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Posted By Topic: Abdur-Raheem Green - Please advise

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06-09-2003 @ 10:28 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Assalam-o-Alayqum wa Rahmatullaah

Abdur-Raheem Green is currently delivering lectures in Australia and being promoted as "Shaykh Abdur-Raheem Green".  Could some of the brothers please highlight the issues surrounding this particular individual.  I am aware that he does not co-operate with the salafees and he has made criticism of ash-Shaykh Rabee' al-Madkhalee.

I will start this discussion by stating that the organisation he is delivering lectures for in Australia openly promotes the likes of Saleh al-Munajjid who has been described by some of the ulema as "one of the heads of the qutubiyyah".

They also promote Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaliq website the one who has been greatly refuted by the people of Ilm.

As well as the miskeen Bilal Philips. (A compilation of his faults can be found at

As well as the deviant Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Mukhtar ash-Shanqeeti.

This should be enough insha'Allaah so if the brothers can add some more clarification to this particular topic insha'Allaah it would be beneficial for those currently being "deceived" with regards to his real status, barakhAllaahu feekum.

Wasalaam-o-Alayqum wa Rahmatullaah

Aboo Bilal
10-11-2003 @ 1:12 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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In response to the above mail, I would just like to add this:

I have been a Muslim now and upon Daw'aatus-Salafeeyah for over three years (wal-hamdu Lillaah) and during this time I have been to nearly all of the conferences, lectures, gatherings and classes in London that are run by our noble Salafee brothers here in the UK, and I have never, ever, not once ever seen him attend our classes, conferences, gatherings and lectures, he does not have any kind of companionship whatsoever with our clear Salafee brothers in London! He hasn't attempted to make any kind of contact with brothers at all. The only companions he seems to constantly hold close are those who are clearly enemies of the Salafees.

I remember Hasan as-Sumaalee quoted in one of the classes he teaches here in London when he was admonishing the brothers about this type of companionship: "You may not be known for your innovation, but you will be known by your companions!"

Barrak Allaahu Feek!


Aboo Ahmad Muhammad as-Skatlandee

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10-11-2003 @ 9:41 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

As our prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said,
المرء على دين خليله فلينظر أحدكم من يخالل
'The man is on the deen of his companion, so you should look to you take as a companion'.

So it is clear about such a person by those who he is lecturing with. As for the title of 'Shaikh' then it would be very very hard to say he is even a 'taalib' He was and is only known as a 'waa'idh' admonisher, but it seems this admonisher does not take admonition!!!

أبو سلمان النمري طلحة بن وليم

والعصر ان الانسان لفي خسر الا الذين آمنواو عملوا الصالحات و تواصوا بالحق و تواصوا بالصبر

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13-11-2003 @ 5:52 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Just for those who dont know, For more info on these 2Bit Ignorant decievers, who claim to follow Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah, yet they dont know Ahlus-Sunnah nor wal-Jamaa'ah!

They were exposed during the monumental, nay, pivotal conference, that for the first time clarified the HAQQ of as-Salafiyyah in its purity and entirity to the common masses, whom, until that time thought that it was these Johaal who were the ones that were bringing us to the Ulema of as-Salafiyyah. But in truth they were providing us with a partial and concucted version that was mixed with tamyee, bid'ah, hizbiyyah and more much more than meets the eye!

Callers to Innovation in the West
By Aboo Khadeejah 'Abdul-Waahid as-Salafee, 'Abdul-Ilaah Lahmaamee as-Salafee, Aboo 'Abdullaah Hasan as-Sumaalee, Aboo Ishaaq Nadeem.


A two-part warning against ?callers to Innovation in the west? and a refutation of cooperation with Ahlul-Bid?ah from The 5th National Da'awah Conference in Birmingham (2001).

Muhammad Ibn Bundaar al-Jarjaanee said to Imaam Ahmad: ?Verily it is hard for me to say: So and so is like this, and so and so is like that.? So Ahmad said to him: ?If I remained quiet and you remained quiet then when will the ignorant man come to know the Saheeh (authentic) from the saqeem (weak)?? Majmoo?ul-Fataawaa (28/231) and Sharh ?Ilalut-Tirmidhee (1/350)

From the topics discussed:

·     Jamal Zarabozo?s call to Revolt in ?The Friday Prayer?, his criticism of Imaam al-Albaanee and his alliance with Ahlul-Bid?ah quoting the response of al-?Allammah Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab al-Bannaa.

·     Questions regarding Aboo Muflisah al-Hizbee are asked and the audience is informed of his worsening condition after the initial refutation of him delivered by the Imaam Rabee'us-Sunnah al-Madkhalee.

·     'Abdur-Raheem Green, his cooperation with deviated organizations and his lack of knowledge.

·     Aboo Aliyyah and his Islaamic Network of Hizbiyyah. A clarification of the Manhaj of the global-hizb named Jam'iyyah Ahlul-Hadeeth.

·     Suhayb Hasan, ?Abdul-Haadee and Hafidhullaah Khaan the three figureheads of Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahlul-Hadeeth in England.

·     Al-Muntadaa al-Islaamee ? The Qutbee network that collaborates with IANA and other organizations to spread ?global-qutbiyyah.?

·     Yaasir Qadee and his chameleon acts revealed. His strong admonition from Shaykh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhaylee. Shaykh Ibraaheem?s request for Yaasir to make Tawbah from his dumbfounded statements such as ?I prefer the Manhaj of Shaykh Ibn Baaz over Shaykh Rabee?.

·     Bilal Philips, his disassociation with the Salafees, his cooperation with Al-Muntadaa al-Islaamee and other Ikwaanee strongholds.

To Listen:

To Buy:

Posted by Hasan as-Salafee

Imaam al-Awzaa'ee said, "Patiently restrict yourselves to the sunnah, stop where the people stopped, say what they said, avoid what they avoided. Take to the path of the salaf, for indeed what was sufficient for them was sufficient for you."
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As-Salaamu 'alaykum Hasan.

You forgot to mention the brother Aboo Aways from the states, he was also a speaker on "Callers to Innovation in the West".

Afwaan akhee


Aboo Ahmad Muhammad as-Skatlandee

26-11-2003 @ 9:49 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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as salaamu alaikum
this ignorant man Abdur Raheem Green sat with us brothers in Boston during a period when we were trying to achieve clarity (and are still pursuing clarity)and we didn't know any better. We had never heard of him and we were suffering from allowing anyone to address us. may Allah guide us to clarity. He claimed salafiyyah so we assumed he was salafi, UNTIL HE OPENED HIS MOUTH. Indeed he is the most ignorant man I have ever had the misfortune to listen to. No Arabic language, no knowledge of quran or sunnah, no fiqh, NO NOTHING.

wa salaamu alaikum
Abu Hafs Bilaal as Salafi

28-11-2003 @ 12:27 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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As Salaam 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah,

And from one of his trips to Canada, some years ago, he visited the da'wah centre in Toronto. Green was asked about his background, a brother noted:

'Akhee, do you speak Arabic?' To which he replied 'No', The brother then asked, 'Akhee, did you study anywhere?' To which he replied, 'No'. The brother then said 'Oh'. So it has been well established that he takes to the podiums and speaks, not only in reference to calling the kuffar to Islaam but in affairs of fiqh, 'aqeedah and manhaj, despite not having any asl in his pursuit of knowledge. A dangerous and arrogant mix in any man.

During his visit, I remember being relatively new to salafiyyah, we were discussing ways of calling the kuffar to Islaam. Green mentioned that he plays football in London with some kuffar (as a mode of da'wah). This is something which seemed strange seeing that sports + kuffar = swearing and foul behaviour. I told him that this wasn't from the manhaj to which he argued (with qiyaas) to no end.

May Allaah save us from the ignorant ones who love to speak without knowledge.

Aboo Zakariyyah

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28-11-2003 @ 6:08 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Bismillaah alhumdulillaah was salaatu was salaamu 'ala rasulullaah wa ba'ad

I came across this earlier and is it is yet to occur it shows the haal of this individual and those on the list with him.  May Allaah guide us and them Ameen.

A Time for Change

1. The Time to Cease Evil
Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad

2. The Time to Repent
Abu ?Aaliyah

3. The Time to Establish the Prayer
Abu ?Abdis-Salam

4. The Time to be Steadfast
?Abdurraheem Green


Date/Time: [removed]


Venue [removed]

So it is clear to see from this who this individual chooses to sit and share platforms with, inshaAllaah this should answer any queries anyone has regarding him and any of the others on this list.  May Allaah save us from their fitan.  Ameen.

Also the venue is the very same one that Shaykh Yahya al-Haajuree hafidhahullaah said ' is the masjid of the 73 sects...,' when he came to this country.

wassallaamu alaikum

Abu Mariam al-Atharee

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Assallaamu alaikum

Akhi al-Fudayl jazakAllaahu khairan for editing my post above.

Abu Mariam al-Atharee

06-09-2006 @ 3:46 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Assalaamu alaykum warahamtullahi wabarakaatuhu

i have not heard about this individual (abdur raheem green) for a long time.  However, it does not surprise me that he co-operates with those who promote abdur rahmaan abdul khaliq.

we visited the city of Leeds(UK) few years ago to give support to some of our salafi brothers who were being harassed by an iraqi qutbi.  Abdur raheem green appeared on the scene and accompanied them after they were refuted.

Two salafi brothers from Leeds Intizar and Bashaarat can testify to this.

we ask Allah for safety.


08-06-2010 @ 5:41 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Asalaamu 'alaikum,

Along with a hotpot of other speakers originating from a number of sects and persuasions that include virulent anti-Salafi Sufis, such as, Riyad ul-Haq, as well as Hizb ut-Tahrir's Taji Mustapha, Abdur Raheem Green is also, according to the organiser's website, scheduled to join them as a guest speaker at this year's so-called United Muslims' Convention organised by al-Hikma.

May Allaah protect us from this deluded attempt at unity!

Subhaanakallaah humma wa bi Hamdika Ashadu allaa ilaha illa ant, astaghfiruka wa atooba ilayk

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