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Posted By Topic: Refutation of a Major Doubt of the Takfiri Kharijites - al-Iltizaam and al-Imtinaa

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Concerning al-Iltizaam and al-Imtinaa'

The Takfiri Kharijites very often quote statements of Ibn Taymiyyah to justify their doctrines and methodologies and in reality, these quotations are in relation to an altogether different subject. This is extremely common amongst the Takfiris. One particular topic is the understanding of what is "iltizaam" and "imtinaa'" (adhering to or refraining from an obligation).

Quotations regarding these matters form a large body of the evidence used by today's Takfiri Kharijites to argue for their doctrines. To see this doubt demolished please go to the following article:

Invalidating Takfiri Doubts: Concerning the meanings of al-Iltizaam (الإلتزام) and al-Imtinaa' (الإمتناع) Found in the Works of the Scholars

Part 1:

Part 2:


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