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Posted By Topic: Praise of the 'Ulema for Shaykh Abu AbdurRahmaan Muqbil bin Haadee al-Waadi'ee

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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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Praise of the 'Ulema for Shaykh Abu AbdurRahmaan Muqbil bin Haadee al-Waadi'ee

Compiled & Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya

1- The 'Allamaa The Muhadith Muhammad Nasr ud-Deen al-Albaani

- Shaykh al-Albaani says;

'....As for the people who know about this science then they do not have any doubt in the weakness of this type of hadeeth.  Here we have Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadee al-Yemani who mentions in his checking of 'Ibn Katheer' (v1 p.513) after briefly speaking about the narrators of the isnaad one by one;' the hadeeth is weak due to a break in the isnaad and because of the weakness of UbaydAllaah bin Waleed ar-Rasaafee'

Taken from 'Silsilah ad-Da'eefah  V5 p.95'

- Shaykh al-Albaani was asked about Muqbil bin Haadee al-Waadi'ee and Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee he answered with;

'We, by no doubt praise Allaah Azza wa Jal that He has subjected/provided for this righteous Dawa', which stands upon the Book, the Sunnah and the methodology of the Salaf as-Saalih, many callers to Islaam in the different Islaamic countries who establish the duty which is established by very few of the people in the Islaamic world today.

Therefore these two shaykhs are a blessing, the two callers to the Book, the Sunnah and what the Salaf as-Salih were upon, who battle against those who oppose this correct Manhaj.  As everyone knows (regarding those who oppose these two shaykhs) - that this certainly emanates from two types of people; 'either from an ignorant person or a person who follows his desires'.  As for the ignorant person then it is easy to guide him, since he thinks that he has some knowledge-so when correct knowledge is explained to him he is guided.

This is why I have said on many occasions that many of the organisations which are prevalent today, even though they have deviated away from our Dawa', we find amongst them those who have sincerity - which is more beloved to me than some of those in our Dawa'.  Although it becomes clear that they are not with us in the sincerity which is a condition for the acceptance of all good actions.

As for the one who follows his desires, then we have no other way for him except that Allaah Tabaraka wa Ta'ala guides him.  So those who criticise the two Shaykhs, are as we mentioned either ignorant, so they are educated, or he who follows his desires, then Allaah's refuge is sought from this person's evil, and we request from Allaah that He either guides him or He breaks his back.

As for Shaykh Muqbil, I have not read much of his works, unlike the case of our brother Rabee.  What seems apparent is that Rabee is more active in writing than Shaykh Muqbil and vice versa in Dawa', (Shaykh Muqbil is more involved in) mixing with the people and inviting them to the Book and the Sunnah, admonishing them and directing them more so than Shaykh doctor Rabee.

As for Shaykh Muqbil then the people of Makkah know their pastures better - the news that reaches us from you is the best testimony that Allaah has blessed him with ability which is probably unparalleled when compared to some of the other callers to Islaam on the face of the earth today.  So we ask Allaah Azza wa Jal that He grants the Muslims the capability to acknowledge firstly their (i.e. the two shaykhs) religion and that they are far from following their desires.'

Taken from 'Silsilah hudaa wa Noor No. 851   Date 1416/7/9'

2) The Allaama The Faqeeh Ash-Shaykh AbdulAzeez bin Baz

- A questioner from Yemen asked the Shaykh where he should go to study knowledge.

The Shaykh answered: 'Go to Shaykh Muqbil.'

- When Shakyh Bin Baz spoke about the history of the Dawa' in Yemen he mentioned: 'this is the result of the fruits of honesty and sincerity.'

- Shaykh Bin Baz would accept references -from Shaykh  Muqbil.

Shaykh Muqbil mentioned: At that time a person escaped to Riyadh and he said to Shaykh Bin Baz: O Shaykh I'm from Ahlus-Sunnah but I don't have any documents.

Shaykh Bin Baz said to him: 'Prove to me that you're from Ahl-us-Sunnah.'

The man took out a piece of paper with a reference from me, upon that the Shaykh wrote a letter for him with which he could travel to wherever he wanted.'

Taken from 'Rathaa shaykhina libin Baz p. 16'

3) Shaykh the Faqeeh Uthaymeen.

- Shaykh Uthaymeen said:

'Tell him that I regard him as a reviver of Islaam.'

Taken from 'Nubtha Mukhtasira' (p.9) by Umm Abdullaah the daughter of Shaykh Muqbil

4) Shaykh Muhaddith Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee

- Shaykh Rabee also said:

'He is a reviver of Islaam in the country of Yemen. There has not been, since the time of AbdurRazaq as-Sanaani until our time, anyone who has established the Dawa' and revived it like al-Waadi'ee.'

Taken from 'Nubtha Mukhtasira' (p.9) by Umm Abdullaah the daughter of Shaykh Muqbil

- He also said in his advice to the Salafis of Yemen and in poetry he recited when mourning for the Shaykh:

'This is what we express as condolence about the flag bearer of the Sunnah and Tawheed, that caller to Allaah, the reviver in truth in the land of Yemen. The effects of his Dawa' reached to many regions of the earth.

I say to you what I believe, that your country, after the best generations, came to know the Sunnah and the Manhaj of the Salaf as-Saalih.  The Sunnah appeared at different periods of time with strength, yet still I do not know of any period like this, with which Allaah has blessed you and the people of Yemen at the hands of this righteous man, the Muhadith, the Zahid, the Wara' who stamped the world and its adornment under his feet.'   Dated: 1422/5/1

Taken from 'al-Abhaaj bitarjamat al-Allama al-Muhadith Abee Abu AbdurRahmaan Muqbil bin Hadi al-Waadi'ee wa Dar al-hadeeth bi-Damaj' p.163

- Shaykh Rabee also said: while he was paying his respects to Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree on the death of our Shaykh the Imam Muqbil bin Haadee al-Waadi'ee may Allaah have mercy on him:

'May Allaah make your reward great and give good condolences, may He forgive your dead.  Allaah gives and takes what is His and everything has an appointed time.  This is the Sunnah of Allaah Tabaraka wa Ta'ala and all praise belongs to Allaah.

I ask Allaah that He covers this man with His mercy and is pleased with him. This man Zahid, the pious, whom I regard InshAllaah as a reviver in our time from the revivers of Islaam.  May Allaah have mercy on him.  He was burdened with carrying the Dawa' and he handled its responsibility, its difficulties and toiling with patience, Zuhud and piety.  All these means helped in spreading his Dawa' and raising his status InshAllaah with his Lord and with the Muslims.

It is obligatory on his students that they continue on the path of the noble Messenger -alayhi as-sallat wa sallam - in the light of the Book and the Sunnah and upon the Manhaj of the Salaf as-Salih - upon the actions of the Manhaj of this man who you saw with your eyes, witnessed with your sight and came to know.

I hope that his example was a living example for you to follow in the Deen and to hold onto in piety and Zuhud and with patience at the harm faced in making the word of Allaah Tabaraka wa Ta'ala high and spreading the Deen of Allaah Azza wa Jal.

Taken from 'al-Abhaaj bitarjamat al-Allama al-Muhadith Abee Abu AbdurRahmaan Muqbil bin Hadi al-Waadi'ee wa Dar al-hadeeth bi-Damaj' p.164

5) Shaykh Ahmad bin Yahya an-Najmee

- The Mufti of the south said when he came to visit Dar al-hadeeth in Dammaj after the shaykh passed away.  His visit was on 3rd Jumad al-Akhir 1422 A.H.:

'Praise belongs to Allaah on His Qada and His Qadr.  It is necessary to have patience since all people will die.  However whoever leaves behind the likes of this then he is not regarded as one who has died, since he has established something, he has reformed, he has invited and he has exerted himself.

We love that he is regarded (as being) of the virtuous people and of the pious from the highest of the Awliyah.  This is how we regard him and Allaah will take all of us to account.

However we see all this, we see it with our own eyes, and feel it with our senses.

And we know - alhamdulillah - that he did a lot of good, very few people can reach what he did.

All these centres of learning which emanated from Yemen are goodness from his good deeds, rather from some of his good deeds. Every person who is in charge of a centre is from his students and all of them are examples to be followed.

There is no doubt that anyone who establishes good or does a good action and whoever follows that good action, then the person who initiated that good deed will have a reward as well as the reward of the one who acts upon that deed.

Like the Prophet - sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam said, "whoever calls to goodness then he will be rewarded and he will have the reward of the one who acts upon what he calls to from goodness.  Whoever originates misguidance or calls to it then upon him is the sin and the sin of the one who acts upon that evil.

We ask Allaah for forgiveness and goodness. This gathering, which we see, is nothing except from the good deeds of this great Shaykh who called to Allaah and was patient and steadfast.  He sacrificed all that was dear and every precious thing in gathering these faces, encouraging them to study knowledge and placing them on the correct path-the path that Allaah Subhanahu Ta'ala ordered to follow since He says:

         ((And verily, this is My Straight Path, so follow it, and follow not (other) paths,

               for they will separate you away from His Path. This He has ordained for you that you may become Al-Muttaqoon (God fearing)))

The last of our call is that we ask Allaah Azza wa  Jal that He forgives our dead and our afflicted Ummah altogether.  That Allaah forgives him and pardon his mistakes.

We ask Allaah Azza wa Jal to forgive him his mistakes.  We are completely convinced InshAllaah that the like of these deeds are a reason for Allaah forgiving His slave.

We ask Allaah that He forgives Shaykh Muqbil and that He gives us the ability to take him as an example in these good deeds and that we follow the path he followed in giving the correct Dawa' to the Book of Allaah, to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam and to the actions of the Salaf as-Salih.  We ask for the ability to follow this Salafi Manhaj, which is the methodology of the Salaf -may Allaah be pleased with them.  May Allaah send prayers upon our Prophet Muhammad and his Family and his Companions.'

Taken from 'al-Abhaaj bitarjamat al-Allama al-Muhadith Abee Abu AbdurRahmaan Muqbil bin Hadi al-Waadi'ee wa Dar al-hadeeth bi-Damaj' p.164-166

6) Shaykh Salih ibn Fawzan al-Fawzan

- He was asked about the Aqeedah of Shaykh Muqbil, and he replied with:

'Yes, Shaykh Muqbil - may Allaah have mercy on him- studied here in this country, in the Islamic University.  He learnt Tawheed and went to Yemen.  He called to Allaah and to Tawheed.  His Dawa' is good, as far as I have heard and as far as the fruits from that Dawa' go.  Allaah caused him to benefit.  May Allaah have mercy on him.'

Taken from '' audio link

All Praise belongs to Allaah, may His peace and blessings be upon our final Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and all those who follow his guidance.

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