chapter 3 verse 181) and there is a lot of this present in the Quran.

And the Prophet, peace and prayer is upon him, you know what the pagans said about him. And before he became a messenger and a prophet they used to call him by the nickname ?the truthful one? and the ?trustworthy? but when he came with that which opposed their desires they said, ?He is crazy, he is a magician, a soothsayer, a poet and other than that from what you read (about this) in the Quran; so don?t turn your attention to what the people of desires say.

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