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ibn Abdur-Rahman Samatar bin Abdur-Rahman (ottawa)
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Salama Aleykum

When the salaf used to Implement the Quran into their lives, 5 verses at a time.. does that mean that we should memorize 5 verses and not go beyond that until we have implemented them..How do we implement verses in the Quran that remind us of Allah favors towards us. ( do we just think about it more) also when someone is giving a lecture or we are going to a lecture should we first inquire who the person giving a lecture is.. if its not a person who is well known do we just not go?

and wat is the ruling on those who call towards ppl spending time on a khurroj( khurooj is when somone leaves for 3 days or even 3 months with a group of muslims to other cities and sleeps at the masjids calling muslims towards remembering Allah.. should we avoid ppl who calls toward this or is it alright to accompany them if we have nothing else to do)

I am just learning about the salafiyyah aqeedah and just tryna take it step by  step

also, i am a person who has a hard time balancing out my studies.. i tried studying aqeedah then forgot about the quran .. then i started studying and memorizing the quran and forgot about aqeedah is it better for me to just stick with memorizing the quran and then start with the aqeedah after i have finished that insha'allah.


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