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» Confusion among those who claim to be a on a salafee manhaj in Malaysia
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Posted By Topic: Confusion among those who claim to be a on a salafee manhaj in Malaysia

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Abu Rabiah Nurhadi bin Jaafar (Malaysia)
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Joined: Mar 2009
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

I'm from malaysia, and I'm new to this salafi da'wah.I've just started my journey on seeking the knowledge and I know I'm not the one who should talk about this matter.But this thing has cause a great confusion among the ppl and the youth who's love for upon sunnah has only just begun (like me).This is regarding to some people in my country who'd claimed to be upon the way of the salaf, and had claimed themselves as the ppl who uphold the sunnah and they'd also fought against the likes of soofees and asya'ariyah and defended Sheikhul Islam Ibn Tamiyyah rh and Imam Muhammad ibn abd Wahab rh against the slanderers (e.g. ahbashee, soofees, etc) who make takfeer against this two Imams (subhanallah).And they too had taught me many things about the sunnah, it's imams and they taught me about syari'ah as well (as i'm totally jaahil).

The problem is that some of them has refused to stay away from the ikhwanee methodology as they often praised and defended their leaders work (syed qutb, al-qaradhawi etc)even that how often our masyaikh has often refuted them and gave warning about them.But they said their error (in their works) are only minor and not effecting one's manhaj.And they even divided salafee into two, i.e. salafee syadid (or sometime they said salafee hijjaz i.e. the likes of sheikh muqbil rh, sheikh ibn baaz rh, sheikh ubayd and sheikh rabee al-madkhali because these sheikh were to harsh on the ikhwani) and salafee haraki (the likes of the ikhwanee like yusuf qardhawi, hasan al-banna) which I think is misguidance as I learnt from my reading on our sheikh text that salafee is only one in manhaj, from head to toe and from top to bottom.That it's a misguidance to think that salafee is some kind of hizb.

And I'm asking if our sheikh can give a word of advice specifically to them and warning them about their misguidance because such an act can only cause a confusion among us (the ppl who's just started to know salafiyyah).There's an effort by some of the brother here who's advised and warning these persons but they rejected his advice because they claimed this brother is not from ppl of knowledge and even worse they accused him as a fanatic and just taqlid or ta'asub to our masyaikh (i.e. sheikh muqbil rh, sheikh ubayd and sheikh rabee al madkhali.

I hope this isn't be consider as a back biting to my brothers (as I love them bcoz of Allah, insyaAllah), I just want their misguidance and error to be fix.And I want ppl and the youth in my country receive a correct information of what salafee manhaj are and who we should look upon if we want to learn and devoted ourselves to the way of ppl of sunnah.May Allah guide us all. (correct me if I'm wrong)InsyaAllah


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abu abdullah muhammad islam (perlis malaysia)
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Joined: Sep 2008
asalam alaykum brother

alhamdolilah allah has guided you in order to be able to distinguish
between the truth and the false hood

as salafis we face alot of opposition here from everey direction
and there is alot of confusion here in malaysia in regards to the manhaj
and the the importance of being connected to the scholars

for example evrey year we have an annual salafi daurah in indonesia
with over 20,000 salafis the daurah is our opportunity to meet withb the mashaykh and ask them questions and sitt with them and learn and to air out all our issues we face

last year i was the only person from malaysia who attended

and im not even malaysian im american

the mashaykh asked me where are the salafis from malaysia ???????????

the daurah is attended by

1) shaykh dr abdullah bukhari

2) shakyh abdullah ibn shalfiq

3) shaykh dr ali hadadi

4) shaykh dr.khalid zaafiree

its 3 days  general daurah

and 10 days specail daurah for the ustazes
last year i participated in this daurah and
and the mashaykh taught usul thalatha , al bayquniyyah
muqadimah ibn majah it was knolwledge packed
yet no attendees from malaysia
some of course had personal reasons but in general
you find others who feel that because they graduated from a university that there knowledge is sufficient and u see them here in malaysia passing fatwa becoming muftis and confusing people and turning them against the ulama and slandering them
slandering the saudi goverment then going to saudi like beggars asking for charity ... and then u have the ones who are more clever in hiding their deviance so they now have forged an alliance  between ihyaa turaath in indonesia and they are branching out here in malaysia this group recently brought over from indonesia ali halabi and mashur hasan and completely ignored the mashaykhs advice regarding al-halabi and he regulary lectures at the turath and irshad centers in indon
enshallah brother stay in contact with me
and stay updated on salafi events and information here on this site

and i will forward you the salafi websites of indonesia

sincerely looking forward to hearing from you
your brother

abu abdullah muhammad islam

ps there is a a salafi daurah here in malaysia
usually everey 3 months  with local taalib ilm and taalib ilm from indonesia madinah grads , studetns of shaykh rabee and students of shaykh muqbil

abu abdullah muhammad islam

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Aboo Sifr Daniel bin Adam (Al-Ahsa, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
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Joined: Sep 2008
Brother Abu Abdullah,

You mentioned that the Salafis are opposed from every direction in Malaysia.  Do you mean from the people of hizbiyyah, or other than them?  And the generality of the Malaysians, do they view Salafiyyah as something "foreign"?

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abu abdullah muhammad islam (perlis malaysia)
Posts: 32
Joined: Sep 2008
asalam alaykum
the people are basically scared of the salafis due to salafiyyah being something new and the whole wahabi scare
the goverment in general doesnt care , the propblem is with the goverment appointed religious department which is made up of azhari sufis and jahmi sufis students of saqqaf the liar
they injected the people with the wahabi scare in other words
we are coming to seperate familes and destroy the culture ect..

the goverment in general doesnt interfere with religion so they have a seperate deparment who over see religion
for example if you even think of going into a masjid here with usool thalatha
and think about teaching youl be arrsted and have to pay a huge fine

so the hizbees , ikwaan , tablighi . religious department
all despise us

ive lived in villages here and been ostacized
warned against and labled the american wahabi behind my back
remember us in your dua akee

abu abdullah muhammad islam

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