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Posted By Topic: Safar Al-Hawali Works with the Secularists, Modernists, Democratics

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One of the former signatories to al-Hawali's new ultra-Bannaawee organisation publicly announces his freedom and innocence from it

Finally, the realities of this deviant strayer has become as apparent as daylight to the generality of the Ummah, even though it was apparent to the Scholars of the Salafee manhaj well over a decade ago.

This is the deviant and treacherous individual who implanted the ideologies and methodologies of the Kuffaar amongst the Salafees, by making mass propaganda for the Innovators who took their methodologies from the Kuffar, such as Qutb and Mawdudi, who were influenced by some of the political methodologies of their time. All in the name of "establishing the judgement of Allaah" and in the name of "Haakimiyyah". All he did was to enter the nonsense of Alexis Carrel's ideas of Social Barbarism beautified in Qutbs slogan of "Jaahiliyyah", and enter the Raafidee concept of Imaamate beautified by Mawdudi and Qutb in the slogan "Haakimiyyah", and then the revolutionary mindsets in the philosophies of  many of the 19th/20th century philosophers, which came to him through Mohammad Qutb, through Sayyid Qutb and Mawdudi. He entered this into the ranks of Ahl us-Sunnah, so upon him is that burden.

Now, the true realities have been made clear, all that refuting of the Ash'arees, and refuting of Secularism... and so on. Was it just to outwardly portray Salafiyyah to acquire numbers and followers and then use that as a means to acquire kursee (authority and power and leadership) or was it to truly to make Allaah's deen prevail.And if it was the latter, do the actions and methodologies of this man prove just that, or just the opposite?

As pointed out earlier, al-Hawali is the head of a new movement embodied in a worlwide organisation, that is following on from the legacy of Hassan al-Bannaa. Al-Hawali has gathered together a couple hundred individuals from many different countries, all with varying aqaa'id and manaahij.

Many of these have joined by personal invitation by al-Hawali.

Recently, one of those who had joined by personal invitation by al-Hawali, has publicly announced his freedom from this organisation. He is called Hussain bin Mahfoudh, and he has written a public statement

إعلان البراءة من الحملة العالمية لمقاومة العدوان

In which he declares his freedom from al-Hawalis's delta-hizbee organisation and conglomeration of all the Ahlul-Bida'. The reason? Because those participating in al-Hawali's new venture are Muhammad Ammaarah and Fahmee Huwaidee, both are nationalist democratics, and both of whom attack the deen of Islaam in their writings. Fahmee Huwaidee calls for an end to distuingishing between separating between Muslims and the Kuffar and he denies that Islaam gives superiority to Muslims over the Kuffaar, as Mahfoudh states in this open announcement.

He says also that such an organisation, which is a mixture of khabeeth (vile) and tayyib will never work. However Mahfoudh is himself amongst the Harakiyyeen, for such an organisation, even if it did involve only the "tayyib", then it would still not work and be granted success, because such a thing opposes the manhaj of the Salaf, because leaving the secularists, democratics and modernists to one side, it also accomodates the Ahl ul-Bida' such as the Asharees and Soofees, the Ikhwaanees and the Jamaa'aat of Hizbiyyah and other than them.

You can read the statement in full  here

If this is not an indication to those still deceived by this wandering strayer to repent for all their assaults and abuses upon the Salafee Scholars who refuted this and other deviants with full knowledge, and to repent for their revilements upon the Salafees in the East and the West for many long years just for the sake of this deviant strayer, then we don't know what next from the amazing surprises of al-Hawali will make them realise the great falsehood and misguidance that he and they are upon.


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Here is something from 6 years ago:

Shaykh Muhammad al-Madkhalee said regarding Suhayb Hasan (in a cassette recording) - after saying that the issue of his attacks and slanders against the scholars - that it is between Shaykh Suhaib and Allaah:

?Then what we have seen and have noticed from Shaykh Suhaib is that he is sympathetic and affectionate towards Ikhwaan ul-Muslimeen - he wants that he should deny that - a matter that we saw ourselves. In the summer that has past when I came to you and took part in the conferences which you held here in Birmingham. Some [written] questions came forward which were asking about the jamaa?ah of Ikhwaan and other jamaa?ahs of hizbiyyah and these questions would be passed on to Shaykh Suhaib and he would conceal and hide them - he did not desire to read them to me - and they were directed to me, asking about Ikhwaan ul-Muslimeen and about specific individuals and jamaa?aat. And if it was not for the Brother al-Anjaraee - whom Allaah Azzawajall had placed there - and he was next to us and he knows the English language well - I would not have known that because the questions were written in the English language. And Shaykh Suhaib was disturbed that he should read them out because the Brother al-Anjaree requested that from him - or he himself informed me, that Shaykh Suhaib is doing that - so Shaykh Suhaib was disturbed and unsettled that he should read them - reluctant and unpleased that he should read them. This is the first thing. As for the second then Shaykh Suhaib - from what has reached us - it has not reached us in such and such a way - but rather it has reached is in written form - something acknowledged officially, and if these words are a lie against him then let him [Shaykh Suhaib] publicise his freedom from it. So in Britain a conference was held in the month of Sha?baan from the 11th to the 13th in the year 1417 from Saturday to Monday - by the Muslim Students Society (MSS) of the United Kingdom and Eire. And it was the 35th conference - and this is a pure and unadulterated Ikhwaani conference - and the one who knows the nature of this jam?iyyah knows this. And Suhaib Hasan was invited to it and his name is amongst the names of those who were present in this gathering. And this sheet of paper [poster] is a means of publicity for it which has been distributed and listen to those who have been invited to this conference: Faisal Mawlawi, Raashid al-Ghanouchi, Saleem al-Husanee or al-Husnee, Isaam al-Basheer, Ibraaheem as-Sanoussi, Fahmi Huwaidi - and the Ikhwaan suspect Fahmi Huwaidi of being a secularist! So how can they unite with him let alone that Shaykh Suhaib enters [the conference] thinking that he is a Salafi - Kamaal al-Hilbaawi, Munir Ahmad, Hasan Yoosuf, Hasan Huwaidi, Ahmad ash-Shaykh, Suhaib Hasan, Ahmad Mansoor, Usaamah at-Takreeti and others. And all of them are doctors as there is a prefix before each of their names so they indicate: The Ustaadh and Doctor Saleem al-Husanee, or al-Husnee, Doctor Issaam al-Basheer, Doctor Ibraaheem as-Sanoussi, Ustaadh Fahmi Huwaidi, Doctor Kamal al-Hilbawi, Doctor Munir Ahmad, Ustaadh Hasan Yoosfuf, Doctor Hasan Huwaidi, Shaykh Ahmad ash-Shaykh from Somalia, Shaykh Suhaib Hasan, the Ustaadh and Doctor Ahmad Mansoor, Usaamah al-Takreeti and others. So they are a group of people from Ikhwaan ul-Muslimeen. Rather there are some amongst them whom the Ikhwaan ul-Muslimeen consider to be amongst their enemies such as Fahmi Huwaidi. So how can this man [Suhaib Hasan] come together with them. Then it reached me that he did not attend because he became ill or went to the hospital. I say that it is binding upon him - as he has been gathered in the ranks of those and it is not possible that his name is mentioned [in the list of the those who have been invited] except with [his] pleasure. And if this had been written [without his consent] then it is necessary for him to bring out and to publicise his freedom and innocence from this gathering and from taking part in this gathering?? End of his words.


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