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The Messenger of Allaah, salallaahu ?alayhi wassallam, said:
?Do not differ for your hearts will be caused to differ.?
(Reported by Ahmad, see ?Saheeh Sunan Abee Daawood? (670) of Ash-Shaykh Al-Albaanee)

Over the last year or so we have been making every effort possible to unite the ranks of the Salafees in the UK and other places. We have been in contact with Ahlul-?Ilm in the various Islamic countries, seeking their advice and guidance throughout. Our unity has as its basis adherence to the Book and Sunnah with the understanding of the Salaf.

Ash-Shaykhul-Allaamah Rabee? Bin Haadee?s advice was listened to, absorbed and acted upon. He has requested that the Salafees be gathered and not be separated. That they should cut off all the avenues of iftiraaq and separation, not to get involved in disputes and to overlook the shortcomings of their Salafi brothers. That advice is to be offered to those to whom issues of Manhaj and innovation are unclear. Not to drive them away, but to clarify for them and to explain to them the rulings of the Scholars, hoping that they will accept.

Harshness is to be applied (to those deserving) if and when the scholars apply harshness in the matters they apply harshness and in the manner they apply harshness in accordance to wisdom they perceive, weighing up the relative benefits and harms.

So we spent many months implementing these advices. We aimed to unite our ranks so that ahlul-bid?ah could not come and destroy us and plant suspicion and hatred within us and weaken our strength. So we gathered together in the various places putting past differences behind us. We advised each other with mildness and gentleness and moved forward.

So we are gathered together and united, walhamdulillaah, with our brothers from the various towns and cities: Our brothers at al-Maktabah al-Athariyyah in East London, Al-Baseerah in Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire, also our brothers in Middlesbrough in the North East of England, likewise Rochdale and Manchester in the North West, also our brothers in Harrow in North London, the Slough brothers near London, Masjid as-Sunnah Hounslow near Heathrow, Salafis of Wales in Cardiff, Leicester in the East Midlands and Coventry near Birmingham. So now we are united with true brotherhood and cooperation upon righteousness and piety. So let the message be disseminated that Ahlus-Sunnah are one and are strengthening their ranks. That we are learning, educating ourselves and benefiting from the scholars. We are united with our ?ulemah and we are their sons in need of their advice and guidance. We have and will continue to take their positions upon those who deviate, whilst maintaining love, brotherhood and affection between ourselves as Salafis. And there is no contradiction in this at all.

So we were with the likes of Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Al-Albaanee, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee, Shaykh Muqbil (rahimahumullaah), Shaykh Al-Fawzaan, Shaykh Rabee?, Shaykh Abdul-?Azeez, Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-?Abbaad, Shaykh ?Ubayd Al-Jaabiree, Shaykh Muhammad Bin Haadee, Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee, Shaykh Zayd Al-Madkhalee and other than them (hafidhahumullaah) in their positions against the likes of Syed Qutub, Safar al-Hawaalee, Salmaan al-Awdah, the various terrorist and Jihaadee groups upon the evidences that were presented and clarified by the ?ulemah.

So likewise today we remain with these scholars and those who inherited the legacy from those who passed away - we propagate their rulings and positions based upon evidences and knowing that they are well-grounded in the Islamic sciences and usool. So we all take from them with the detailed evidences that they have provided in the issues such as that of Al-Ma?ribee, Ar?oor and other than them who have strayed from the Salafi Manhaj and 'aqeedah.

Sins Cause Separation And Splitting

From those matters that cause people and Salafis to be separated and divided is, without doubt, sins. So the Salafi should be aware of his duty to Allaah, the Most High.

From Anas Bin Maalik, in marfoo? form, the Messenger, salallaahu ?alayhi wassallam, said:

?There are not two people who love each other for the sake of Allaah, and then they split from each other, except that it is due to a sin of one of them?

(Bukhaaree in ?Al-Adabul-Mufrad? (401), Authenticated by Al-Albaanee in ?As-Saheehah? (637))

Qataadah said: ?The people under the Mercy of Allaah are Ahlul-Jamaa?ah, even if they are separated by their lands and physical bodies. And the people of sins are people of furqah (separation), even if they are gathered in their land and their bodies?
(?Jaami? Al-Bayaan? of At-Tabaree 12/85)

Differing And Separating Is Evil

Differing and splitting is indeed evil, and Ahlus-Sunnah flee from splitting. Rather splitting is from the signs of Ahlul-Bid?ah and the people of deviation.

Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jamaa?ah take their principles and qawaa?id from the Book and Sunnah. So their qawaa?id follow the Book and Sunnah. As for Ahlul-Bid?ah, their Manhaj opposes this. They establish principles and qawaa?id, then they look for their evidences in the Book and Sunnah! This is why you find them distorting the texts and making false interpretations of them upon other than that which Allaah and His Messenger intended.

So how can a group of people (Ahlul-Bid?ah) ever unite when they invent principles that could never be agreed upon due to them not being taken from the Book and Sunnah. The intellects differ and if desires and innovations are followed, then each person will invent for himself a Manhaj in opposition to the Book and Sunnah.

As for Ahlus-Sunnah, then they are united because they are upon the Book and Sunnah with the understanding of the Sahaabah. And that which is established in the Qur?aan and the Prophetic Sunnah and with the Sahaabah is that differing and splitting is evil. As Allaah has said:

  Hud (11):118-119
 ¤   ¤ 

And if your Lord had so willed, He could surely have made mankind one Ummah [nation or community (following one religion only i.e. Islm)], but they will not cease to disagree,- Except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy (the follower of truth - Islmic Monotheism) and for that did He create them. And the Word of your Lord has been fulfilled (i.e. His Saying): "Surely, I shall fill Hell with jinns and men all together."

So Allaah, the Most High, Says here:

"But they will not cease to disagree - Except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy"

?Umar Bin Abdil-?Azeez (died 102H), rahimahullaah, said regarding this aayah: ?He has created the people of His Mercy, in order that they do not differ? (?Ahkaamul-Qur?aan? of Abu Bakr Bin Al-Arabee (3/1072))

Likewise Abu Muhammad Bin Hazm said: ?So The Most High, excluded those upon whom he bestowed His Mercy from being from those who differ. And He has removed those under His Mercy from being amongst the ones who differ? (?Ahkaamul-Qur?aan? 5/66)

And Ash-Shaatibee stated: ?This aayah necessitates that the people of Ikhtilaaf (differing and splitting) mentioned are distinct from the people upon whom is bestowed Rahmah (mercy), due to His statement:

  Hud (11):118-119
 ¤   ¤ 

And if your Lord had so willed, He could surely have made mankind one Ummah [nation or community (following one religion only i.e. Islm)], but they will not cease to disagree,- Except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy (the follower of truth - Islmic Monotheism) and for that did He create them. And the Word of your Lord has been fulfilled (i.e. His Saying): "Surely, I shall fill Hell with jinns and men all together."

"But they will not cease to disagree - Except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy"

This aayah show two types of people: Ahlul-Ikhtilaaf (the people of differing and splitting), and those upon whom Allaah has bestowed Mercy.

And what is apparent from this categorization is that the People upon whom is bestowed Mercy are not from the People of Differing?? (?Al-I?tisaam? (2/169))

Ibn Wahb said: ?I heard Maalik (bin Anas) say with regard to this aayah, ?Those whom Allaah shows Mercy to, do not differ?." (?Al-Ahkaam? (5/66))

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (died 728H) said: ?Allaah said:

  Hud (11):118-119
 ¤   ¤ 

And if your Lord had so willed, He could surely have made mankind one Ummah [nation or community (following one religion only i.e. Islm)], but they will not cease to disagree,- Except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy (the follower of truth - Islmic Monotheism) and for that did He create them. And the Word of your Lord has been fulfilled (i.e. His Saying): "Surely, I shall fill Hell with jinns and men all together."

"But they will not cease to disagree - Except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy"

So He informed us that the People upon whom Allaah bestows His Mercy (Ahlur-Rahmah) do not differ. And the Ahlur-Rahmah are those who follow the Prophets in speech and action. And they are the People of Qur?aan and Hadeeth in this Ummah. And whoever differs from them in anything, the he leaves the Mercy of Allaah to the extent he differs with them.? (Majmoo? Al-Fataawaa (4/25))

He, rahimahullaah, also said:?Allaah created a people for differing/splitting, and He created a people for mercy.? (Majmoo? Al-Fataawaa (4/236))

Also Ibn Abil ?Izz Al-Hanafee said: ?So He (the Most High) made Ahlur-Rahmah as those excluded from differing.? (?Sharhut-Tahaawiyyah? (2/775))

The noble Companion, Abdullaah Ibn Mas?ood, radhi Allaahu ?anhu, said: ?Differing is evil?.

So Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa?ah make every effort in every time to be united upon the Book and Sunnah, upon a single ?aqeedah and Manhaj - closing the doors of differing and uniting the ranks. Since Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa?ah are Ahlur-Rahmah. They are hated, despised, opposed and abandoned by the people of deviation, bid?ah and desires due to their love of tenaciously adhering to the Madhdhab of the Salaf in speech and action. They are united amongst themselves and they do not differ. They flee from sins, since sins cause a brother to split from his brother. They regard splitting of the ranks into factions and groups and parties to be abhorrent. Indeed they know ?that which is disliked in unity is more beloved than that which is liked in disunity?.

The Prophet, salallaahu alayhi wassallam, would take every measure to gather the Companions, both in Deen and in their physical bodies.

Allaah, the Most High, has said:

 Aali Imran (3):105

And be not as those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment.

Al-Muzzanee: ?So (in this aayah) Allaah rebuked differing and splitting. And He commanded with returning to the Book and Sunnah. And if differing and splitting had been from His Religion, He would not have rebuked or censured it. And if differing had been from His legislation, He would not have commanded them to return back to the Book and Sunnah.? (?Jaami? ul-Bayaanil-?Ilm wa Fadlihi? (2/910))

Abu Tha?labah Al-Khushanee, radhi Allaahu ?anhu, said: ?When we used stop in a place (during a journey), we used to separate in into groups in the pathways and valleys. So the Messenger, salallaahu ?alayhi wassallam, said: ?Indeed this splitting of yours in these paths and valleys verily is from the Devil? So thereafter would not settle in a place (on a journey) except that we would be close together.?(Abu Daawood (3/94 ? No. 2628) Authenticated by Ibn Hibbaan, Al-Haakim and Adh-Dhahabee)

So look how the Messenger, salallaahu ?alayhi wassallam, would regard as tafaruq this outward action of the Sahaabah as being from ash-Shaytaan, even though internally they were united as Allaah has said: ?And He has brought their hearts together.? And Shaytaan does not order except with evil and lewdness.

So we have commanded to be united not only internally but also outwardly and physically.

Abu Ja?far At-Tahaawee said: ?And we see that the Jamaa?ah is true and correct and furqah (splitting) is deviation and punishment?. (?Matnut-Tahaawiyyah? with Sharh (2/775))

And Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said: ?Indeed the Jamaa?ah is mercy, and splitting is punishment.? (?Majmoo? Al-Fataawaa? (3/421))

And all praise is due to Allaah, and peace and blessing be upon the Prophet, his family and his Companions

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"So when you see a man loving Sufyaan ath-Thawree, Maalik bin Anas, al-Awzaa'ee, Shu'bah, Ibnul-Mubaarak, Abul-Ahwas, Shareek, Wakee', Yahyaa bin Sa'eed and Abdur-Rahmaan bin Mahdee then know he is a person of Sunnah."

('Aqeedatus-Salaf wa Ashaabul-Hadeeth' of Imaam As-Saaboonee, died 449H,(pp.108-117))

'So when you see a man loving Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Al-Albaanee, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee, Shaykh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan, Shaykh Muqbil Bin Haadee, Shaykh 'Ubayd Al-Jaabiree, Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmee, and other than them upon their way, then know he is a person of Sunnah.'

All praise is due to Allaah, Lord of all that exists, and may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon the Prophet, his family and his Companions. To proceed:

I would like to make some additions to that which has been stated above at the request of some of our brothers overseas. In the last few years we have also made several trips to various lands overseas as our brothers have to us, likewise.

Allaah knows that we did not wish to travel nor did we regard ourselves to be worthy of traveling to those lands to disseminate the small portions of knowledge we have. Rather, we have encouraged the brothers of many of those lands to attempt to invite the scholars and Shaykhs as they have more right, over and above ourselves. Their reply was: firstly, that the Shaykhs are stretched and cannot make themselves available for these journeys as they find it difficult to leave their commitments of da?wah they are involved in. Secondly, that they need someone to first come and connect the masses to the scholars and instill in the hearts of the people love for the scholars in the English language. Thirdly, that once we have established this reference point to the 'ulemah, we can inform the scholars and connect them to the people of the land visited, thus removing ourselves from the 'equation'. So we sought the advice of some of the mashaykh, like Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Al-Anjaree, and he approved of this. So we have been traveling and carrying out these efforts to the various predominantly English-speaking audiences, though still reluctantly.

By Allaah, this is what we have done. And I am sure that our brothers in Germany, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, and Barbados etc., will bear witness that we have always been extremely reluctant to travel as we did not see ourselves as worthy, and myself more so unworthy!. To the extent that those brother to whom we have not traveled will likewise bear witness that we refused to travel to them and have been reluctant to agree, like our brothers in Atlanta Georgia, India, Texas, New York, etc. The brothers in Sri Lanka and the USA had to try for close to a year to convince us to come. Our brothers in India insisted on us coming and we continually refused and eventually the visa situation was sufficient to prevent us. Our brothers in Germany, likewise, had to try over and over again before we agreed. All this, so that it is not said that we are putting ourselves forward in the da'wah. And Allaah knows what lies in the chests.

Adding to the above - that there is hardly a lecture we deliver, except that we connect the people to the 'ulemah and mention to them the importance of connecting to them directly. Our taped lectures from the various lands bear witness to this. Our tapes are filled with the praises and encouragement of taking from the 'ulemah, the likes of Ash-Shaykh Al-Fawzaan, Ash-Shaykh Rabee', Ash-Shaykh 'Ubayd, Ash-Shaykh An-Najmee, Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Bin Haadee, Ash-Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin, Ash-Shaykh Abdul-'Azeez, Ash-Shaykh Zayd Al-Madkhalee, and other than them. So our call is not and never has been (as the taped lectures show) to ourselves, but to the guidance and knowledge of the 'ulemah. Their fatawaa are constantly quoted and referred to in talks and advices. The brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka, Germany etc, can and will bear witness to what has been stated. Wallaahul-musta'aan!

So the point of all of this is that we have established unity between ourselves and our brothers in the various lands that have been mentioned in accordance to the Book and Sunnah, upon the way of the Salaf and the guidance of the Salafi Shaykhs. So we are in contact with, and in cooperation with our brothers in the various mosques and Islamic Centers in Toronto Canada, Philadelphia, New York, Jersey, Washington, Florida, Atlanta, Trinidad, Barbados, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Germany, Belgium, Sweden etc. - us and them making our reference point for knowledge the 'ulemah, the likes of those whom I have mentioned. We were not, are not and cannot ever be independent of Ahlul-'ilm. And Allaah, subhaanahu wa ta?aalah, knows best.

And all praise is due to Allaah, and peace and blessing be upon the Prophet, his family and his Companions

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Abu-Fadhlallah Reza ibn Alaudeen (Sri-Lanka)
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Al-hamdulillaah was-salaatu was-salaamu 'alaa Rasoolillaaah
To proceed:
Asslaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

May Allah reward you and the brothers of the bookshop like Br Bilal Davis and others for connecting us, the english speaking  crowd in Colombo, Sri-Lanka to the true Ulemas, thru  visits to our country, english books, tapes and the excellent website.   Kindling love in our hearts for the living kibaar ulema and urging us to travel and meet them, though we lack knowledge of the arabic language at least to see them and to show our children that these are the people who are called the Inheritors of the Prophet Muhammad sallala hu-alaihi wasallam of our time. By Allah this is not overpraise  for Salafi Publications or any of the brothers there but a statement of truth. When we had been in whirlpool of confusions as to who are the kibar ulema, who are mashaikhs and who are the tullabul ilm it was you all who came and taught us.  

At least I can speak for myself.  For example I started  buying and reading  the english books of Al  Allamah Shaikh Saalih al-Uthaymeen rahima-ullah and many others only two years ago after  listening to tapes of daes like you'll  and others bros, constantly advicing us " to stick to the major scholars, stick to the major scholars." May Allah bless all of you'll for lighting a small candle of light in our land of idols and shirk about sticking to the major Scholars and making it known in no uncertain terms that they are our Jamaah and the link to the early salaf, the head of them being the noble companions and Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wa sallam.

If anyone listens to the tapes and the CD's of the talks given in Sri Lanka by Brother Abu Khadeejah and Brother Bilal Davis, they alone are sufficient to prove the truth of the post above. It is thru the aid of the brothers at Salafi Publications that we almost got Shaikh Anjaree of Kuwait to visit us last Ramadhan.  Qadr Allah at the very last moment after all the itinerary was fixed we had to postpone it to a date in the near future.  

Abu-Fadhlullah Muhammad Reza saylani

Abu-Fadhlallah Muhammad Reza as Saylanee

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Umm Salayum bint Werner Kuhn (Doha, Qatar)
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Bismillah Al-hamdulillaah was-salaatu was-salaamu 'alaa Rasoolillaaah

As sallamu alaikum wa rahamtulah

(Written by Abu Thaar)

We repeat the duaa of our brothers in Sri lanka and say may Allah reward the brothers at salafi publications and grant them good in this life and the next.

We also verify the statement of our brother Abu Khadeeja in stating that it was not an easy affair to get him and Abu Iyyad to visit us here in Germany and give us what they have from knowledge.

We also verify and attest to the call of the brothers at Spubs in their call for us here in Germany to connect ourselves with the scholars, and these words were not hollow ones. Twice (on two separate occasions) that we know of for a fact our noble brother Abu Khadeeja personally called our esteemed shk Muhammed Al Anjaree in our presence when we visited the brothers in Kuwait recently and were sitting with the shk. The brothers at Spubs have not ceased to advise us to stick to the Ulema and at the head of them Skh Muhammed Al Banna, shk Rabee, Skh Obayd Shk Fawzaan, and the others who if you would only listen?.. hear the brothers advising the people in general and us in specific to refer back to and seek knowledge from.  Our brother Abu Adaam (Yahya) and another brother were here at my house recently and he reminded me that during our conference here he spoke with Abu Khadeeja asking him when he would come back to Germany again, the brother replied MAYBE once a year, maybe. After this Yahya asked him if he would return if we got any of the scholars to visit us and he said the brothers response was a definite yes. This also reminds me that the brother Yahya spoke with our brothers at Spubs and they were trying to get one of the students of the Ulema to visit us here in Germany in place of one of the brothers there at the maktaba. The actions of the brothers Alhadulillah have shown time and time again that the call to connect ourselves to the scholars is not some mere concept to which they pay lip service to. Rather they have always pushed the scholars to the fore front and facilitated the people in knowing who the Ulema are and learing from them directly, its almost childishly redundant to have to mention the conferences the brothers hold every year so the people can learn from the scholars directly and the tapes they produce. Those who attack them only expose themselves for who and what they really are, peoeple who wish to destroy the bond between the people and the Ulema. None of us in Germany would have know who Skh Ahmed Subaaee or Falah Ismail or Shk Tariq and Shk Al Anjaree of Kuwait all of who have been praised by the scholars in the mamlika were if we had not been informed by our brothers over at SPUBS.

And our noble shk, Shk Al Anjaree has advised us to look at the Publications as a example to try and follow in our own land and he connected their success to their close contact to the ulema and the scholars. We do not know our brothers for being ones who seek to have their statements or opinions taken as something in the way of a fatawa (like you find here in Germany, those who have set up a phone line that you can call and get a on the spot fatawa, wa allahu musta?an!).  Rather they have always advised us to ask the people of knowledge or have asked them on our behalf, checking with the scholars on affairs we are unclear about, be it their visits here or other than this. As our brother  from Sri lanka stated, listen to the tapes from our conference here in Germany. It is proof enough to what the brother has stated in their advising us to stick to the Ulema and equally if not more importantly, who the scholars are in this time. Warning us against the deviants who masquerade in the clothing of salafiyah. They have connected us to those who have a connection to the menhaj of the salaf, the scholars, Walhadulillah and anyone who has been to Germany for a prolonged period of time can tell you what that means (by way of goodness) to the few salafis here in this land where the Muslims are great in number and weak in understanding of the most basic fundamentals of the deen of Allah. And I can continue on and on like this.

It is not our intention to over praise the brothers but what I have written for us is plain and simply the facts on the ground here in Kaiserslautern Germany. We were introduced to the brothers there in the UK by our brother Abu Sufyaan Beecher who is now in Kuwait and have not ceased to be in contact with them since. Thru this contact they in turn introduced us to who the Ulema and scholars are and gave us the chance to travel recently and to meet the likes of Shk Ahmed Subaaee and Shk Tariq Subaaee and Shk Muhammed Al Anjaree whos names were made familiar to us by the brothers there at SPUBS. So no part of our post should be taken out of its proper context for those with something nefarious in their hearts and to now take our speech and "run amok" with it.

Abu Thaar bin Phillip Little, Umsalayum Bint Werner Kuhn

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Abu 'Abdil 'Azeez Waseem ibn Abdirraheem Al Peshimaam (Bangalore,India / Al Qaseem , K.S.A)
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Al-Hamdu-Lillaahi Rabbil-'Aalameen was-Salaatu was-Salaamu 'alaa
Ashrafil-Anbiyaa?e wal-Mursaleen, wa ba'd:

as-Salaam 'alaykum wa-Rahmatullaahi wa-Barakaatuhu,

I would like to reiterate every word & point what brother Reza & sister Umm Salayum have mentioned about Maktabah Salafiyyah & the Salafi Du'aat in Birmingham [edited] (May Allaah increase them in beneficial Knowledge).

At a time when the Salafis in Bangalore had come out from being blind followers of the Deobandis & Tableeghis and when we had aligned ourselves with the Jam?iyyaat Ahlul Hadeeth (Hind) thinking them to be on the manhaj of the salaf, it was brother Abdul Azeem who called us to the true understanding of the manhaj of salaf by presenting to us the articles & proof from SalafiPublications & it was from spubs that we got clarified in the manhaj of the salaf.

Alhamdulillaah , it was only after listening to tapes of brother Abu Khadeejah's tour of Sri Lanka (2002) that we got to know about the reality of the deviant individuals in truth , about terrorists like Usaamah bin Laadin Al Khaariji  & the true Mujaahideen , not to mention the fact that in each & every lecture not to exclude any, Brother Abu Khadeejah has called us to the 'ulamaa by name. Alhamdulillaah there many many brothers who have benefited from listening to his lectures & are still listening to them, brothers who don't know 'Arabic like myself and who didn't know the true worth of the 'ulamaa & the importance of returning to the 'ulamaa until after listening to his lectures.

And Alhamdulillaah we are benefitting now from Brother Abu Hakeem's & Brother Abu Khadeejah's lectures from the recent tour to Sri Lanka (March 2004).

One of our brothers, Brother Irfan had recently been to Kuwait & he met Shaykh Al Anjaree (hafidhahullaah) there & had a sitting with him for an hour. When the Shaykh asked as to where we took our knowledge from he replied that we contact the ?ulamaa & also that we take it from Salafi Publications and Alhamdulillaah he was very pleased with that & pointed it out to those sitting there with him.

In conclusion I would just like to add that the brothers in Birmingham don?t need our clarification for their uprightness when Allaah is a witness over them and us.

And we don?t praise anyone over & above Allaah and what they are due for.

Wassalaamu ?alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu.

Abu 'Abdullaah Waseem Ahmad ibn 'Abd Al Raheem Alhindee

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Abu Mariam Hashim ibn Ya'qub (al-Britaanee)
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Bismillaah alhumdulillaah was salaatu was salaamu 'ala rasulullaah wa ba'ad

Assallaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah

SubhanAllaah the brothers at the maktaba were so difficult to persuade to come to East London to teach the masses here from beyond 5 years ago.  

Alhumdulillaah we had brothers amongst our ranks who had been away and studied with the ulema and were disseminating this knowledge to us.  However there was a time when a number of brothers from Birmingham and London had opportunities to go to the mamlaka to work and sit with these very same ulema that they had introduced to us.  BarakAllaahu feekum.  

This time was the most difficult.  For the brothers who had and were teaching us had all left for inshaAllaah a better life and who was going to try and deny them.  We all pray for these opportunities Allaahul musta'an.  

Unfortunately it was left to myself and a couple of brothers to try and keep the classes going as they were by now established in East London every Friday from 7:30pm till 9:30pm.  wAllaahi we tried so hard to get the brothers from the maktaba to come and teach us, explaining to them that we had no one else that we could turn to.  There were none amongst us that had the luggah let alone having sat with the ulema.  

Pre Paltalk we used to link up with Maktaba Salafiyyah and Masjid as-Sunnah(Heathrow) amongst others and do tele-conferences with the ulema, where one of the brothers from these different venues would translate for us.  These link ups used to take place in my home.  This is how desperate we were.

Alhumdulillaah at this time we arranged a conference in East London in the Masjid where the duroos used to take place.  With regards to that weekend one thing stands out for me.  Our noble brother (may Allaah shower His blessings upon him) Abu Talhah Dawud Burbank agreed to come.  To most this would not seem like much.  But I do not recall Abu Talhah in all my years as a Salafee ever coming out of Birmingham to deliver a 'talk' or 'lesson', but for this weekend he translated one of the tele-links.  Today he is on Paltalk giving lessons in Masjid as-Salafee 2-3 times a week.  

The other brothers who have been mentioned already if it was not for you brothers coming to London when being asked to then Allaah knows best I very much doubt that we would have 200+ people attending our lessons week in week out.  Allaahu Akbar!!!!!  This is not a singing of your praises but appreciation of your time and efforts put in for the sake of Allaah to teach your younger and sometimes older brothers and sisters.

May Allaah reward all the brothers and sisters for all of their efforts and overlook and forgive our shortcomings in inviting people to His deen.  Especially the Ulema, the tullaab and the brothers at Maktaba Salafiyyaah in Birmingham and those with them from USA, Canada and other parts of the world.  

Do not let shaytaan deceive you in this, as verily you have an obligation to connect us to the Ulema nad teach us the Aqeedah and Manhaj of the Messenger sallAllaahu alaihi wassallam and his Sahaba radiAllaahu anhum and the Salaf rahimahumullaah.  wAllaahu a'lam!!!

"Whoever does not thank the people has not thanked Allaah."

Thank You brothers very much and may Allaah make it so that you continue in your striving in clarifying this Manhaj Saleem.

Jazakamullaahu khairan.

wassallaamu alaikum

Abu Mariam Hashim ibn Ya'qub al-Gujee

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abu 'adam yahya ibn lawrence (Birmingham, UK)
Posts: 39
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{But only as a reminder to those who fear (Allh.)} (Ta-Ha 20:3)

'Ata' bin Dinar said, "All thanks are to Allah who said {And it is the disbelievers who are the wrongdoers} (2:254) but did not say it is the wrongdoers who are the disbelievers." ---ibn Abi Hatim 3.966

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Abu-Fadhlallah Reza ibn Alaudeen (Sri-Lanka)
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Jazakallah Khairan to Our Bros at SPubs. A Proof of a small beginning where it   has grown. Alhamdullilahi rabbil Ala-meen.

Sri-lankan tour of the Shaikhs Dec2005/ Jan 2006











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Abu Mu-aawiyah Abdullah bin AbuBakr Al (UK)
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All Praise is due to Allah who has protected the maraakiz from hizbiyyah and tamyi.  The brothers and sisters have not suspended judgement on anyone whom the ulema have refuted past and present.

The maraakiz are united and not a single one is going down hill.  Every markaz either has a link with the major scholars or a student of the major scholars.  Neither have we co-operated with hizbies nor incline towards them.  Therefore, we thank Allah for all of that.

Our Relationship:

we promote tolerance and patience.

we remind each other of responsible behaviour and to learn from past mistakes that resulted from haste, rigidity and uncontrolled anger.

we give no attention to anyone who does not take the advice of the ulema or seeks to be independent.  The one who rejects advice and behaves as he pleases has upon him/herself the blame for harming the dawah.

we strive to eradicate suspicion and being judgmental, and this we do by being in constant contact with the brothers in the various maraakiz.

I remind my brothers from bradford and leeds in particular that we do whatever we can to stay in touch.  Nurture love and compassion between ourselves.  Our allegiance is to ahlus sunnah wherever they may be.  The dawah in the northwest is in need of great effort.  

Abdullah ibn Abu Bakr al Fulaani al Gambi As-Salafi

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Abu Mu-aawiyah Abdullah bin AbuBakr Al (UK)
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A Reminder To All Those Who Refrain From Giving Naseehah, And Have Replaced That With Promoting Personal Dispute And Fault Finding

Imam Abdur Rahmaan As Sadi Rahimahullah stated:

Naseehah To The Common/ General Muslims:  That is to wish for them what one wishes for himself, and to hate for them that which one hates for himself.  To teach the ignorant amongst them and to ADVISE the one seen as abandoning the obligations or the one proceeding towards the forbidden affairs.  

To guide the people (in accordance with their different classes/social classes) to that which is goodness for them in their religious and worldly affairs, and calling to all of that.  And to avoid deceiving them in speech and action.  And in dealings, and to fulfill the rights of the one who has rights to be fulfilled by the people

Source: Fataawa Sadiyyah. Page: 56.

Then know O Sunni Salafi! Do not abandon advise and proceed upon fault finding and suspicions against anyone.  It is not befitting any of us to keep on RANTING about personal clashes and throwing suspicions at the people against ones brother.  THIS IS THE AILMENT THAT HAS AFFLICTED SOME INDIVIDUALS WHO DO NOT GIVE SINCERE ADVICE TO OTHERS WHOM THEY CONSIDER TO BE UPON ERROR IN SOME AFFAIRS.          

Indeed, the good known about the people of sunnah, amongst them our bros at the dawah at SP, Troid, etc, this will not be tarnished by the suspicions of the foolish hasty ones.  We do not see anything else except their  adherence to the sunnah, the manhaj, sticking to the advise of the scholars against the innovators and their allies, and calling to that with patience and responsible behaviour, and not haste).  

This is what is looked at and not the ranting and haste of those afflicted with self-amazement.  Those who ignore advise and jump into fitnah, but at the same time expect others to take up their disputes and irresponsible stances.  

So if such ones have any beneficial advise to give to the salafis, then email addresses and telephones are available for that purpose.  However, we neither entertain nor get involved in personal clashes and suspicions.

Ameerul Mumineen Umar Ibn Khattaab (radiyallaahu anhu) said:

''People were sometimes judged by the revealing of a divine inspiration during the time of the prophet (sallal-laahu alayhi wasallam).  But now that is no longer.  Now we judge you by the deeds you do openly.  We will trust and favour the one who does good deeds in our presence, and we will not call him to account about what he does in secret, for Allah will judge him for that.  But we will not trust or believe the one who presents to us an evil deed, even if he claims that his private deeds are good.'' (Bukhari)

We ask Allah to protect us from all foolish, irresponsible and immature behaviour, haste and stobborness that leads to rancour.

Abu Mu-aawiyyah Abdullah Bin AbuBakr al Fulaani al Gambi

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Raised for benefit. May Allaah keep Ahlus Sunnah united. Aameen.

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Abu Mu-aawiyah Abdullah bin AbuBakr Al (UK)
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Firmness Upon The Manhaj Is A Characteristic Of Ahlus Sunnah-Ahlul Hadeeth

Sheikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) said:

Indeed, you will find that ahlul kalaam are a people who alternate most from statement to statement; making obligatory a statement in a (certain) place and nullifying it in another place, and then declaring the one who speaks with such a statement a disbeliever.  

This is proof of a lack of certainty; for indeed as Heraclius stated concerning Eemaan, when he asked Aboo Sufyaan about those who believed in the Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) saying: 'Does anybody amongst those who embrace his religion (i.e. that of Muhammad) become displeased and renounce the Religion afterwards?' He (Aboo Sufyaan) replied, 'No'.  So Heraclius said, 'and in fact this is the sign of true faith.  When its delight enters the hearts and mixes with them completely, nobody can be displeased with it'

And for that reason some of the salaf (Umar Bin Abdul Azeez or other than him) said: 'Whoever makes his religion a purpose for argumentation will often change positions'

As for the People of Sunnah and Hadeeth, it is not known that any of their scholars nor that any of their upright common people ever renounced his statement and belief; rather they are a people with utmost patience upon that (statement and belief) when tried and tested with different types of trials and tests.  This is the state of the Prophets and their followers from amongst those who have preceded, such as 'As-haabul Ukhdood'(i.e. the believers mentioned in the story of the boy and the king) and those similar to them, and the Pious Predecessors of this Ummah from amongst the sahaabah and the Taa'bi'een and other than them from amongst the Imaams......  
[Source:Quoted by Sheikh Muhammad Bin Umar Bin Saalim Baazmool (hafidha-hullaah) in 'Asth -Thabaat Alal Manhaj' page:19-20]

So we ask Allaah to unite ahlus sunnah and protect them from the  shubuhaat of the innovators and people of hizbiyyah.  Indeed, many a caller has deviated through compromise, seeking leadership and friendship with ahlul bidah.  Indeed, we find that some of those who call themselves ahlul hadeeth have lost the firmness and certainty in the affairs of the Manhaj relating to distancing oneself from ahlul bidah.  They invite the people of hizbiyyah and bidah in their gatherings, and we find them in the company of the Soofees, the Qutbees and ikhwaanees, wal-iyaadho-billaah.

Abu Mu-aawiyyah Abdullaah Bin AbuBakr Al-Fulaani Al Gambi As-Salafi

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