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Posted By Topic: This is a Head's up concerning 'SwordofTawheed!

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16-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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This is just to let all of you know that there is a brother from Toronto, Canada - may Allaah guide him - on Paltalk who goes by the username of 'SwordofTawheed'. If you are ever invited to talk to him, then don't. For he is a pure Surooree without doubt and in general loves to dispute, argue and debate with the Salafees. To give you all an example of what this guy is capable of, check this out:

Aboo Tasneem: you are some starving for attention Surooree!!!!!!
swordoftawheed: salafee is not a hizb where you pledge bay'aah to a shaykh like the sufis
swordoftawheed: not realy
swordoftawheed: this fitnah is destroying the dawah of tawheed
swordoftawheed: i went to the conference
swordoftawheed: the first day
swordoftawheed: abul hasan al mar'ibee
swordoftawheed: why attack him
swordoftawheed: if rabee
swordoftawheed: is so great
swordoftawheed: the sufis
swordoftawheed: why doesnt he write a book against the shia
swordoftawheed: the secualrists
swordoftawheed: the modernist
swordoftawheed: lets see one book
swordoftawheed: from him

Then the discussion went from that to this:

swordoftawheed: are you coming to the qss conference
swordoftawheed: yuo can meet me there
Aboo Tasneem: I am not asscociated with QSS
Aboo Tasneem: I am not an associate of them nor
swordoftawheed: i respect haddad
Aboo Tasneem: do I represent them
swordoftawheed: he makes hajr
swordoftawheed: from eveybody
swordoftawheed: not like
swordoftawheed: your kind
swordoftawheed: grovelling at the rulers
swordoftawheed: and safar was right
swordoftawheed: yuo are the extreme mrjiah
swordoftawheed: murjiah
Aboo Tasneem: have a nice day Mr. SwordofDeviance
swordoftawheed: ok
Aboo Tasneem: And he was also right about you
Aboo Tasneem: you are a shaytaan!!!!!!!!
swordoftawheed: who
swordoftawheed: who am i
swordoftawheed: should we take one harf from safar!!!!!!!
swordoftawheed: fitnah makes of medina
swordoftawheed: makers

كن مستفيدا أو مفيدا
أو اسكت بحلم

17-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
Posts: 265
Joined: Sep 2002
As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah

There are those who believe (and I believe some with good intentions) that I have become to harsh, after years of being 'soft'. Therefore, let it be known that that position and posture - that I had adopted for so many years (and I have not abandoned) - has its place in this noble Deen.

For there is no doubt whatsoever, that the asl (foundation) of our relationship amongst each other is that we deal with one another with the utmost kindness, tenderness, gentleness, softness and clemency.

But we should also know, that al-Ihsaan put in a place that it does not belong is Dhulm!

For there are many proofs of displaying roughness, harshness and firmness towards the believers in the Book of Allaah, Authentic Sunnah and from the examples and ways of the Believers of the past.

For example, the intepretation of Allaah's statement found in Sooratul A'raaf (7):150

"...and(Prophet Moosaa)seized his brother(Prophet Haaroon by the hair of)his head and dragged him towards him"...

So, allow me now to present yet another example of why the approach and language (eg."You are a shaytaan!") towards this person was as such!

Here is more of our discussion on Paltalk, so you can decide for yourselves was I in fact too harsh:

Aboo Tasneem: Who said they are of Ahlul Bid'ah?????

swordoftawheed: salafipublications

swordoftawheed: extreme murjiah

Aboo Tasneem: Welll guess what????? They are right and...

Aboo Tasneem: you have a nice day Mr. SwordofDeviance

Aboo Tasneem: cause you are menace to society

swordoftawheed: they are

Aboo Tasneem: !!!!!!!!!!

swordoftawheed: oh really

Aboo Tasneem: REALLY

Aboo Tasneem: !!!!!!

swordoftawheed: while that fool rabee

swordoftawheed: is wasting his time

swordoftawheed: america is planning to destroy the land of tawheed

Aboo Tasneem: let them plan

swordoftawheed: yes

Aboo Tasneem: and Allaah plans

swordoftawheed: ameen

Aboo Tasneem: and Allaah is the Best of Planners

End of that part of the discussion.

May Allaah allow us to put things in their proper places - which is the meaning of Hikmah - and follow the footsteps of the Salaf!

كن مستفيدا أو مفيدا
أو اسكت بحلم

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