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Posted By Topic: An Appropriate Post From SP on A New Form of Irjaa'

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   We are already aware of the Ghullaat amongst the followers of the manhaj of Qutb, those to whom no sins, innovations and statements of disbelief can harm person's Imaan, so long as he writes, "Laa Haakimiyyah Ilaa Lillaaha", and hence, his shaving of the beard, resemblance of the Kuffaar in dress and appearance, mockery of the prophets, takfir of the sahaabah, revilement of Uthmaan, speaking with the creation of the Qur'aan, and making tahreef of al-Istiwaa, and rejecting ahaad hadeeth in aqeedah, and speaking with jabr, and denying the miracles of the Messenger - then all of that does not harm his Imaan, and he remains an "Imaam of Guidance", and a "Shaheed", and the books of this Ash'ari, Mu'tazilee can be promoted and spread despite wha they contain of the aqeedah of Jahm and Ibn Kullaab and others.

And this is the Extremist Irjaa' of the group of revolutionaries who came out to falsely accuse Ahl us-Sunnah of Irjaa', all but wallowing in it themselves. Their humiliation is history, walhamdulillaah.

However, a new form of Irjaa' has emerged, which has arisen from those plagued with the Jam'iyyaat and who wish to gain "independence" - away from the major scholars and general body of Ahl us-Sunnah - and seek to rally the youth around themselves and then make ease and lenience for the people of hizbiyyah, working with them, accommodating them, and opening up the doors to them, involving them in their projects, and their gatherings and their toing and froing upon the earth. And as a result, signs of separation and enmity begin to appear from them towards their brothers from Ahl us-Sunnah, when their brothers perceived that their behaviour is not wholesome and is actually harmful to the da'wah. And yet at the same time, they think that these types of actions do not harm Salafiyyah and do not harm the da'wah. That so long as you outwardly claim Salafiyyah and say "I am Salafee", you can act how you like, and that your actions and dealings do not affect your Salafiyyah and do not harm it.

This is a new form of Irjaa'.

So when a man claims that he professes the Kalimah, loves Allaah and His Messenger, and that his Imaan is sound and complete in his heart, and yet there are no outward signs of that, then know that this is the blameworthy Irjaa' that the Salaf warned against.

And likewise, when a man claims that he is upon the manhaj of the Salaf, and that he speaks with it and defends it and calls to it, and that he understands and implements it, and then there are outward signs that indicate something other than this claim, and then he thinks that the contradiction in his action will not harm Salafiyyah and will not harm the da'wah, and he can continue to act as he likes then know that this is a new form of Irjaa' that has plagued some of those who ascribe themselves to Salafiyyah.

So beware of it and take caution from it, and soon will its explanation appear, by Allaahs permission!!

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