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» Is Abu Talib's punishment less severe than the sinners from the muslims?
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Posted By Topic: Is Abu Talib's punishment less severe than the sinners from the muslims?

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Abu Ubaid Ali bin Nathaniel Grays (Cairo, Egypt)
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Shaykh Ibn  Uthaymeen (May Allaah have mercy on him) answers a very important question in his explanation of the Aqeedah of As-Safaariniya:

Question: We said that verily the uncle of the Prophet (peace be upon him) will have the least severe punishment from the people of the Hell-Fire. Will his punishment be less severe than the sinners from the believers?

Answer: "NO, because the sinners from the believers are not called the People of the Hell-Fire, even if they enter into the fire, they are not from the People of the Hell-fire. If you came to Unaizah and stayed for two days, you are not called from the People of Unaizah , so what is intended by the People of the Hell-fire are the ones who will be there forever."  And Allaah knows Best.


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