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» Sheikh Al-Albaani's on innovators and their followers (Extracted from "A Return to The Sunnah".
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Posted By Topic: Sheikh Al-Albaani's on innovators and their followers (Extracted from "A Return to The Sunnah".

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Moselm المسلم (Masjidul Bayaan, NJ )
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?The final part of this section ? O reader ? must be dedicated to those foolish-minded, prepubescent (in religion) ignoramuses who run behind their innovative figureheads and leaders, defending them and praising them with that for which Allah the Mighty and Exalted has sent down no permission.  You shall see them ? O Sunnee ? running behind their masters of innovation and drooling over the current fad that their master ? whoever he may be ? has unleashed an innovation upon the religion.  This brand of ignorant groupies is the very section of the Islaamic society from whom the figureheads and leaders of innovation make their living; leeching off the beautiful religion of Allaah for worldly gain.  

These ignorant goons often result to violence against the youth of Ahlus-Sunnah. And doing this all because the sons of Ahlul-Hadeeth have come against them or their place or congregation, or their teacher.  Indeed, it is known to us that they only do this because they have no way to present a knowledge-based reply to decisive refutations of Ahlul-Hadeeth wal-Athar upon their leaders and figureheads.  Rather, how could they possibly lash back at Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Hadeeth when they themselves have not been taught anything of minhaj, Sunnah and Salafiyyah by their leaders whom they revere so much.  So the minhaj-void that their leaders and figureheads of innovation allow their goons to wallow in is the issue at hand here.  This is why we find that when the Scholars or students of Ahlul-Hadeeth offer a manhajee reply to the innovators, the ignorant followers of these innovators are dumbfounded and incoherent as to how they must counteract the assault of Ahlus-Sunnah upon Ahlul-Bid?ah.  And it is the desperation of this that leads them to raise their fists and then to bring them down: physically striking the upholders of the narrations in a blind rage.?  -Al Albaani in ?A Return to The Sunnah? pages 11-12.

..Unity with those who seek to poison, distort, or dilute the Sunnah with their innovations? NEVER!!!  

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