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» Did Sayyid Qutb really repent from abusing and attacking the Companions?
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Posted By Topic: Did Sayyid Qutb really repent from abusing and attacking the Companions?

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Abu Abdullah Ekbal Hussain bin Siraj (London, UK)
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The Qutbiyyah are claiming that Sayyid Qutb repented from his attacks upon the Sahaabah, which is an empty claim, devoid of evidences, and the reason why this claim is fraudulent and cannot be sustained is because Qutb's attacks upon the Companions Uthmaan, Mu'awiyah, Amr bin al-Aas and the Bani Umayyah was from an ideological conviction derived from the notion of "Social Justice", which came from his Marxist-Socialist-Communist background.


So when he was refuted by Allaamah Mahmood Shakir in 1952, Qutb responded, defending himself and his stance, and accusing Mahmood Shakir of having impure intentions and of creating tribulation(!), and although he, at a later stage, modified some of the wording, the essence of his position (of malice and hatred and resentment) towards those Companions did not change. And this continued in his books. And his defence was along the lines that the actions of Uthman, Mu'awiyah, Amr bin al-Aas and the Bani Umayyah, cannot be left attributed to Islam, and thus it is necessary to clear and absolve Islam from their actions.

The full article can be read  here
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Inshaa'Allaah the response of Sayyid Qutb to Mahmood Shakir in which he explains what is in the quotes in the previous posts as his position will be translated in due course - and it will be shown that Qutb never repented at all - he just modified some wordings whilst the essence of his message remained intact and much of his revilement remained in his books. With this, the fraud of the Ghullaat ul-Murji'ah will crumble to pieces.

The individuals who are behind these recent attempts to malign an Imaam of Tawhid and the Sunnah (Shaykh Rabee'), know they are upon baatil and they are defending baatil upon full knowledge. This is all to do with jealousy, resentment, hate and seeking vengeance for the sake of Sayyid Qutb. They are only digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves.


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Abu Abdullah Ekbal Hussain bin Siraj (London, UK)
Posts: 347
Joined: Dec 2002

Requirements of a True Repentance

Qutb's response to Mahmood Shakir and his persistence upon his ideological conviction regarding those Companions proves that Qutb did not change, and he did not remove the malice in his heart. Further, if the Qutbiyyah are claiming he repented, then altering some words does not constitute repentance, rather a true repentance is characterized in:

     * Immediate cessation of the act
     * Feeling of remorse
     * Resolve not to do it again
     * And where it involves the right of others (i.e. Uthman, Mu'awiyah,
       Amr bin al-Aas), then their right has to be returned, and their
       honors exonerated
     * And verbally seeking forgiveness from Allaah, and repenting to Him.

That's a sign of a true repentance. We will give the Qutbiyyah three years from today's date, 29th January 2010 to provide us with this Sharee'ah repentance that is ascribed to Sayyid Qutb from his attacks against the Companions.

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