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Abu Zakiyyah Taqweem ibn Ahsan-Shah Al-Mashwaani (West London UK)
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All Hamd is for Allah and may the Salat and Salam be upon the Messenger of Allah.

Lo! and behold! Why?! O why, was this email of this maftoon, Abu Fajr, so predictable?! And All Hamd is for Allah Knower of the seen and unseen!

Lets sift through the smoke screen of narrations and evidences he tried to throw into the eyes of the reader and break his email down piece by piece - in order to get the REAL picture.

The Distinction

Incase many of you have become confused by the black smoke from abu fujoor's previous email re: TAWRIYAH and you're choking on the thought:

"Does this mean that Islam allows me to deceive my brother and sister however and whenever I wish because of what abu fujoor wrote?"

The reply:

"No it doesn't. Do not be tricked by this Pretender! Because 'PRETENDING' by way of deceit/treachery/trickery/dishonesty/lying to take the rights of others, etc is referred to as 'TAQIYYAH' which is categorically prohibited in Islam.

However, as for the PRETENDING by way of 'TAWRIYAH', i.e. 'hiding something' or 'saying something while intending something-else', then it is allowed in has its time and its place - as the evidences abu fujoor cited clearly indicate."

Note: TAWRIYAH, does not include lying to violate the rights of others, cheating, deceiving, fraud, conning etc.

Type of Actions

For the sake of lucidity, an "Action" is performed for One of Three reasons:

(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah.

(2) Doing that which has no prohibition attached to it, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is allowable in the Shari'ah.

(3) A malicious or evil action or intention, such as one based on jealously; selfishness; trickery; oppression; deceit; lying; evil suspicion, etc - This is condemned and rejected by the Shari'ah.

There is a point to this, as you'll see inshallah...

The Exercise

Now lets label the evidences which abu fujoor provided in order to legalise his trickery against Abdulilah, with either (1), (2), (3) from the above...

A closer look at 'The Evidences'


The proof for this meaning is the Ayah:

"Then Allah sent a raven, who scratched the ground, to show him how to
hide the shame of his brother. "Woe is me!" said he; "Was I not even able
to be as this raven, and to hide the shame of my brother?" then he became
full of regrets"

Note: Allah sent the raven to bring about a benefit i.e. to show how to bury the dead

Label:(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah. In this case, it was Allah, Azza wa Jal, who sent the crow.


"When the prophet, as salaatu was salaamu  wanted to wage a war he did tawriyah (he made apparent something else)" This narration is in alBukaaree and Muslim

Note: The Prophet performed this TAWRIYAH during Jihad against those who fought Allah and his Messenger.

Label:(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good (i.e. Islam) or to prevent an evil (i.e. Shirk), within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah.


Imaam an Nawawi, may Allah have mercy upon him, said" Ta'reed (being indirect, hiding something) is okay, However if there is no benefit and no urgent need (for it) then it is makrooh not haraam.

Note: Imam An-Nawawi's limitations: "...if there is no benefit..." and " urgent need..."

Label:(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah.


Bilaal ibn Sa'd said: "I saw them [the Sahaabah] jokingly pretending to fight over some goods, and laughing with one another, but when night came they were like monks."

Note: There was neither evil suspicion, trickery, deceit nor animosity, etc. intended amongst the Sahaabah. On the contrary, they were: "...jokingly pretending..." and "...and laughing with one another..."

Label:(2) Doing that which has no prohibition attached to it, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is allowable in the Shari'ah, i.e. the Sahaabah were the best to exemplify the Shari'ah.


If one doesn't want another person to be aware of something one intends to do one should use a subtle means of distraction that doesn't contain any lies. As Yusuf, alaihi as salaatu was salaam, did when he put the golden cup into his brother's bag.

Note: Yusuf, Alayhisalaam, the righteous one, had no evil intention towards any of his Muslim brothers and he had not intended to harm or be malicious to them. In fact, the result of his wise action was that father and Son (Ya'qoob & Yusuf Alayhimus-salam) were re-united and the brothers repentant.

Label:(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah.


Also the story of Ibraaheem, alaihi as salaatu was salaam, with his wife

Note: Ibraheem, Alayhis-salam's, actions was based on protecting his family from evil and its people.

Label:(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah, i.e. protecting him family.


Also when Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, said to the people that this young man (meaning the prophet alaihi as salaatu was salaam) is
guiding me the path "while he meant the path to pleasing Allah, but however the people thought he was directing  him to the correct road.
This narration is on the authority of Anas bin Maalik, may Allah be pleased with him, in Saheeh  Al bukaaree

Note: Abu Bakr intended to defend and protect the Messenger of Allah and Islam from the Mushrikeen who wanted to harm and kill the Messenger of Allah and destroy Islam.

Label:(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah. i.e.: defending the Messenger of Allah and Islam.


Shaykh Yahya al Hajooree,may Allah preserve him, was asked regarding at

A: It is permissible when there is a need for it.

Note: "...when there is a need for it..." The obvious intent of the Shaykh's word "need" is not an 'evil need' or 'deceptive or corrupt intention' by way of trickery or deceit etc, as the Shaykh does not need to be educated that this is not allowed.

Label:(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah.

Analysing the fujooree text

Hmmm...Now then...

Lets take a closer look at abu fujoor's usage of the word 'PRETENDING'
which he ever so conveniently translated into the Arabic as 'TAWRIYAH' and not 'TAQIYYAH', for obvious reasons.

In his email:

Dated: 3rd April 2010 2:39; Titled: The real exposure of the mistakes of Abdul Ilah

In abu fujoor's very LAST paragraph, he admits, (emphasis is my own):

"Lalty (he means lastly) I was PRETENDING to you that I COULD NOT RESPOND to your rads  IN ORDER that you become AMAZED OF YOURSELF and BRING OUT THE TRUTH THAT WAS HIDDEN."

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Firstly, Ya maftoon! At least have the decency to hide your sins of having soo'adh-dhun (evil suspicion)! May Allah guide you!

Secondly, lets refresh the three labels as mentioned previously:

(1) Intending and aiming to achieve something good or to prevent an evil, within the confines of the Islamic law - This is encouraged by the Shari'ah.

(2) Doing that which has no prohibition attached to it, within the confines of the Islamic law. This is allowable in the Shari'ah.

(3) A malicious or evil action or intention, such as one based on jealously; selfishness; trickery, oppression; deceit; lying; evil suspicion, etc. This is condemned by the Shari'ah.

So which one shall we choose to label abu fujoor's PRETENDING with?

Hmmm...let's see...

Well it can't be (1) or (2) because EVIL SUSPICION (which led abu fujoor to slander, lying and exaggerations!) is prohibited.

Which only leaves (No.3)!:
(3) A malicious or evil action or intention, such as one based on jealously; selfishness; trickery, oppression; deceit; lying; evil suspicion, etc. This is condemned by the Shari'ah.

Let's see why!

Abu Fujoor made his NIYYAH or his INTENTION explicitly clear.
His 'PRETENDING' was purely based on his EVIL and MALICIOUS SUSPICION that he had of Abdulilah Lahmami, as in his own words:

I was PRETENDING...I could not respond...IN ORDER that:


So let's get this right. The idea was to trick Abdulilah into believing that he defeated you, perchance he may then send out an email with a title, such as: "Look at How Amazing I am!", or "The Amazing Abdulilah Lahmami!" or something like that?! Is that what you expected?!

Or he might start boasting and bragging in his follow-up email how he managed to knock-out Abu Fujoor 'the student of knowledge!' in round 3?!  Is what this was all about, Yaa abaa fujoor?!

And when you said:

"I was PRETENDING I couldnt respond IN ORDER that you become AMAZED at yourself..."

Do you mean to say that you believe - and you wish us all to believe - that it should be considered an enormous achievement and triumph if someone was able to overcome YOU, Yaa Miskeen?! And that they should rightfully be amazed at themselves if they should defeat you, due to some highness or loftiness you think you possess?!

So who is the self-assured one NOW? Who actually is the one that suffers from the delusion of self-amazement, Yaa Abaa Fujoor?!  The answer undoubtedly is, it is no one other than your poor deluded self?! And ultimately this is where the whole problem actually lies but you just canýt seem to see it.

Do you think we can't read between your reckless words written by your reckless fingers, Yaa abaa fujoor?!

It is truly astounding as to why it is that you think so highly of yourself though it seems likely the answer to this is as Shaykh Uthaymeen explained when defining the different types of comprehension in his 'Explanation of the Three Fundemental Principle", as follows:

"Al-Jahlul-Murakkab or compounded/aggravated ignorance: which is to comprehend something in a way contrary to its reality!"

"Al-Wahm or delusion: Which is to think that one comprehends something despite the presence of that which should cause you to realise
that you are incorrect!"

What an apt description of you - and for certainty Allah is The One Who Truly Knows Best!

...Returning back to the point...

This type of PRETENDING does not translate to TAWRIYAH as the TAWRIYAH which the Shari'ah allows, has attached to it, a permissible and noble aim and a permissible and noble objective as shown in the excellent examples above.

Whilst your plotting was one that was evil, right from your intention up until your deceitful antic itself, as you publicly admitted! Hence, your action was an action of TAQIYYAH and not TAWRIYAH as you wish us to believe! O student of knowledge!

TAWRIYAH is not based upon your twisted evil and subjective speculation in addition to your bias inconclusive interpretation of "urgent need" and perverted understanding of "Maslahah" or "benefit" as Imam An-Nawawee highlighted!

Consequently, once you were caught red-handed, due to your boasting and bragging in the market place, you tried to clothe your evil intentions and deceitful actions with the dress of TAWRIYAH, but due to your careless self-exposure, it was in fact the dress of TAQIYYAH!

Furthermore - and far more imperative - you cannot abuse nor lie to Alhul-ilm seeking a worldy gain and think you can get away with it! You days are now numbered inshallah as this is the result of all those in the past who tried to play cat and mouse with the Ulema!

That is because Ahlul-ilm are the Awliyah of Allah and He is their Protector. So He, Azza wa Jal, will not allow them to be played with or to be taken advantage of. You will see inshallah. Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, said in Surah Taha:135:

"Say "Each one is waiting. So wait you too. And you shall come to know who are they upon the Straight and even path and who are they that have let themselves be guided"

The Winding Up

Yaa abaa fujoor:

(1) What Islamically justified urgent need or obvious benefit did you intend with this TAQIYYAH which you conveniently labelled as TAWRIYAH?

Where was the clear guidance, as was shown by the crow?

Or who were you fighting jihad against, as did the Messenger of Allah against the Mushrikeen?

Or what game were you playing against Abdulilah, as did the Sahaabah?

Or perhaps your scheming was to create harmony between the hearts of the believers as did Yusuf?

Or better still maybe you were trying to protect the Salafee family from the evil tyranny of Abdulilah, as did Ibraheem?!

Somehow, none of the above examples match your tactics.

With this, two things come to mind:
i) The famous Hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah as narrated by Umar ibn Al-Khataab which occurs in the saheehayn, the meaning of which is:
"Actions are by intention and every one shall get that which he intended..."

ii) The hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah as occurs in the saheeh of Imam
Muslim in Kitabul-Iman, from Abee Hurayrah:

مَنْ غَشَّ فَلَيْسَ مِنِّي

"He who decieves is not from me"

((2) Did you achieve that which you intended via your 'evil scheme' against our Salafee brother - bearing in mind all the examples of TAWRIYAH you cited as evidence had successfully reached their noble objectives?!
(3) Is it clear for everyone to see, now, that Abulilah Lahmami has in fact become "amazed at himself after your "genius plan", due to that which you had ALREADY known of him? Or was it you who was exposed wearing the cloak of conceit?!
(4) The pre-knowledge of him that fell upon you from somewhere, as in your statement: "In order to bring out the truth that was hidden...", was it brought out in the open for all to see?! Or did you only end up exposing your amazing self?!
(5) Do you not know that hidden knowledge belongs to Allah Alone?! And it is only detected once it manifests itself or Allah informed us of it in His Book or upon the tongue of the Messenger of Allah?!
Where is your Aqeedah, O foolish one?! Did you leave it in one of your duroos or loose it on the pathway while scurrying from Shaykh to Shaykh to get them to sign to your utter lies and distortions?! So what is this hidden truth that you know of him that no-one else knows of besides you - and then you have the nerve to liken Ahlus-Sunnah to the filthy shia, the worst of the people?!
Speak! If you have anything to say and let your tongue be a witness against you more and more! All of us will be in need of good deeds one lengthy day!
We are from those who have known Abdulilah and interacted with him since the 1990's - approaching 20 years! He has always been upon Salafiyyah while you were still learning how to speak and being potty-trained and Allah Knows Best what was your true condition; and we learnt and benefitted from him for almost the same amount of time, myself and many others.
We have not seen in 20 years what you have seen in the approximately 48 months you have been sitting in Yemen! And I did not say Dammaj since you have not been there the whole time - and all you could do was find 14 distorted complaints! And how old and outdated were they?! and even they were lies and misrepresentations, you ignoramus!  
(6) Had you known Abdulilah or had even met him for one day in your life, perhaps we could have said on your behalf, in order to make excuses for your tantrums: "This abu fujoor knows something of him!".
But you are amongst the least of those who know Akhaana Abdulilah, depending upon hearsay and one minute of CD no.5! and you even quoted that wrong, you jaahil. On top of which you are from amongst the least intelligent of the Salafees we have ever come across in recent times who lacks fahm, truthfulness and integrity and an individual who is attracted to fitnah like a fly is to a dung-heap!
Indeed there are many Salafees who have and will say nothing except words of praise about Abdulilah based on certain knowledge who will throw you childish accusations in the sewer where it belongs, while in contrast - and as Allah is my witness - I and abdulilah have received an increasing number of texts and calls and emails from Salafee brothers and sisters nationally and internationally speaking ill and critisizing you, walillahil-Hamd saying they want nothing to do with you as they have clearly seen through your lies and foolish antics. Even the likes of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadi has disparaged you, I seek refuge from Allah that the Ulema - especially the likes of his high ranking - speak ill of us based on true reports. You have only been known for a few number of days and you have already ruined you reputation - and there are still more criticisms to come of you, inshallah.
Which leads onto the next question:
(7) Are there any elder, more knowledgeable and experienced salafees who know Abdulilah better than you do who will categorically state you have lied and slandered him? Indeed, many of them and they are almost 20 years your senior in both age, knowledge and experience!
(8) Are there any Ulema including those who are from the best of them and students of knowledge (though you rubbish them off! so what does that make you, O Miskeen!) who know Abdulilah far better than you do, who have and will praise him despite your pathetic 'criticisms' of him? Yes! By he grace and fadl of Allah upon him and upon us too!
By Allah! If there was even a portion of truth in your words we would not be so harsh against you, O foolish one. But due to your constant lying, contagious deceit, invariable exaggerations and atrocious contradictions along with fighting against many of the well known Salafee daa'ees and institutions in the UK for approximately one year not least disrespecting Ahlul-ilm from Medina and Mecca which I will show everyone inshallah - and your lying to them by means of your sly and cunning plots, attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of many of the brothers and sisters and Ahlul-ilm, along with the added ingredient of youthful arrogance while seeking fame at the cost of your own self, thus we shall not leave you.
We shall not leave you, inshallah, until the demented brain of yours falls in line and you realise your meagre age in deen and dunya and you humble yourself and openly apologise and make public tawbah for your feeble and unconvincing attempts to refute Abdulilah Lahmami and other than him from the well respected Salafees in the UK and outside of the UK likely because he warned against you first, just as we at Masjid As-Sunnah, Cranford, Middlesex, UK warn against your inadequate-self and will continue to do so.
You did not 'attempt' to refute him for the jealousy of the dawatus-salafiyyah nor did you comply with the manhaj of advising a salafee brother, but you did so because he refuted recently and warned against you. Otherwise you would have brought up 'his grave mistakes' a long time ago as some of the distorted issues you foolishly mentioned occured almost two years ago and the remainder were lies and exaggerations!

You had to refute him back by accusing him of being a liar and disrespecting Shaykh Wasee'ullah in order for his refutation to be rejected and you even went as far as lying to the Ulema in their presence to achieve this!

And I will stand before Allah and omplain and argue my case against you, on Yawmul-Hisaab, if Allah has mercy on me and allows me to do so.

The Conclusion
The evidences of TAWRIYAH which you brought forward do not support the deception and trickery which you came with in any shape or form because the examples you sighted had noble intentions and objectives and were restricted to a clear need and obvious benefit where as your actions and objectives were evil, deceitful and speculative that stemmed from evil intentions, wicked thoughts and evil suspicions all of which you publicly admitted to by way of boasting. This is considered TAQIYYAH.
So fear Allah yaa abaa fujoor! Consider these words before its too late and make tawbah to Allah - a sincere tawbah for tryng to unecessarily harm the salafees.

Your attacks have not harmed any of the Shuyookh who you tried to belittle nor any of Salafee institutions nor the Salafee daa'ees such as Abdulilah and other than him in the least, as much as the spittle of a mosquito, wa lillAllahil-hamd!  

But remember, the dua of the oppressed is answered by Allah! And you have indeed oppressed many of the Salafiyoon from the daa'ee to the Aalim and your claws spared no-one, even though no one has been injured by your measly throwing of minuscule pebbles.  
By Allah I truly fear for you, incase you are from those, as the Messenger of Allah warned as occurs in the authentic hadeeth found in the saheeh of Imam Muslim from Abee Hurayrah, who are Muflis or bankrupt on Yawmul-Qiyaamah so he ends up giving away his good deeds til he has no more and the peoples bad deeds are thus given to him and consequently he is thrown into the fire due to his slandering, lying and oppression and what is worse than oppressing Ahlus-Sunnah and likening them to the shia and other false slanders!

May Allah guide us to that which He loves and is pleased with and save us from the torment of a severe day when neither wealth nor sons will avail.
May the Salat and Salam be upon the Messenger of Allah and our last word is All Hamd is for Allah Lord of all the words.
Taqweem ibn Ahsan-Shah Al-Mashwaani.

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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abu-hudaifah abdur-rahman ad-dhahabi ibn thomas (decatur ga)
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bismillahi,barrakallahu feekum jayyid masshallah ,wahumdulillah i was rading over this important information against abu fujoor sabanallah very beneficial may allah bless you ahkk tawqeem ameen for highlighing some important issues for the reader to comprehend by the tawfeq of allah.i say what anger me more sabanallah is that he abu fujoor liken the people of ahlul sunnah the people of salafiyyah to the likes of the filty shia allahu musta'aan,just because we took the advice of the imam of jarh wa tadeel of our time shayk rabee ibn hadee about the fitan of yemen to be quite about it.may allah protect us from the likes of these people who ae hasty in labelling lying and fasely accuseing and slandering the people of the the salafi manhaj ameen....may the prayers and peace be upon nabee muhammad his pure family and his noble compaions ameen.assalam walaykum rahmatuallah

quoted by shaykh abu-uthman muhammad al-anjaree...clarity does not come to an individual until he actualize furquan

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