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Posted By Topic: Remember QSS and take heed!

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Remember QSS and take heed!

The Prophet (Salla Allahu Alayhi Was sallam) said:  

ŭThe believer is not stung from the same hole twice.ŭ Bukhari and Muslim

Brothers and sisters, remember when QSS had arranged a conference a few years ago and they had consulted the Allamah Rabeeŭ Ibn Haadee about certain individuals and the Shaykh advised them to refrain from inviting certain speakers.
Then they boarded the Fatwa shopping bus and went to some of our other beloved scholars hoping to find something contradictory to the advice of Shaykh Rabeeŭ.

Now look at the state of QSS and look at the state of the person they were advised to refrain from inviting: Ali Hasan (who is now championing the case of known Hizbees like Muhammad Hassaan and others).

Then remember the statement of the Imam of Yemen Shaykh Muqbil when he said that when Shaykh Rabeeŭ states that someone is a Hizbee his affair will manifest itself.

This is not because the Shaykh held Shaykh Rabeeŭ to be infallible or that we should blind-follow him but that history and experience has shown this to be true.

That is why the Allamah Muhammad Al-Banna said that Shaykh Rabeeŭ is the Yahya Ibn Maŭeen of this era, which means that he is acquainted with various groups and individuals possibly more than others, and this does not take away from their stature as every field and science has its specialists.

For example when the Imam Ibn Uthaymeen was asked about Sayyid Qutb he forwarded the question to Shaykh Rabeeŭ which demonstrates what was stated earlier.

May Allah protect the people of Sunnah from trickery and plots.

But remember brothers and sisters, history teach us valuable lessons!

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