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07-06-2008 @ 4:08 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Umm Mujaahid Naheeda bint Abdul Khaaliq bin Muhammad Faadil (Birmingham, UK)
Posts: 72
Joined: Jul 2005
Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem,

The sisters arabic classes require Arabic keyboards but alot of the retailers on coventry road are out of stock. Does anyone know anywhere else where they can be purchased from?

Umm Mujaahid

11-06-2008 @ 3:18 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Moselm المسلم (Masjidul Bayaan, NJ )
Posts: 40
Joined: Jun 2007
Al-salaamu Alaikum

You don't actually need an arabic keyboard to type Arabic.  Windows comes standard with the Arabic font.  All you have to do is activate it in "Regional Support Settings" in your control pannel.  

After that, you can simply buy the high quality arabic stickers, and put them on your english keyboard, they're clear in colour and won't cover-up the English letters.  There are a few different vendors that sell them on Ebay, but, there is a major difference between each seller's version of them.

The low quality stickers are terrible in that they peel and fade off easily and aren't very clear to read, and also leave a nasty residue that sticks the keys to your fingers when you type.  The high quality ones don't fade, and stay put, and also allow you to peel them off (using a pen cap or whatever) with very minimal residue, if any.  These are some the better ones I've found online:

They come in 6 colors, take your pick, they're all clear enough to see with no problems insha'allah.    

..Unity with those who seek to poison, distort, or dilute the Sunnah with their innovations? NEVER!!!  

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unspecified Ahmed bin AbdulHameed (US)
Posts: 18
Joined: Apr 2003
Asslam alikom,

You can also use the fontboard program:

It doesn't need you to remember where is each letter, it simply maps the english letters to its arabic equivalent.
So when you press D it types arabic "Daad", T types arabic "Taa'" and so on

22-07-2008 @ 8:22 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Abousalaheddine Sa'eed bin Ahmad (Birmingham, UK)
Posts: 10
Joined: May 2008
بـــــسم الله الرحمان الرحــــــــيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركــــاته
If the Arabic font is activated in "Regional Support Settings", all your have to do is: Go to START-->ALL PROGRAMS --->ACCESSORIES--->ACCESSIBILITY--->ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD you will have then a keyboard displayed in front of you, open the document or the web page you want to edit, click in it and switch to Arabic via the icon in the taskbar using the mousse, or by pressing Atl & Shift at the same time, you will notice that the On-screen keyboard changed to Arabic. Now you can start writing by using your mousse with simple click on this On-screen keyboard as you can see in the attached pic. I think this method is easier for the beginners because everything is in front of them in the screen and no need to be pro. in using a keyboard.
و السلام عليكم


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