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Posted By Topic: When did Green Lane Mosque (MJAH) decide Eid?

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When did Green Lane Mosque (MJAH) decide Eid?

Eid day was celebrated by most people of Sunnah in the UK on Friday 12th October based upon the moon sighting made in Saudi Arabia.

Green Lane Mosque, the UK headquarters of Markazi Jam'iyat Ahlel-Hadith decided to celebrate Eid on Saturday 13th October instead.

Green Lane and their blind supporters claimed that they preferred to seek the moon locally (rather than looking to other lands) in accordance to the opinion of some of ahlul-'ilm or otherwise complete the 30 days of Ramadhaan.  

However it has now emerged, that their reason for breaking with the Salafis and the people of Sunnah was for no other reason except political expediency and a so-called unity with the local Brelewi Soofees and Raafidee Shi'ites.

What is bewildering is the untruths and machinations that are told by these people to justify their falsehood. They were not seeking the moon at all! Indeed they had decided 4 days before 'Eid along with their Soofee and Shi'ite brothers that 'Eid was to be celebrated on Saturday the 13th of October. So moon sighting had nothing to do with their decision...

Except that some of their blind-followers claimed that "moon-phase calculations" informed them 4 or 5 days before 'Eid that it was impossible for the moon to be sighted on the night before Friday 12th October, they stated:

"It will not be visible on October 11 anywhere in the world, except Southern tip of South America and Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific... Look at the visibilty curve below. So, Eidul-Fitr should be on Saturday, October 13 in some parts of the world, and Sunday, October 14, in other parts of the world, Insha-Allah."

So based upon this [false] astronomical conjecture of theirs, the High Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia did not see the moon and celebrated 'Eid based upon an impossibility!

The falsehood of Green Lane and its supporters seems to know no bounds. Anyway here is their agreement in full:



The Muslim Community Issues Steering Committee, set up about a year  ago with the support of Birmingham City Council, has reached a consensus on the date for the celebration of Eid ul Fitr in 2007.

The Steering Committee, comprising of representatives from the  four main Schools of Thought in Islam and also religious scholars from the UKIM, Amanah Mosque, Central Mosque Belgrave Rd Birmingham, Clifton Road Mosque, Confederation of Sunni Mosques in the Midlands, Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust, Jamate Ulema Britain, Markazi Jamate Ahle Hadith UK, Paighame Islam Trust, Qamar ul Islam Centre, UK Islamic Mission, Shah Jalal Jamia Mosque, Jamia Masjid Coventry Rd,  former Saddam Hussain Mosque, and Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif,and a cross party group of Council Members comprising Councillors Mahmood Hussain (Chair), Cllr Mohammed Fazal, Cllr Mohammed Ishtiaq, Cllr Salma Yaqoob, Cllr Shoukat Ali Khan, Cllr Talib Hussain, Cllr Zaker Choudhary and Cllr Ziaul Islam as well as the head of Equality & Diversity B?ham City Council Dr Mashuq Ally, have been meeting on a regular basis during the past one year  to discuss the formula for sighting of the moon that decides the beginning of each month in the Islamic calendar. This has special significance for the month of Ramadhan as it signifies when the fasting begins. It also is important regarding celebration of Eid.

The fact that the majority of Mosques have agreed to follow the same formula will strengthen community unity. Because the dates for the  start of Ramadhan and celebrating Eid  have been agreed in advance,  it has given employers more time to plan cover for staff needing time off to celebrate Eid.

The Steering Committee had agreed  that the beginning of Ramadhan  would be on the 13th of September 2007, and now the majority of the Steering Committee are also agreed that Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated on the 13th October 2007. The fact that this falls on a weekend will be beneficial to many people who would otherwise have had to take Friday off, and also to the many school children who will also not now need to take a day off school.

The Steering Committee is continuing to bring on board those mosques not yet part of the consensus and discussions are progressing in this respect.

Councillor Mahmood Hussain
Chair  -  Muslim Community Issues Steering Committee


So they all agreed on Monday 8th October that 'Eid day would be on the Saturday 13th October! According to Councillor Mahmood Hussain (Chair), the only people who decided against this agreement were some of the Deobandis. As for the Jamiat Ahlel-Hadith, then they stuck to the agreement above. However, if these counsillors have lied upon Green Lane (MJAH), then it is upon Green Lane and their heads to clearly and openly state that.

Here are the credentials of some of the signatories of this agreement:

Central Mosque Belgrave Rd Birmingham, - Soofee/Hanafee/Siyaasee.
Clifton Road Mosque, - Raafidee Shi'ites.
Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust, - Extreme Soofees.
Markazi Jamate Ahle Hadith UK, - Green Lane.
Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif - Extreme Soofee Brelewis.

Now some of them claim that Shaikh Wasi'Ullaah sanctioned these actions of Green Lane (MJAH) - this seems to be their answer to everything these days! Inshaa'Allaah we hope this is a false attribution to the Shaikh, just like the other lies they have told him.


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