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Abul Irbaad Abid bin Bashir Zargar (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
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Bismillaah Alhamdulilaah Wassalaatu Wasalaamu Alaa Rasoolilaah

We are pleased to inform our brothers and sisters of a brand new sharh of the famous book ?Umdatul-Ahkaam fee Kalaam Khayril Annaam?, by al-Allaamah al-Imaam Abu Muhammad Abdul Ghanee bin Abdul Waahid bin Alee al-Maqdasee (rahimahumullaah) (d.600 A.H.). The book comprises of ahadeeth regarding the rulings of Islaam which were agreed upon by Imaam al-Bukhaaree and Muslim. It is divided into books and chapters of fiqh.

And the sharh ?Tanbeehul-Afhaam?, is given by the noble Shaykh Muhammad bin Saaleh al-Uthaymeen (rahimahumullaah), in an eloquent and easy style which the Shaykh is well-known for in his lectures and books.  

The book was divided into three parts and sections as it was studied over a period of a few years. It is used in the first year Intermediate-Level by colleges and institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia, which follow the program of Muhammad bin Saud Islaamic University.

The noble Shaykh wrote, ?I began the explanation of each hadeeth with a summarised biography of each narrator, then I arranged the sharh as follows:

a)     A clarification of the topic of the hadeeth.
b)     An explanation of the difficult words.
c)     A general sharh.
d)     Benefits of the hadeeth.
e)     A clarification where needed for the reasons behind the hadeeth or to clarify some difficulty or to reconcile between the hadeeth and another one.

Check out the front page for a link to the book.

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