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Posted By Topic: Some of the Inherent Dangers in at-Ta'weel (allegorical interpretation)

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Muhammad bin Abdul-Aleem Abul-Hammaam of Jaami?atul-Azhar said, after addressing the issue of interpolating istawaa (He ascended) to mean istawlaa (He conquered):

"?And from this is the danger of ta?weel [i.e. that it necessitates the consideration of Allaah and His Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) to have lied] and Ibn al-Qayyim explains that it [ta?weel] is more evil than ta?teel - which is merely "denying the Divine Attributes and rejecting their being established with the Self of Allaah (Dhaat) - the Most Perfect" - because it [ta?weel] contains both tashbeeh, ta?teel and also playing and fooling with the texts as well as having a bad opinion of them. The Mu?attil (denier of the Attributes) and the Mu?awwil (one who interpolates them) have shared [with each other] in the denial of the realities of the Names and Attributes but the Mu?awwil has exceeded in his playing and fooling with the texts and having a bad opinion of them and also ascribing to the one who speaks with them - that he speaks with their apparent [meanings], that he is astray and leads others astray. Therefore, they have combined in [falling into] four dangers:

[1] Their belief that what is manifest and apparent from the words of Allaah and His Messenger is impossible and is falsehood - therefore they have understood them to be tashbeeh (anthropomorphism) from the very beginning.

[2] They have denied the reality of their meanings on the basis that this is such an understanding that does not befit them and nor does it befit the Lord - the Most Perfect.

[3] Ascribing to the speaker - the perfect in knowledge and elucidation (bayaan) and the perfect in giving advice - and that is Allaah, the Most Perfect - the opposite of elucidation (bayaan), guidance (hudaa) and giving direction (irshaad). This [i.e. resorting to ta?weel] necessitates that they are more knowledgeable than Him, more eloquent and clear [in speech] than Him and greater in giving advice to mankind.

[4] Playing with the texts [of the Book and the Sunnah] and putting and end to their sanctity and sacredness.

Let alone:

[5] That the Mu?awwil (one who resorts to ta?weel) is not pleased with - for Allaah the Exalted - what the most knowledgeable of Him amongst the people - and he is the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) - was pleased with for Him.

[6] That this ta?weel - had Allaah desired it for Himself - then He would have ordered it in His Book or upon the tongue of His Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) and then ta?weel of the Attributes of Allaah - the Most High - would have been obligatory, a necessary part of the religion - the neglection of which would be forbidden and whoever abandoned it would have been sinful. And this is in addition to the fact that when Allaah - the Most High - has not permitted it then doing it would be a mistake and it would be a manner that is blameworthy and forbidden - due to what it implies - [that is]: Its being a form of correcting and rectifying Allaah - the Most High - and His Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam).

Tuhfatul Ikhwaan fee Sifaatir-Rahmaan (p.36-38)

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