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Posted By Topic: Kissing the Mushaf if it Falls answered by Sheikh Fouzaan

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Abu Fouzaan Qaasim bin Anwar (Chester, Pa)
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In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent Most Merciful,

Kissing the Mushaf if it falls by the Sheikh Saalih al-Fouzaan -may Allah preserve him- [Reference below]

Question: May Allah give you good possessor of excellence, the Questioner asks: Some people when they drop the Mushaf they kiss it (after picking it up), so what is the ruling concerning that with mentioning the proof?

Answer: There is no proof for that, kissing the Mushaf has no proof for it. So if he/she drops the Mushaf then let him grab it and pick it up and this is sufficient and all praise is due to Allah without (him) kissing it.


Translator: Abu Fouzaan Qaasim

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