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Posted By Topic: What are the times of all the salafi daroos on paltalk?

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07-29-2003 @ 1:41 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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as salaamu alaikum,

please, could someone gather all of the available times of the lectures held on paltalk, and in what rooms they may be found?  For instance if Troid, Spubs, DarulHadeeth and more importantly the Ulemah have lectures on paltalk could someone please get together all of the dates and times so the rest of the ummah could benefit from this effort of thiers.

wa salaam

aboo ibraheem

07-29-2003 @ 8:02 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Assalaamu Alaikum...

There is currently a Dawrah that is going on (entitled the "Imaam Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem al-ash-Shaykh" dawrah) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.. it is Live on paltalk in the 'Live Salafi Duroos' room, for more information on the dawrah and other live lessons in this room by the ulamaah, click the following link:

Wassalaamu Alaikum

Aboo Ubayd Taariq Khaan Al-Khattakiy

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