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Posted By Topic: Who is Shaykh Muhammad ibn Adam al-'Etyoobee

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As-salamu aleikum wa rahmatulahee wa barakatahu

The Salafees in my region, we have called some of the shyuyookh and we had a good sesion with this shaykh Muhamamd ibn Adam al-'Etyoobee. Can anyone tell us about him. Who sis he study under, what is his level, what does he do now.

Jazak'allah ahyr

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Assalamu Alaikum

We should find out about people before and not after as then it could be too late!

Wasalamu Alaikum

Abu Muawiyah As-Salafee

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As-salamu aleikum

I got the list of phone numbers from here, We trusted the brothers even though we didn't know every single person on the list.

Please forward information on shaykh al-'Etyoobee.

may allah reward you with good

11-03-2003 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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as salaam alaykum

So whose Shaykh Muhammad ibn Adam al-Etyoobee?

Since the Shaykh resides in Mecca, perhaps brother Moosa Richardson or any other brother who speaks Arabic can ask Shaykh Rabee' if we can take knowledge from the Shaykh Muhammad ibn Aadam al-'Etyoobee.

Aboo Sufyaan Muhammad

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He is Shaikh Al Allamah Al Muhaddith (scholar of Hadeeth) Al Faqeeh (a scholar of Fiqh) Al Usuuli (scholar of Usuul Al Fiqh) An Nahwi (scholar of Arabic Grammer) Muhammad Ibn Shaikh Al Allamah Ali Ibn Adam Ibn Musa Al Ithiopi.

He took knowledge from many of the scholars of his country and from them are the Allamah Ash Shaikh Abdul Baasit Bin Muhammad Bin Hasan Al Ithiopi and other than them from the scholars.

He memorised many of the summarised texts and poems dealing with different sciences like Alfeeyah Ibn Maalik (a 1000 line poem on Arabic Grammer), Alfeeyah As Suyuuti ( 1000 line poem on the science of Hadeeth) and other than it from the summarised texts and he has succeded in going deeply into knowledge that is aqli and knowledge of the evidence from Grammer and Morphology and expression and Usuul Ul Fiqh and Mantiq (not reccommended to study Mantiq) and Hadeeth and Fiqh and other than it from the sciences of Islam.

Then he travelled to the Haraam of Makkah Al Mukarramah and he now teaches at day in Dar Ul Hadeeth and in its Masjid at the night, and the Shaikh himself has worked hard with knowledge and seeking it in the Haraam and he has many authored books in many different sciences especially in the knowledge of Hadeeth.

From his books:

1) An explaination of Alfeeyah As Suyuuti in Hadeeth named: ıIsaaf Thil Watar Bi Sharh Nadhm Ad Durar Fee Ilm Al Atharı. This contains two volumes and this is his small explaination of this Alfeeyah and he has a larger explaination that has not been published.
2) Explaination of Sunan An Nasaii named: ıThakeerah Al Uqbaa Fee Sharh Mujtaba and it is 40 volumes, he displayed in it his wide knowledge and research and between 13-17 volumes have been published.
3) Explaination of Sunan Ibn Majah named : ıMashariq Al Anwaar Al Wihaajah wa Matali Al Asraar Al Buhaajahı. The Shaikh is still completing it and if it is completed it would be in tens of volumes.
4) Qurratul Ain which is a summary of the biographies of men in the Saheehain (Bukhari and Muslim) and this is in one big volume.
5) A poem on some of the narrators who are Mudallis called: ıAl Jawhirah An Nafees Fee Nadhm Al Asmaa Wa Maratib Al Mausufeen Bi Tadleesı. And it adds up to 118 lines of poetry.
6) Explaination of the introduction of Saheeh Muslim and it is now under publishing
7) Al Jalees US Saalih An Naafi Bi Tawdeeh Maıani Al Kawakib As Saatiı and it is an explaination of a poem by Imam As Suyuuti on the Fundamentals of Fiqh {meaning the methodology in extracting evidences from Fiqh} (usuul Ul Fiqh) and this is in one large volume.
8) A poem in Usuul Ul Fiqh according to the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaıah and it is 2000 lines of potry and he has an explaination of it that has been published in some Mudhakiraat (review papers).
9) Fath Ul Qareeb Al Mujeeb Fee Sharh Mudbaa Al Habeeb Miman Yuwali Mughni Al Labeeb in the knowledge of grammer and it is an explaination of the poem of his Shaikh Al Allamah Abdul Baasit Bin Muhammad
And there are other from his authored books that have not been seen
And as I mentioned earlier the Shaikh has classes in the afternoon that still go on up to this time in the Masjid of Dar Ul Hadeeth which is in Ajyaad (Nekkasa) road south of the Haram in Makkah and weekly he gives these classes:
Saturday: Mustalah Hadeeth: Explaination of Alfeeyah As Suyuuti after Isha
Sunday: Explaination of Sunan Ibn Majah after Isha
Monday: Explaination of Sunan Nasaie after Isha
Tuesday: Explaination of Kawakib As Saatiı after Isha
Jumaıah: Explaination of the Poem of Usuul After Maghrib And Fath Ul Qareeb Al Mujeeb In Arabic grammer After Isha.

And he has many students who are noble. And many of the students of Dar Ul Hadeeth have graduated from his hands and have gone all over the earth. And connected to this is his effort in giving Fatwa and Dawah.

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It was reported that when the noble scholar of Islaam and Salafiyyah, Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadee al-Waadi'ee may Allaah have mercy on him -reviewed the shaykh's explanation of Sunanun Nasaa'ee he said "He [Shaykh Muhammad al-Eetheeoobee] has done for the Sunan An-Nasaa'ee what Ibnu Hajar did for Saheehul Bukhaaree."

Dawud Adib the son of David C.White Sr.

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Shaykh Muhammad 'Alee Adam al-Athioobee who is teaching at Daar al-Hadeeth in Makkah responded to a question posed by some students of Daar al-Hadeeth regarding the noble Shaykh, al-Allamah Rabee' Ibn Hadee Umayr al-Madkhalee hafidhahullaah wa ra'aahu:

You think I will dispraise him? Then he said: 'Ash-Shaykh Rabee' come to me and said: "O Muhammad 'Alee Adam, I love you because you explain the books of the Sunnah. And this was enough for him to love me. He loves me, and I love him. How's that? He is a Salafee, and he is one of the Ulamaa of al-Jarh and at-Ta'deel. And those who dispraise him for his harshness, then he was preceded by the Salaf in that...

ثناء الشيخ العلامة المحدث محمد علي آدم على الشيخ المحدث العلامة ربيع بن هادي المدخلي.
قال أبو الحسين جعفر (وهو أحد تلاميذ الشيخ في دار الحديث): "سئل الشيخ محمد بن علي بن آدم الإثيوبي ıحفظه الله- في إحدى المجالس عن الشيخ ربيع بن هادي المدخلي ıحفظه الله-, فضحك (يعني الشيخ محمد) ثم سمعته يقول:
"يظنوني أذمه" (يعني الشيخ ربيع) ثم قال: "جاءني الشيخ ربيع فقال لي يا محمد علي آدم, أنا أحبك لأنك تشرح الكتب الستة, فأنا أكافئه بذلك, هو يحبني وأنا أحبه, كيف ذلك وهو سلفي, وهو أحد علماء الجرح والتعديل, والذين يذمونه في شدته, فله سلف في ذلك...."اهـ"

هذا ما أُخبرت به, وكان هذا الجواب في مجلس كان بسبب بعض الخلافات التي حصلت بين الشباب السلفي مع غيرهم في دار الحديث, فجُمع الطلاب حتى يُناصحوا, وكان هذا السؤال من حزبي كما يظهر من ضحك الشيخ.
وموقف الشيخ محمد من الشيخ ربيع وإخوانه من المشايخ والمنهج السلفي معروف ولله الحمد.

Translation:Abu Aqeel

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