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Posted By Topic: FREE FROM THIS FOOL !!!!!!!!!

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21-12-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Joined: Dec 2002
Assalamu alaykum

Ikhwaan unfortunately I am joined to the Email list of ...  Guess who?  Abdul Qaadir al-Lutonee!  The AFFAAK, the DAJJAL, the SAFEEH, the KADHDHAB, the majnoon of al-ma'ribee wa al-mubtadi.  Wa allahu mustahan!

I mistakenly joined this IDIOTS Email list, at his website before the issue of Abul Hasan al-Mubtadi, came into the open, and before this despicable FOOL dropped his pants in public, causing his reality to became apparent and for all the world to see. (How the FOOL hates to be mentioned in such a manner, "dropping his pants in public").

I stumbled into his website, whilst surfing the net and I was actually delighted, thinking that I had come across a salafi website, I also (at that time), thought he was a clear salafi. I straight away joined his Email list and hoped that I would recieve beneficial Salafi literature.  Instead I started to recieve articles attacking and defaming the salafiyoon, particularly Salafipublications and Abu Khadijah (hafidha ullah), and the FOOL'S  vain attempts to spread the Baatil replies of Abul Fitan, against the Shuyookh who criticised him.  At the same time I checked out, to find out if there were any replies to this.  Alhamdu lillah, indeed there were!  All the info concerning this Schizophrenic maniac came out into the open.  It was only then I realised who he really was.

I have tried many times to unsubcribe from this FOOL'S Email List, but to no avail!  This clever RAT and his cronies have delibrately prevented anyone from unsubscribing from their Email list, unlike all other Email Lists, who give the option to unsubscribe, this Crazy lunatic's website doesn't give you that option!  It's like a fly, which has been caught in the sticky web of a spider; once this FOOL catches you in his web of lies and deceit, he won't let go!  Allahu musta'an!

I sent an email to this mad FOOL, asking him to remove me from his Email list, but no success and no answer.  He continued sending me his Baatil shuboohaat and continues to this day!

And by the way Abdul Qaadir! You FOOL!  If you happen to be reading this lovely post, I demand that you remove me from your Email list, my Email address is:

Just to state my request, because I don't want to go any longer and end up writiing a whole book.  I want to know if any of you brothers could tell me how to unsubscribe from this IDIOT'S Email List. Your help would be much appreciated.

What a FOOL!!!

Waiting in aticipation for an answer.

Your Brother in Islaam amd the Sunnah

Ekbal as-salafi al-Bangali

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