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abou hassan sulaiman ibn james johnso (KSA)
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Joined: Oct 2002
wa alaykumus salaam wa rahmantullah wa barakatuhu. barakullahu feekum ahki youssef. I would advise you to keep your books ahki, you may need them even after you learn arabic. If you want to donate, then it's ok to give a couple small booklets away. However there are some works in english that are nour and very beneficial, like tafseer ibn kathir 1-10 and shaykh rabee' book 'methodology of the messengers in calling to Allah', and ibn qayyim works compiled by spubs entitled 'the path to guidance'. Just to name a few books I regret either selling or giving away. And several other books I regret not holding on to, because of the same idea you have now. That i'll get the arabic book and I want to remove my dependancy on the english language in understanding my deen. Learn from the mistakes of others KEEP YA BOOKS!! And I've seen others with far better makaatbun then I sell their kutub, works in arabiyyah on hadeeth, tafseer fiqh you name it and I felt sad even seeing this. Sold with hopes that these books will be replaced in the future. Maybe, maybe not.

Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam), "May Allaah make make pleasant the man who heard a hadeeth from us and then conveyed it (to another)."

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