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Posted By Topic: Live on Paltalk on Al Maribee. by Sh.Mohamed Ibn Hadee tonight

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07-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Assalaamu alaikum
Alhamdulilaah we have we us here in Jeddah Sh. Mohamed Al Madkhalee tonight, he will be giving a talk refuting abul hassan's lecture in Jeddah last night, in live salafee duruus room, spread the word the dars will start in 10 minutes

salaams to all salafees

upone salafiyyah

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Wa Alaykum us Salaam

Hayaakumullaah wa Baarakallaahu Feekum, Liqaa'un Mubaarakun Inshaa'allaah.

May Allaah make it easy for the Shaykh to arrive safe and sound.

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Salaamu Alaikum, just listened to it. This is what it contained (sorry, but it is extremely general!) Hope someone has recorded it and puts it online.

Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee explained:

1) Reason for his silence previously
2) That he feared no one
3) But left the matter to those who would deal with it (i.e. Rabee' etc)
4) History of their sittings with him in Madinah
5) Hoped that he would repent and recant as he showed signs
6) Then reports started coming in, from brothers that he was rejoicing in splits amongst salafees
7) And other affairs that explained his true nature
8) Then he read out what ibn qudaamah al-maqdisee wrote in his radd of ibn aqeel concerning his radd, even after ibn aqeel repented and wrote books in refutation of his old innovations
9) Then he went into specific issues
a) his considering ikhwan to be from Ah lus-Sunnah
b) his considering heads of the hizbees in Saudi to be Salafees
v) some issue on Sahaabah and takfir of those who make takfir of them and the position of ibn taymiyyah on it
10) And then generally the shaykh explains that the man is a plotter, schemer and brings talbees, and he said that Abul-Hasan was deviant right from the beginning until now, and this is what the evidence shows, but that good opinion (husn udh-dhann) was shown to him
11) Obligatory upon him to repent word for word from everything in its totality, otherwise, he will considered to be the same as those whom he defends (i.e. heads of the hizbees, suroorees in Saudi Arabia)

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