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» Questioner asks: "What is the ruling on my wife detesting me because of my beard?"
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Posted By Topic: Questioner asks: "What is the ruling on my wife detesting me because of my beard?"

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Moselm المسلم (Masjidul Bayaan, NJ )
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Q: She detests me because of my beard; what is the ruling on that?

A: ...this is from the benefits of being students of the Dish (satellite TV), and Television.  This is from the benefits of the dish and television. This is the aftermath of it, wa Allahu Al-Musta'aan (and in Allah we seek refuge). Oh my brothers, indeed your exertions vary (InNa Sa'yukum LaShat-ta).  Some of the young women, whenever a man comes to marry her, she says "under a condition; I'm going to seek knowledge in Dammaj or Ma'dub"; (these young women) are in existence - she puts the condition on him that she will seek knowledge - indeed - and since he is ready to seek knowledge, he becomes content with this situation, and with these fine words.  
And other women strive to be a means for the guidance of her husband, and a means for his reform, while perhaps the husband is crooked, and (still) his wife asks him: did you pray; what did you do; where are you; who are you wit; where did you go, etc.  Some of the argumentative ones would say: why are you on my case; and that individual is a moron; he should know that this woman is more intelligent than he is, indeed.  Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'aala says...(The Shaikh continued without reciting an ayah) is imperative that the person extols his lord if Allah has graced him with a virtuous wife that guides him to good deeds and directs him towards them.  And this young woman should fear Allah; the righteous husband is better than that which is in this world and all that is in it.  The righteous husband is better than that which is in this world and all that is in it!  Some women will reject their husbands if they shave their beard - indeed - some women would say what is this; what evil have you done?  Ma sha'allah some women recognize the importance of this matter; they want an upright man, and those - barruk Allahu feekum - are from the best of women. So, it is upon the woman to fear Allah, and to re-establish the (proper) outlook, and to seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan, the abominable.  She requests a divorce due to his beard?  Shameful!  By Allah we're ashamed that we have in a country of Muslims people of this temperament!  And we call our brothers to get rid of their Satellite dishes and televisions for they are the medium. When did this young woman know that there are people who shave their beards or other than that?  Indeed, it is because of these destructive devises!  Those who shave (their beards) are those who are on The Dish and television; and young women such as these have become accustomed to looking at such (examples) on the Dish, on TV, and in the street - indeed - and in Allah wee seek refuge, in Allah we seek refuge; we advice her to safeguard the prayers.    

*Translator's note: Please understand that this translation contains grammatical inconsistencies and trail-offs in order to accurately convey the Shaikh's words literally as he spoke them, and in the approach that he used in addressing the questioner/s; although, special attention was given to the instances in which a literal word-for-word translation would be incomprehensible and/or an alteration of the intended meaning.  

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