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Salafiyyah on the Move!!  
By the Mercy of Allaah, the Majestic and the Sublime, we are pleased to announce that the Islaamic Da'wah Centre in Toronto, Canada is moving to a new location. The new facility is ten times the size of the current location and will enable ahlus-sunnah to host the classes, khutbahs, tele-links and various other events, free from tribulation, insha'Allaah. Truly this is a great success, a blessing from Allaah and a testament to the hard work of the local and international community. The aid of the salafiyyeen from Canada to America to Europe, whether it be sadaaqah, purchases from the online store or support for seminars and other events have all contributed greatly towards the realization of this goal. We thank Allaah, the giver of Mercy for this great blessing, we thank our noble brothers and sisters for their du'aa and their support and we ask Allaah to plant our feet firm upon this noble salafee manhaj, ever-loving to please and obey Allaah, clinging firmly to the Kibaarul-'Ulamaa - the inheritors of the Prophets, always hating innovation and it's callers.


Move Date: Thursday, January 1st, 2004
Address:   874-A Weston Rd.
           Toronto, ON. Canada
           M6N 3R6
Size:      5000 sq. ft.
Capacity:  Approx. 400 People


Musalla (Brothers/Sisters Sections - Separate Entrances)
Classes (All classes will now occur in the new centre)
Khutbatul-Jumu'ah (Each Friday)
Lectures, Tele-Links and Mini-Seminars
Library (Coming Soon, insha'Allaah)
Islaamic Store (Coming Soon, insha'Allaah)
Offices (For TROID Publications,, desktop publishing, tape/CD mastering and more)

Current Financial Status - Help put the Finishing Touches on this Project!

The masaajid of ahlus-sunnah have been established in America, the UK and in various places in Europe, it's time to establish a salafee masjid in Canada! Brothers and Sisters, 60% of the monthly target has been reached, $1800. What remains is just $1200 CDN or $918 USD (518) a month, that's:

12 Subscribers @ $100 CDN per month or
24 Subscribers @ $50 CDN per month or
48 Subscribers @ $25 CDN per month or
120 Subscribers @ $10 CDN per month

We kindly ask our noble brothers and sisters to assist us in reaching our target of $3000 CDN a month.  No donation is too small, invite your companions to join this programme and seek the rewards of sadaaqatul-jaariyyah.

More Information to Follow...

To Support This Project and many others, Visit

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Current Islaamic Classes for the local community.

Class:  Tajweedul-Qur'aan and Memorisation - Juz Tabaarak (Intermediate) | Juz Amma (Beginners)
Time: Fridays @ 8:00PM

  [Brothers only] Review and memorisation of the Qur'aan according to the rules of tajweed. Beginning with Juz Amma and proceeding to Juz Tabaarak. It is a condition of the class that you bring your own, personal mushaf. To enter the intermediate class, one must pass an exam on Juz Amma.



  Sharh al-'Arba'oon an-Nawaawiyyah (The Explanation of Imaam an-Nawaawee's Fourty Ahadeeth)

Speaker: Abul-Hasan Maalik al-Akhdar
Time: Saturdays @ 12:00PM

  Explanation & Memorisation.

Various Explanations will be used, from them, the explanations of; al-'Allaamah Badee'ud-Deen Shaah as-Sindee and Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen (rahimahumullaah). Following the explanation, a period of time will be set aside for memorising the text.



Class: Tajweedul-Qur'aan and Arabic Language Studies

Time: Saturdays @ 1:00PM
  [Sisters only] Taught by Umm 'Abdur-Rahmaan as-Salafiyyah. Arabic Language studies, Qur'aan memorisation and introductory 'Aqeedah topics. Remember to bring your own mushaf and exercise books.



Class: al-Qawlul-Mufeed fee Adillatit-Tawheed (The Beneficial Statement Concerning the Evidence for Tawheed) of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ?Abdul-Wahhaab al-Wassaabee | Naseehatee lin-Nisaa? (Advice to the Women) of Umm 'Abdillaah al-Waadi'iyyah - Both explained by the Shaykhah, Umm 'Abdillaah al-Waadi'iyyah

Time: Sundays @ 8:15AM

  [Sisters only] Translation of the live Arabic class:

Stated al-?Allaamah Muqbil Ibn Haadee al-Waadi?ee ? rahimahullaah ? concerning his daughter ? Umm ?Abdillaah al-Waadi?iyyah, ?She has benefited (mustafeedah) and is a strong researcher.  She has writings, from them: Naseehatee lin-Nisaa? [published], al-Jaami?us-Saheeh fil-?Ilm wa Fadlihi [to be published] and al-Jaami?us-Saheeh fish-Shamaa?ilil-Muhammadiyyah [published].  Indeed, many of her sisters for the sake of Allaah have benefited from her.  So she has taught them, at-Tawheed, Sifatus-Salaatin-Nabee of al-Albaanee, at-Tuhfatus-Sanniyyah and al-Baa?ithul-Hatheeth.  Indeed, they have benefited and some from amongst them have become benefited researchers of the books of Sunnah.  May Allaah grant us and them steadfastness upon the truth.  Indeed, He is capable of everything.? Taken from Tarjumah Abee ?Abdur-Rahmaan (p. 52) of Imaam Muqbil Ibn Haadee.



The Reign Of Islaamic Da'wah
874-A Weston Rd. (North-West corner of Weston Rd. & Black Creek Dr.)

For More Information

Email us:
Call us: 1.416.243.5320
Visit us: 874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, Canada

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Posts: 140
Joined: Sep 2002

Address and Map:

874-A Weston Rd. (North-West corner of Weston Rd. & Black Creek Dr.)
Toronto, ON. Canada
M6N 3R6

Phone/Fax: 1.416.243.5320

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