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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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Islamic university to admit women

JEDDAH: Muhammad Al-ŭAqla, President of the Islamic University in Madina, has said that work is going on with relevant authorities to open a ŭuniversity cityŭ for female students.
Al-ŭAqla, whose extension in his post for four years was announced in a royal order Saturday, said that approval for the admittance of women students to the university had been received, and that the university was planning to introduce distance learning courses to increase its student numbers. The university currently has 13,000 students representing 160 different nationalities.
He also said that SR500 million has been allocated for staff residences which are scheduled for completion within two years. Student residences are also planned.
ŭStudy grants for students from across the Islamic World have risen 400 percent,ŭ he said. ŭWhen works on new faculties are finished the numbers will be even higher.ŭ
Al-ŭAqla described the university as a ŭSaudi educational institution with a global messageŭ that is dedicated to ŭacademic research and serving society in Shariah and Arabic sciences and all the sciences, matching global techniques and standardsŭ. ŭIt helps in the promotion of the eternal message of Islam from Madina to serve both the local and global society,ŭ he said.
Of particularly noteworthy activities conducted by the university, Al-ŭAqla cited studies into the ŭincreasing level of violence in young peopleŭ, its staging of the Second Anti-Terrorism Conference, and studies into ŭthe causes of and solutions to intellectual deviation among young Saudisŭ.

ŭ Okaz/Saudi Gazette __

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