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04-04-2004 @ 4:21 AM    Notify Admin about this post
Murad ibn Nasima Murad bin Muhammad Abdul- (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Posts: 30
Joined: Nov 2003

Dear brothers,

I want to pose a question regarding the belief in Messengers, it is known that the word in the clear texts is rasool and not nabi. How were Prophets (nabi) known or distinguished? I know and affirm that Muhammad(sallillaahualaihiwasallam) was the last nabi. What is the case of Zulqarnain, and Khidr? Were they basically strong believers? Were Prophets distinguished after their life time in the succeeding Books or were they distinguished in their life time? Are their any narrations about the life of Idris (alihissalaam)? JazaakAllaahuKhairun.

Murad ibn Muhammad Abdul Moqueet


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