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Umm Musa bint Muhammad (New York)
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**A question on Takfir of non-Muslims**

Asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

I just finished reading The Creed of Imaam al-Albani on the Issues of Takfir and Riddah, and a few questions came up..

The Shaykh rahimahullah ta'ala mentioned: I am surprised at some of the people of knowledge who say that there are no 'Ahlul-Fatrah' (people who have not been reached by the truth) in existence today... but I say [they] exist, particularly in the lands of Unbelief, Europe and America, and so on... So how can we declare those people to be Unbelievers when the call of the Book and the Sunnah has not reached them.

So regarding this great statement, I am confused as to how we are supposed to perceive the non-Muslims around us, particularly the Jews and the Christians. In our times and age, perhaps we can assume that most of those around us know yet disbelieve in Islam. This is due to the widespread means via which it is possible to gain knowledge about Islam, like the internet, media etc. However, again, taking this statement into consideration, maybe the correct message of Islam just hasn't reached all of those we encounter..

There is another statement I read from Sh. Ibn Uthaymeen rahimahullah ta'aala, however here I think he was speaking about Muslims: The disbelief that is associated with description, then judgement can be made by it in all circumstances, [such as] whoever disbelieves in Allah will be in the Fire, whoever prostrates to an idol is a disbeliever, whoever says that there is another deity alongside Allah is a disbeliever [and so on]. However, with respect to a specific individual, you must not make a judgement against him until you investigate...

So I'm thinking.. Can we apply this to the non-Muslims are well? Ie, they are generally disbelievers and in the HellFire, however, we need to be careful regarding each specific individual because it may be that no one informed this person about the Book and the Sunnah.

Allahu Musta'an.
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