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This is written by Aboo Khadeejah

Asslaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah

Bilaal Philips? statements are between the >>..<<. My comments follow his. May Allaah guide Bilaal Philips to sincerity and truthfulness in speech and away from taqleed and taking the isolated statements of the scholars to suit his desires.

>>Only a couple of months ago I
sat with Sh Ali Hasan and Sh Saleem al-Hilaalee and discussed these issues at length. In fact Sh Saleem had said that he would invite me to the next conference in the UK. Allaah knows best what happened in between. During our discussion Sh Saleem advised that I not attend Ihyaa Minhaaj as Sunnah's conference in August and that I don't lecture at al-Muntada in the future to avoid confusion in the mind of the brothers in the UK. I told him I would take his advice, which I did and I did not attend the conference. Furthermore, I haven't lectured in al-Muntadaa in over a year. They advised that I should lecture at venues which are "neutral" and not specifically associated with groups exhibiting hizbiyyah.<<

Then I hope and pray that Bilaal Philips sticks to this naseeha. Also I hope that this is a recognition of the errors that Bilaal Philips was involved in. And we have stated on numerous occasions that this is all we desire from the "salafi" du'aat.

In addition to this, then it is upon brother Bilaal to openly declare his freedom from the likes of JIMAS (and their associates), and Muntadah since previously he openly declared his alliance with them, either through speech or action or both. So it is upon him now to declare his freedom from them, may Allaah strengthen his resolve to spread the truth. This was the manhaj of the Salaf for the one who attached himself to the Ahlul-Ahwaa. I advise you to return to the book of Al-Allaamah Rabee' Ibn Haadee called "Manhaj al-Anbiyyah fil Naqdir-Rijaal..." where you will find ample statements from the likes of Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Qayyim, adh-Dhahabi, Maalik and others in this regard. And this is the same manner in which Shaykh Rabee' advised Shaykh al-Maghraawee, may Allaah guide him away from his errors. So if it upon the likes of Shaykh Al-Maghraawee to clarify his errors publicly, then the same is the case for the likes of the minor du?aat like Bilaal Philips who have been harming the da?wah in the West for many years, with their self-made views on the manhaj and delvering fataawa without any authority and which oppose the Sunnah and the rulings of the major scholars.

And wallaahi, we could bring example after example, but this is not the place for that. And one only need refer to his book called ?The Fundamentals Of Tawheed? where he clearly calls for the ignorant masses to incitement against the Muslim rulers. So does Bilaal now understand why people were advising him against working with the groups of hizbiyyah and Qutbiyyah? Even the senior students in Madeenah University advised him previously but to no avail. The Salafi websites have been warning against the evil of hizbiyyah and Qutbiyyah for years but to no avail? let us hope the advice of these two shaykhs have availed him and I hope he understood the evidences and makes the relevant retractions in his books.

>>The root of the problem is that I follow the position of Shaykh Al Albaanee in his opposition to the use of abandonment (hajr) against those with errors. Sh Al Albaanee had said on numerous occasions that "disassociation" and "abandonment" (hajr) of those doing bid'ah is not permitted in our times
as it will not produce the effect it did during the times of the early scholars.In their times, the people of bid'ah were few, so abandonment isolated them and forced them back into the fold. Today the people following the salaf are few and those following bid'ah are the majority, so abandoning those with errors will only isolate ourselves and drive those salafees with errors deeper into mainstream of bid'ah.<<

Then let us take the statements of Shaykhul-Islaam Al-Albaanee into context and in line with his other recordings and writings. The Shaykh used to forbid the joining of ahzaab and used to strongly forbid their setting up and their membership - (ref: The taped interviews of Abul-Hasan al-Ma'rabee).

Secondly, the Shaykh not only praised but wrote introductions for books which harshly exposed and rebuked the Ahlul-Bid?ah like the Suroorees and Qutubees and he praised those books which called for abandonment of Ahlul-Bid'ah, examples are "Madaarikun-Nadhr fis-Siyaasah.." of Shaykh Abdul-Maalik ar-Ramadhaanee and the refutations of Syed Qutub (and his followers) by Al-Allaamah Rabee' ibn Haadee. In addition to this the shaykh gave such a strong recommendation to Shaykh Rabee - the type of which he has never given to any other of his students in that field - Shaykhul-Islaam Al-Albaanee make du'aa for the guidance of those who oppose Shaykh Rabee' and Shaykh Muqbil and if they are not guided then that Allaah should break their backs. The Shaykh did not stop there, rather he said on another tape that Shaykh Rabee' was carrier of the flag of 'jarh wa ta'deel' in our times (ref: The Tapes: The Scholars praise of Shaykh Rabee' which can now be found in text-form at the ends of some of the books of Shaykh Rabee and see our website). So all of this shows that we do not take one or two statements of Imaam Albaanee and claim that they are absolute. This is the same thing that the takfeerees do with the statements of Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah. I say this because we all know the position of Shaykh Rabee and Shaykh Muqbil to the innovators and the Qutubees, and Shaykh Naasirud-Deen Al-Albaanee was more aware of their efforts than you and I, since they were his students and you and I are not.

We also know that Shaykh Naasir (rahimahullaah) mentioned regarding some of the ahlul-Ahwaa like what Safar and Salmaan are upon as "scum" and as "khaarjiyah asriyah" (see previous reference) etc., And the Shaykh was extremely harsh upon the soofees and quboorees - like Ramadhaan Bootee (see the book: Tawassul of Shaykh Naasir where the shaykh clearly states the evil of this man and attributes kufr to him) and Hasan Ali Saqqaaf, So one has to ask: Did Shaykh Naasir intend by his words that we should work with and co-operate with the likes of those whom he called "scum" or "kharjiyah asriyah" ? Or did the shaykh intend that we give da'wah to those who have fallen into bid'ah?. And the truth is that we give da'wah to ahlul-bid'ah wherever possible. This is clearly proven in the tapes of the interviews of Shaykh Abul-Hasan with Shaykh Al-Albaanee where the noble shaykh is asked about speaking upon the platforms of the hizbees and ikhwaanees if these groups of hizbiyyah applied conditions upon the speaker - The shaykh, walhamdulillaah was in full agreement with the great A'immah when he responded by saying that rather we are the ones who set the conditions and that it was not permissible to accept their conditions. And the question ended by a point of clarification and that was that the differences in the manhaj and the aqeedah be spoken of in those lectures where the Salafi da'ee attends and was a condition of attending - the approved of this. So how is Bilaal Philips going to clarify the manhaj on the platforms of Ikhwaan Mufliseen and Muntadah and Jimas, when he himself holds it permissible to incite the people against the Muslim rulers!?

The issue with Bilaal Philips, may Allaah rectify his affair, is that we do not see this being implemented by him, rather we find the opposite - His promotion of JIMAS, Muntadah, Ali Timimi, Zorobozo and others. So when will he openly retract his support of them and make that clear just as he (and/or his son) made their statement of affiliation to them.

In addition to this, Bilaal misses the fundamental reason why abandonment of Ahlul-Bid'ah is made due his isolating the words of Shaykh Al-Albaanee and not giving the Shaykh his right and that is that Shaykh Al-Albaanee would not oppose the ijmaa' of the Salaf. If you take the words of an 'aalim in isolation, then you will wrong yourself and the 'aalim. So the point of ijmaa here that the Salaf agreed upon the abandonment of Ahlul-bid'ah as has been stated by Imaam As-Saaboonee (died 449H) in his work "Aqeedatus-Salaf wa as-haabul-Hadeeth" and countless thousands of the Salaf. One need only to look to encyclopaedia of aqeedah and manhaj of Imaam Al-Laalikaa'ee "Sharh Usool I'tiqaad Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah". If one looks at these monumental works then he would find that the fundamental reason for abandonment of the mubtadi'een is to protect oneself (first) from being affected by evil, i.e. Hajr al-wiqaa'ee. This is what occurred with Imaam Hasan Al-Basree when the Qadariyyah came to him to debate so he refused, they asked to recite a part of the Qur'aan, he refused so they left. When asked why, he responded that they may have twisted the words of Allaah and that this may have affected his heart - And this is Imaam Hasan Al-Basree (died 110H) so who are we?! Also the Abdullaah Ibn Mas'ood narrates upon the Messenger of Allaah (salallaahu alahyi wasallam) that their will come a people who will narrate hadeeth that you never heard and nor your fathers, so be aware of them (Shaykh Naasir declared it as authentic). And this is also in line with and probably the clearest daleel that Allaah said: "O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel is men and stone." So now we see the order to save our selves first. And this is in accordance to the refutations of Shaykh Al-Albaanee upon the callers to bid?ah like Bootee, Safar, Salmaan, Syed Qutb, Saqqaaf etc..

As for the other types of hajar then they are due to the strength or weakness of Ahlus-Sunnah - Meaning if Ahlus-Sunnah are weak then open hajar from ahlul-bid'ah is not suitable, and if ahlus-Sunnah are strong, then hajar is implemented. This was stated by Imaam Ahmad when the people of khurasaan asked him whether they should behave like Imaam Ahmed behaved in Baghdaad - Imaam Ahmad replied in the negative, since they did not have the strength that Imaam Ahmad had in Baghdaad against the Jahmiyyah amd Mu'tazilah. But this consideration is secondary to that which I mentioned earlier.

It is also important to remember the statement of the Prophet (salallaahu alayhi wasallam) said: "... then leave all of the sects, even if you have to bite onto the roots of a tree and death reaches you in that state." (Bukhaaree and Muslim). So this leaving is for one's own protection from the Hellfire since all of the Sects (except for those upon the Salafi da'wah which is the Saved Sect) will lead you to Hell so death upon the roots of a tree is better than Hell fire.

So Bilaal Philips should avoid taqleed of isolated statements of the Scholars, since it does not befit a student of knowledge. We find often that the people of desires take on board the slips of the scholars or take their isolated statements and use them as a proof in their favour. I advise Bilaal Philips not to take their path.

>> So, for example, I do not disassociate myself from Tableeghi brothers. I will discuss with them, and give lectures on the rare occasions when they may invite me - and always my lectures will call subtley to the way of the salaf. Furthermore, I have spoken about the bid'ah in Tableegh in numerous lectures. So the issue is not my supposed "disassociation" from salafees but my unwillingness to disassociate totally from people who are not "on the manhaj." My rejection of their bid'ah and errors is not enough.<<

This is far from the reality of our opposition towards Bilaal Philips, may Allaah rectify his affair. The scholars of the Salaf and today have mentioned the permissibility (and obligation at times) of giving da'wah to Ahlul-Bid'ah and I have mentioned one of those circumstances from Shaykh Al-Albaanee above. Rather, the iqaamutul-hujjah of the Salaf upon the people of desires was da'wah to them so that they knew the error of their ways. The Salaf even allowed debating with them and put debating with them under two headings: "mahmoodah" and "madhmoomah" (ie. praiseworthy and blameworthy). So they avoided the blameworthy and clung to the praiseworthy. So we do not dispute rectification of ahlul-bid'ah through the prescribed means of the Salaf.

So issue therefore with brother Bilaal is that he promotes (or promoted) callers to bid'ah like Jimas and Muntadah and Ali At-Timeemee and Zorobozo - And if does not do so anymore, then his retraction should be as apparent as his previous praise of them as the Salaf used to mention. There is a narration of Sufyaan ath-Thawree when he entered Basrah, he looked into the affair of Ar-Rabee' Ibn Sabeeh and his station with the people. So he asked the people: ?What is his madhhab?? They people replied: 'The Sunnah.' He asked: 'Who are his Companions?' They replied: 'The Qadariyyah'. So Sufyaan said: 'Then he is Qadaree.'. (Al-Ibaanah Vol2, 453). So the Salaf judged in this manner. We do not say that due to one gathering or one sitting; rather we look to a persistent and unrelenting practice with certain du?aat. So how do we look to you Bilaal Philips?. When you come to the West, your companionship is commonly and persistently with the people of hizbiyyah and Surooriyah (Muntadah, Jimas, Ikhwaan)!

In addition to this we say that he has disassociated himself from the Salafi students of knowledge, du'aat and callers in the West (and in the Khaleej) in favour of the People of Hizbiyyah and Desires. So it is not upon us to claim for him that which he does not show of true adherence to Salafiyyah. Bilaal you are with those whom who love. A person is upon the Religion of his companion as the Prophet (salallaahu alayhi wasallam) stated. Your companionship is not with Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa?ah in the West as you and we know.

I have already stated above with regard to Bilaal?s manhaj (and his mistakes in his books extend beyond what I quoted above from his book) ? So how will he speak against ?their bid?ah and errors? if he himself is unaware of the bid?ah and errors ? you cannot give what you don?t have - verily ships do not sail upon dry land!

>> The statements of Maaz Qureshi are open lies and exaggerations which he will have to answer to Allaah for on the Day of Judgement.<<

My brother Mu'aadh Qureshi is well able to defend himself. So I am sure we will hear from him soon.

>>At any rate, Muhammad Qutub's book, "Islam the Misunderstood Religion", has useful information for people coming to Islaam from a political background. Mawdudi's book "Towards Understanding Islam" is useful for da'wah, regardless of his errors. This attitude of rejecting everything from a "scholar" due to some errors is extreme and rejected by the leading scholars of the salaf and the khalaf.Sh Al Albaanee spoke out against those who sought to reject scholars like Imaam Ibn Hajar al Asqalaanee, and an-Nawawee due to their ash'aree leanings and interpretations.<<

It is an extreme error to compare great Imaams of the past who erred to innovators like Mawdoodee and Syed Qutub ? and then to call them ?scholars?!! Rather the extremism is from Bilaal himself. Even Shaykh Al-Albaanee pointed this out on the same tape when he is asked about saying ?rahimahullaah? upon the likes of Syed Qutb - So Shaykh Albaanee mentions that in the janaazah, we ask for forgiveness for the deceased, so likewise the rahimahullaah therefore is permissible. He states clearly that the likes of Syed Qutub are not to be compared to great Imaams likes An-Nawawi and Ibn Hajar, since Syed Qutub was just a writer and not a scholar. The statement "regardless of errors" is not even used for the books of the great A'immah, the scholars always explained the mistakes of that occurred in the books of the Salaf. So how is it with regard to those who waged war upon the Salafi aqeedah through their cancerous teachings like Qutub, Maudoodee, Al-Banna etc. I do not have to remind you that Mawdoodee attacked Uthmaan Ibn Affaan and compared the Prophet Yusuf Ibn Ya'qoob to Mussolini of Italy. As for Syed Qutub, then their is not a sect from the deviated sects except that he agreed or partially agreed with them, whether it was the Jahmiyyah, Murjiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ashairah, Mufawidhah, Shia, Raafidah, Soofiyah and of-course the Khawaarij. So recommending these books for those coming "from a political background" is a path to disaster, especially since Maudoodee thought and believed that the whole purpose of creation was to establish the Islamic State! (see the book "Ad-Da'wah ilallaah..." of Shaykh Rabee' Ibn Haadee.

Does Bilaal Philips know that Muhammad Qutb is the takfeeree mirror image of his brother Syed Qutb. Does he know that Muhammad Qutb wrote the introduction to the book of Safar al-Hawaalee, ?Dhaahiraatul-Irjaa??. Does Bilaal know that it was based upon this book that Shaykh Al-Albaanee called the authors ?new-comers? and ?scum!? and ?misguided? and ?the khawarij of the era?.? Does Bilaal Philips know that Safar?s ?ustaadh? is Muhammad Qutub and the one who formulated his manhaj? Does Bilaal Philips know that it was Shaykh Al-Albaanee who stated (before he died) about Syed Qutub that he was deviated and without knowledge of furoo? and nor of usool and that whatever Shaykh Rabee wrote against him was good and correct??

>>As to the comments of Abu Khadeejah, some have been addressed above already. As regards some of my pictures being on the website, my son put them up and I had him remove them almost a year ago. The site has only been up for nearly 2 years and the request was made much earlier, however he was slow to move on it. At any rate, to say that putting one's picture on a website is "unthinkable of a Muwahhid" is a gross exagerration and slanderous statement for which Abu Khadeejah will have to account for on the Day of Judgement.<<

Jazakallaah khair for the reminder for it benefits. But we will all have to account for all our actions. Rather Bilaal should know the severe reprimand that the Allaah's Messenger gave upon the makers of tasweer, that they will be amongst the most severely punished on the Day Of Resurrection - So Allaah?s threat is severe. Shaykh Saaleh al-Fawzaan mentions in his refutation of Yusuf Al-Qardaawee that the more the image competes with the creation, the more severe the punishment and there is no picture that competes with the creation greater than the photograph, then the photographers (and those who allow it) are under a greater threat of Allaah's punishment.

In addition to this, then the muwahhid knows how shirk came into the human race, and the door to shirk was the making of statues and images. I did not and nor do I negate tawheed from anyone who does this but their understanding of tawheed is questionable, nevermind their knowledge of the texts forbidding making of images.

>>Sh Ibn Uthaymeen did not consider photographs haraam. And Sh Albaanee recognized that some scholars differed from him in this regard and he referred to them as scholars. Sh Ali Hasan and Saleem Al Hilaalee alowed themselves to be videotaped in their lectures in the UK up until 1996 or 97, then they decided against it. Should they be held as "non-muwahhids" for having done that? The issue is one of ijtihaad and should not be elevated to the status of deciding whether a person is a "muwahhid" or not. At any rate, my son removed them.<<

Barakallaahu feek, what is important are the texts of the Book and Sunnah and the fahamus-Sahaabah - And this is never more important than when the scholars differ as Allaah orders that if we differ, let us take it back to the Book and the Sunnah for judgement. This is assuming that their is a difference in this issue. Since I have only seen from Al-Allaamah Ibn Uthaymeen the permissibility of videos etc for the purposes of da'wah, e.g. delivering lectures that are conveyed from one location to another - NOT self glorification and showing people images/photographs or stills of yourself for no benefit except the people (men and women) see your face, since that image does not speak nor reply! Imaam Al-Albaanee allows the use of pictures again for education purposes. So how is the looking at the face of our brother Bilaal Philips educating anyone? Since it is not a video lecture nor is he speakers. Other than the rulings I've mentioned by Shaykh Saaleh al-Fawzaan, Ibn Uthaymeen and Al-Albaanee, I do know of any scholar who allows the taking of photographs except for matters of need or necessity like Passports, Country ID, Driving License etc.. As for Shaykh Muqbil (rahimahullaah) then he likewise used to forbid photography. Further to this if we look to the scholars of our times, then we never find on their websites images or photos of themselves. The only one I have seen who has his image on his site is the hizbee slanderer of the scholars Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq.

So now please show clearly where Al-Allaamah Ibn Uthaymeen allowed the usage of pictures for glorification and decoration upon a website or upon a wall?

In addition, the negation of tawheed I will leave to ?friends? of Bilaal Philips like Ali Timimi, Jimas and Muntadah who run to takfeer and rebellion against the Muslims. As for me, then I did not make takfeer nor do I rush to it. Rather, Bilaal Philips should fear Allaah as he knows full well that I did not say about anyone ?non-muwahid?.

Wassallaamu alaykum

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The issue with the photographs is actually quite disgusting. Bilal phillips was originally trying to defend himself by saying that Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen allows it, when he ought to know very well, if he has claimed to read the fatwaas of Ibn Uthaymeen that Ibn Uuthaymeen actually prohibits photos for glorification, and that he only allows videos for education, using photos of atrocities against muslims (provided the heads are removed and not visible) to make people donate to charities, and whatever is a necessity and can't be avoided like passports etc. Thats it. So it was extremely unfortunate for him to try to fool people and defend himself. even worse, when he wrote his reply to this article where he played all sorts of games and instead of admitting his mistake used the same techniques as what Abul-Hasan Misree is famous for, instead of being humble, just attacking those who advised him. These mumayyi'een are all the same, and their characteristics and actions are all the same. alhamdulillaah Allaah exposes them for what they are really upon, even if after time.

Someone should post the other refutation of bilal phillips, the 40 page one which was put out by SP.

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A Reply to the Deceptions of Bilal Philips (12-27-2001)

From our noble brother Aboo Khadeejah 'Abdul-Waahid as-Salafi

May Allah accept the good deeds of these clear Salafees. Ameen.

Umm Khadijah Shahidah al-Kanadie

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