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Posted By Topic: The Six Types of People With Respect to Knowledge:

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Imaam adh-Dhahabee mentions six types of people, whilst commenting upon the words of Hisham ad-Dustuwaa'ee, "By Allaah, I am not able to say that I went out on any day, seeking hadeeth by which I sought the face of Allaah", so ad-Dhahabee said, "By Allaah, neither am I", and then continued to explain the types of people with respect to knowledge:

1) The Salaf who sought knowledge, and were ennobled by it, and so they became Imams who others guided themselves by.

2) The Salaf who first sought it not for Allaah, then they acquired this knowledge, and then they accounted themselves, and thus the knowledge they had led them to sincerity whilst they were upon the path. Mujaahid said, "We sought knowledge whilst we did not have any great intention. Then Allaah bestowed us with niyyah (intention) thereafter".

3) Those who sought knowledge but with a corrup intention, for the sake of the world, and so they will have that which they intended. So they were not enlightened by it, and not did this knowledge have any great result upon their actions.

4) A people who sought knowledge on account of which they attained positions, and then used these positions to wrong themselves (and others) and they did not confine themselves by acting upon the requirements of the knowledge, rather they committed major sins, and shameful deeds.

5) And some of them who did not fear Allaah with respect to the knowledge itself and thus schemed, and gave all the lenient verdicts (in the issues) and narrated all the obscure and rejected narrations.

6) And some of them who were bold in front of Allaah and fabricated ahaadeeth, so Allaah humiliated and exposed them.

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