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Abu Fatimah al engleezi (sheffield; United Kingdom)
Posts: 172
Joined: Jun 2009
Assalamu Alaykum

I was just wondering, if one was to go to Egypt, specifically cairo (but also elsewhere if anyone has info), what can you do to benefit in terms of ilm? What centres and mashaikh are there?

anything good was from allah. All errors were from myself and satan

jazakum allahu khair

assalamu alaykum wa rahmah tullahi wa barakatuhu

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abu-hudaifah abdur-rahman ad-dhahabi ibn thomas (decatur ga)
Posts: 12
Joined: Jan 2009
bismillah assalam walaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barrakatahu...ahkkee wahumdulillah shaykh ahmed bazmool was asked a question similar to yours but i suggest for you to go on to and go to defence of the scholars scroll down and you will see the title shaykh ahmed bazmool on shayk rislaan.follow shaykh ahmaed bazmool advice ahkee you want go wrong inshallah...

quoted by shaykh abu-uthman muhammad al-anjaree...clarity does not come to an individual until he actualize furquan

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