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As salaamu alaikum

Does anyone know about the brother Abu Suhayb from Jordan he travels with the Jordanian Mashaykh but he does not seemed to be known to the ulemma in the mamlika,Allahu Alim.

jazaakallahu khairun

was salaamu alaikum

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If he is in High Wycombe then he will have been invited by Abu Rumaisah who is with Abu Aaliyah's crowd. Abu Aliyahs manhaj is one of tasaahul with the Qutubis, like Safar and Salman. As for Abu Suhaib last thing I remember is that he still thinks JIMAS are OK, and tends to rate its president?!! And I believe he might have good links with Abu Aaliyah. It will be very interesting to see what he calls to when he comes here. Very little is known about him in terms of his manhaj and his positions (times do move very fast), but this is the last information that I recall being told about by some brothers.

Anyone else have anything more specific?

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as salaamu alaikum

Jazaakallahu khair Abu Sagheer for your response, just to confirm that YES he will be residing in High Wycombe
and Yes he was invited by Abu Rumaysah and they are "happy with each other" BUT know the Salafi's in High Wycombe are happy with NONE of them!!

We dont know much about Abu Suhayb so PLEASE if any of the bros have ANY advice bad OR good then tafaddlu.

Jazaakallahu Khairun

was salaamu alaikum

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al-Hamdu-Lillaahi Rabbil-'Aalameen was-Salaatu was-Salaamu 'alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa'e wal-Mursaleen, wa ba'd:

As-Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaah

A few years ago when sitting in Brixton Masjid during the visitation of Abul-Fitan.  The Brixton Conference took place.  

Abu Suhayb was one of the brothers sitting by the front stage (and if I remember correctly he was one of the brothers sorting out the questions).  A sister asked Dr. Jibali a question related to a child being born out of wedlock.  His response was that the women had committed zina and was to be stoned to death.  Believing that he had misunderstood the question (Dr. Jibali) I pointed out to Abu Suhayb and another brother associated with Brixton about this mistake.  And advised them that they should immediately correct Dr. Jibali to state that the punishment out of wedlock was one of flogging.  I went on to inform Abu Suhayb and his associate that this sister and others could leave with the idea that this was her punishment without any further clarification of the issue.

"After repeating this several times they eventually said that they did not want to cause any fitnah." (or something along those lines - Allaahu Aalim).

Disgusted with their response I walked off and went into another part of the masjid to listen to my recording of the lecture.  I again came across the part where Dr. Jibali had made the above mentioned statement.

The associate of Abu Suhayb came in and said that maybe there had been a misunderstanding.  To which my response was that there had been no misunderstanding and that my position was clear, Dr. Jibali had made a mistake and they did not correct him.

Dr. Jibali came in and his mistake was pointed out to him and it was recommended that he should clarify it further.  To which he responded by saying; "Maybe I  could have worded it better" and left the room.

He (Dr. Jibali) never clarified the statement as far as I can remember during or after the conference.  I still have the recording on tape of the questions and answer session from that day (insha'Allaah!!  Although it may take me some time to locate it!

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